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    Romance in winter

    There is something magical about cold, crisp winters. And winter in Europe is even more bewitching than one can ever imagine – snowfall in many regions, tinkles of Christmas bells, fireworks, and a lot of festive excitement. It is the perfect time to plan your Europe honeymoon and explore the most romantic destinations. So, read along our perfect guide of best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter.

    Spain – A Little Spice And A Lot Of Romance

    This beautiful country is where Senorita swirls in her red flare attire and this is where your tastebuds will come to life, thanks to its ever-famous and every-delicious spicy food.

    Round trip air ticket (To Madrid, 2 months in advance): Starting from 46000 INR/ 621 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 8 to 10 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Spain for honeymoon

    1. Madrid – The Heart Of Spain

    Snow around Retiro Park in Madrid

    Bright blue sky and white cotton-candy clouds make Madrid’s landscape dreamy. Cherry on the cake is its regal architecture, which speaks volumes about its inspiring culture. Honeymoon is Madrid’s winter is all about the boulevards glittering with fairy lights and markets flaunting vibrant handicrafts. This is the time Madrid is less touristy, which means the hotel rates are up for grabs and you can actually visit popular attractions of Madrid without having to stand in long queues. This destination is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter. 

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

    • Attend the exhilarating Spanish events like Three Kings Parade (January), Gastrofestival Madrid(February), Madrid Carnival (February) and Mercedes Fashion Week (February)
    • Go shopping in as the markets are filled with knick and knacks like Christmas trees and handmade decoratives
    • Experience the city’s electrifying scenario in La Latina
    • Witness the city’s Gothic architecture while taking a stroll in Royal Palace of Madrid, Las Ramblas and Plaça de Catalunya

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Villa Real, Hotel Atlántico Madrid, Hotel Villa Magna, NH Collection Madrid Paseo del Prado

    Hotel Tariff Range: 76 EUR to 335 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 6-8 °C with occasional snowfall

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    2. Canary Islands – Sun, Sand And Romance

    Aerial view of Canary Islands

    Image Source
    Since Canary Island is an year-round destination, why not soak on the sun while on a winter honeymoon trip to Spain? The temperature out here is perfect for beach hopping and living it up while enjoying the nightlife.

    There’s not just white sand beaches kissing the blue ocean waves, you have everything from bustling metropolitan Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to the Teide National Park, one of the 12 Treasures of Spain.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

    • Attend the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (February)
    • Witness the marine life while scuba diving with your love
    • Try windsurfing, kayaking and other water sports
    • Visit Loro Parque and watch the adorable penguins and dolphins along with many extotic species of animals and birds

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Radisson Blu Resort Gran Canaria, Iberostar Anthelia, H10 Playa Meloneras Palace and Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

    Hotel Tariff Range: 269 EUR to 443 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 18-24°C

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    3. Barcelona – Love Is In The City

    Restaurants in Barcelona

    Nobody thinks of Spain without Barcelona. This city’s architecture, culture and passion for sports attract travelers from across the world. In summers, most of the nooks, specially the tourist attractions of Barcelona are flocked with people, but in winters it gets less crowded, making it perfect for a romantic escape. The quirky art will make you fall in love with the city, and crazy party scenes will get crazier with that special one by your side. This makes Barcelona one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter. 

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

    • Shop for handicrafts in Fira de Santa Llúcia Christmas market
    • Feast on Tapas delights in Restaurant Arume
    • Go on a shopping spree in Shopping Night Barcelona
    • Attend the Three Kings Parade

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Mercer Hotel, Hotel 1898, Abac Barcelona, El Palace Hotel and Villa Emilia

    Hotel Tariff Range: 93 EUR to 536 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 5-14°C

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    4. Jerez De La Frontera – A City For Old-Fashioned Romance


    Reeking of old-world charm, Jerez De La Frontera is all about horses, wine, and cobbled streets. A perfect destination for those couples who don’t mind stumbling upon a hidden gem, Jerez De La Frontera is a far from the beaten tracks. If one is looking for that ol’-time love stories and romance, this city of Spain might just be your answer.

    Best Honeymoon Experience:

      • Pay a visit to the Cathedral and lose yourself in its enchanting architecture.
      • Dress up in traditional attires and be a part of the world class Horse Fair.
      • Visit an old-fashioned local bar that are known as tabancos and relish some of the finest sherries and wines.
      • Take a tour of Tio Pepe Bodegas, one of the best wineries of Jerez.

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Tryp Jerez Hotel, Hotel Palacio Garvey, Casa Palacio Maria Luisa, Eurostars Asta Regia, Barcelo Montecastillo Golf, Apartment Calle Cuna

    Hotel Tarrif Range: EUR 37 to EUR 500 | INR 3,000 to INR 40,000
    Winter Temperature: 5-16℃

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    Austria – A Serenade

    Right from its name to its castles and lakes, everything about Austria is more or less a beautiful serenade. No wonder, this country deserved to be on this list of top honeymoon destinations in Europe for winter.

    Round trip air ticket (To Vienna, 2 months in advance): Starting from 43000 INR/ 580 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 7 to 9 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Austria for honeymoon

    1. Vienna – Beauty In Every Nook

    Sunrise in Vienna, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in Winter

    Image Source
    The capital of Austria, Vienna has to be on your list of best winter honeymoon destinations in Europe. Intricacy in the Baroque architecture is worth a special mention, and you’ll appreciate this everywhere – in theaters, museums and palaces. Even a lazy stroll in this city will transport you to a whole new world where people have held on to their history and paced up with modernity at the same time.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

        • Shop in the Christmas Markets where you’ll come across thousands of homemade ornaments and other Christmas goodies
        • Spend your nights in the 1873 property, Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna
        • Witness opulence and art in the museums of Vienna (specially Kunsthistorisches Museum), for which this city is highly acclaimed
        • Take the wine tour
        • Enjoy Vienna’s aerial view while having a romantic candlelit dinner in the Giant Ferris Wheel

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Park Hyatt Vienna, Meininger Hotel Wien Downtown Franz, Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna, Hotel ibis, Hotel Geblergasse and Hotel Altstadt Vienna

    Hotel Tariff Range: EUR 40 to EUR 590
    Winter Temperature: (-3)-2°C

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    2. Salzburg – Of Castles And Fairytales

    Winter in Salzburg adds charm to your honeymoon in Europe

    Image Source

    Casting the spell with its well-kept historic center, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Salzburg has become one of the most important places to visit in Austria. If you have watched the movie The Sound of Music, I am sure you’re already a fan of this city.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

        • The Sound of Music tour is mandatory for those visiting Salzburg the first time
        • Try your luck in the Casino Salzburg alongside your love
        • Visit the birthplace of music maestro, Mozart
        • Get to know more about Salzburg’s history at the Salzburg Museum
        • Visit Hohensalzburg Castle

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Bristol, Hotel NH Salzburg, Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, Hotel & Villa Auersperg Salzburg and Steinerhof Hotel

    Hotel Tariff Range: 80 EUR to 534 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-1)-19°C

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    3. Innsbruck – The Winter Sports Hub

    Snow covered Innsbruck

    Image Source

    Innsbruck, the Winter Sports Center, is your ultimate romantic destination in Europe as it provides comforts of a city with the coziness of nature. Right from shopping, sightseeing to myriad activities, your winter honeymoon will end up being full of fun in this city.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

        • Go skiing in this winter paradise
        • Spend the night pub crawling
        • Take the Gondola ride to reach up high in the Nordkette Mountain Range
        • Have an enthralling wildlife experience in the Alpine Forest

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Maximilian Stadthaus Penz, Hotel Central, Weisses Rössl Plank, Hotel Weisses Kreuz, Austria Classic Hotel BinderS and Hilton Innsbruck

    Hotel Tariff Range: 56 EUR to 200 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-2)-19°C

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    4. Mostviertel – Country Romance All The Way


    Exhibting the postcard landscape that take away the breath of travelers, Mostviertel blankets grass-clad lush hills that makes this destination perfect for a romantic escape. One of the best producers of the ever so delicious aple cider, Mostviertel is nothing less than a fairytale land that seems to be floating on snow-shite clouds. Known for its pear trees, nothing can be as refreshing as this enchanting countryside. Mostviertel is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter for those who are planning to go away from the beaten tracks. 

    Best Honeymoon Experience:

      • Experience the perfect blend of romance and thrill by hiking along the orchards.
      • Witness the production of apple cider.
      • Stroll around with your partner and embrace the beauty of nature.

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Gaming Charterhouse, HOtel Exel, Hotel Residenz Wachau, Steigenberger Hotel & Spa, Weinlodge Wachau, Schloss Thalheim

    Hotel Tarrif Range: EUR 54 to INR 216 | INR 5,000 to INR 20,000
    Winter Temperature: 0-6℃

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    Finland – Your Winter Honeymoon Wonderland

    Have you two been dreaming of a paradise, carpeted with snow as far as you can see? If yes, Finland is the perfect one among the winter honeymoon destinations in Europe – just a little more charming than your dreams! Thick bed of snow and spectacular northern lights (Aurora Borealis) are reason enough for Finland to be on the list of best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December.

    Round trip air ticket (To Helsinki, 2 months in advance): Starting from 4000 INR/ 540 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 7 to 8 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Finland for honeymoon

    1. Lapland – Right In The Lap Of Snow White

    Igloo hotel in Lapland

    Image Source
    Lapland is a paradise for anyone dreaming of Finland’s charming winter. A lot of people are intrigued by the idea of watching the northern lights, and Lapland is among the best honeymoon destinations in the world in December to witness this rare phenomenon.

    Your love will blossom on your European honeymoon as you indulge in various snowsports like dog sledding, skiing and ice fishing. These winter sports make Lapland one of the most beautiful and one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter. 

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

            • Sleep under the northern lights in the glass igloos of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
            • Experience the intriguing phenomenon- Kaamos, when the Sun doesn’t rise above the horizon for a month and there’s just a few hours of twilight during noon. What a remarkable moment to have with your better half!
            • Celebrate the Christmas here, the original land of Santa Claus
            • Enjoy the traditional saunas
            • Get onboard the icebreaker boats and float amid the frozen sea wearing a survival suit

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna, Lapland Hotel Bear’s Lodge, Lapland Hotels Oy and Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

    Hotel Tariff Range: 66 EUR TO 134 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-50)-(-45)°C

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    2. Lakeland – Land Of Frozen Lakes

    Couple on a frozen lake

    When looking for the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter, do not forget this ever so gorgeous destination. Lakeland will leave you captivated with its sapphire lakes, babbling river streams, rolling hills and thick wood cover. This, the largest lake district of England, is best explored on a boat. The same sapphire lakes get frozen in winter and act as a stage for all the ice-skating lovers. It is one of the best snowy honeymoon destinations.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

            • Live up the fairytale by visiting the castles of Hämeenlinna
            • Stay in cozy cottages
            • Spot some inland seals which are actually rare

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Milton, Cumulus Mikkeli, Holiday Resort Naaranlahti Cottages, Spa Hotel Rauhalahti and Loikansaari Lomamökit Holiday Cottages

    Hotel Tariff Range: 50 EUR to 121 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-35)-(-40)°C

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    3. Saariselkä – Home To The Best Marvel Of Nature


    Image Courtesy: inarisaariselka

    Resembling a magical winter wonderland perfectly, Saariselkä is one of those destiantions that experience the Christams vibes for months. Attracting those couples who are seeking to engage in romance and thriil both, Saariselkä is all about skii resorts, ancient cottages, and enchanting wilderness. Reeking of charming vibes, this destination is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter.

    Best Honeymoon Experience:

      • Try skiing on the fresh white snow and embrace the adventurous inner souls.
      • Celebrate Christmas amidst the falling snowflakes, lit atmosphere, and happy vibes.
      • Spectate the most stunning marvel of mother nature- The Northern Lights.
      • Be a part of the Husky sled ride in Lapland.

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna, Wilderness Hotel Muotka, Northern Lights Village, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

    Hotel Tarrif Range: EUR 75 to EUR 377 | INR 6,000 to INR 30,000
    Winter Temperature: -6℃ to -14℃

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    Norway – The Land Of The Midnight Sun

    Winters couldn’t feel better if you are in Norway, the Land of the Midnight Sun and best spot among the winter honeymoon destinations in Europe awaits you.

    Round trip air ticket (To Oslo, 2 months in advance): Starting from 4000 INR/ 540 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 8 to 10 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Norway for honeymoon

    1. Oslo – The Great Grand White Beauty

     A perfect day in Oslo a perfect winter honeymoon destination in Europe

    Norway’s capital, Oslo is gradually evolving into a bustling cosmopolitan but still manages to keep a balance between a laid-back countryside and a fast-paced urban gem. Your love will bloom as you’ll explore this city on foot, as it is easily walkable. Public transport is also available at the drop of a hat. This city’s art and live music intensify its charm. Ballet and theatre performances will leave you wanting for more. Your honeymoon in Norway will be the best time of your life. It makes the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter. 

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                • Explore Grünerløkka, where a lot of bars, clubs, cafes and designer shops will keep you entertained
                • Rent a bike to get lost with your love in the thick grasslands and woods of Oslo
                • Try cross-country skiing and snowboarding
                • Whisper sweet nothings while unwinding beside the frozen lakes of Oslomarka Forest
                • Admire the sculptures in Vigeland Sculpture Park

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Bristol, The Thief, Lysebu, Hotel Continental Oslo, Scandic Holmenkollen Park, Saga Hotel Oslo and Grand Hotel Oslo

    Hotel Tariff Range: 66 EUR to 400 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-12)-(-1)°C

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    2. The Stavanger Region – Cinematic Landscape

    Preikestolen in Stavanger region

    Image Source

    Fjords, mountains, dramatic cliffs, cruises and more, Stavanger region is romantic in every sense. The city lures travelers from across the world, and is also the former European Capital of Culture. For a romantic winter honeymoon, head to this place.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                • Romance aboard the Fjord cruise
                • Explore the lovely town of Old Stavanger
                • Behold the breathtaking view, a sight that’s among the best in Norway, in Preikestolen
                • Tour this city’s museums
                • Enjoy ice skating in Stavanger Ice Hall
                • Skii with your love
                • Go on a romantic long drive

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Clarion Collection Hotel Skagen Brygge, Scandic Stavanger Park, Clarion Hotel Energy and Park Inn by Radisson Stavanger Hotel

    Hotel Tariff Range: 66 EUR to 173 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-1)-11°C

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    3. Bergen – Colorful City Of Love


    Image Source

    Nestled amidst the stunning hills, Bergen reeks of history and heritage. Exhibiting beautifully preserved wooden buildings, contemporary art galleries, clear waters with colorful ferries, and vibrant night scenes, this destination hiding in Norway is one of its kind. To add to the already amazing honeymoon experience, the warm welcome and selfless friendliness of locals in this region are unmatchable. Often tagged as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter, visit Bergen if colorful destiantion is your taste of a romantic escape. 

    Best Honeymoon Experience:

      • Witness the rich and appealing colors of the facades in Bryggen.
      • Hike up the hill and look at the beautiful miniature city at a glance.
      • Visit and spectate some of the most stunning artworks in Kode Art Gallery.

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, First Hotel Marin, Basic Hotel Bergen, Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret, Hotel Park, Det Hanseatiske Hotel

    Hotel Tarrif Range: EUR 75 to EUR 314 | INR 6,000 to INR 25,000
    Winter Temperature: 0-4℃

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    Croatia – Paradise For Newly-weds

    Another country among the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December and other winter months is Croatia, a rather little-less popular but equally beautiful.

    Round trip air ticket (to Oslo, 2 months in advance): Starting from 51000 INR/ 688 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 10 to 12 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Croatia for honeymoon

    1. Dubrovnik – An Oceanic Paradise

    Street restaurants in Dubrovnik Old Town

    Orange roofs spark an impressive contrast with deep blue ocean in Dubrovnik. The Pearl of the Adriatic, as it is also known to be, is prettified with cobblestone streets, shimmering beaches, beautiful churches and opulent palaces.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                    • Walk along the 1,940 meters tall City Walls
                    • Attend the Dubrovnik Winter Festival (February), which is a cultural and gastronomical extravaganza
                    • Unwind on the terraces of cafe and restaurants of Dubrovnik
                    • Take a tour of the Game of Thrones locations
                    • Witness the spiritual extravaganza in Festival of St Blaise (added in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List)- during which theatre performances, exhibitions, book presentations and concert take place

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, Grand Villa Argentina, Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik 4Seasons and Hotel Ivka

    Hotel Tariff Range: 70 EUR to 536 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 1-13°C

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    2. Split – Flaunting Europe’s Best Assets

    Shoreline in Split

    The second-largest and one of the oldest cities of Croatia, Split is the perfect place to encounter the essence of Dalmatian life and a perfect example of maintaining the balance between modernity and history.

    While there are bustling markets, bars and restaurants in this city, you can find utmost calm and privacy amid the coastal mountains or by taking the ferry tour on its deep blue sea. Holding onto its incredible past, Split puts on a show for history-buffs as they visit Diocletian’s Palace and Cathedral of Saint Domnius. All of this beauty is why when we think of winter honeymoon, Europe always comes to the mind.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                    • Relax on the Riva Harbor
                    • Go island hopping
                    • Try your hands on the fun Croatian beach game, Picigin
                    • Time travel to the erstwhile era exploring the historical monuments of the city
                      Savour fresh seafood, complemented with local white wine, Posip

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Radisson Blu Resort Split, Hotel Park Split, Marmont Hotel, Design Hostel Golly & Bossy and Dioklecijan Hotel & Residence

    Hotel Tariff Range: 66 EUR to 308 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 4-17°C

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    Sweden – A Sweet Den For The Love Birds

    Sweden with its snowscape steals the heart of many, especially the love birds who love to play with the snow or take a lazy stroll on a winter evening. This country illuminates love and shows off the beauty of a perfect winter. This is without doubt, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December.

    Round trip air ticket (To Stockholm, 2 months in advance): Starting from 4000 INR/ 540 EUR (approx.)

    Duration: 10 to 13 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Sweden for honeymoon

    1. Stockholm – Pretty White Landscape

    Winter in Stockholm, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter

    Image Source

    The city puts on the white attire as the temperature drops. Winter in Stockholm is about not staying indoors and playing in the snow. The sea freezes a bit, reindeers have a merry time and Christmas markets glitter from afar. Enjoying barbeque session, beside a frozen lake is one of the most romantic experiences to have here.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                    • Ski in one of the most popular skiing slopes of Åre, where you can reach in an hour via air
                    • Shop in the traditional Christmas markets, where along with Christmas handicrafts and decoratives, glögg (mulled wine), smoked meat and pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) will leave you wanting for more. Also, this is where you’ll find lanterns made from ice.
                    • Watch early sunset in Stockholm, which during the coldest days happens around 2 to 3 pm
                    • Take a romantic stroll alongside the harbor, where regal architecture, pretty boats and snow covered landscape await you

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Grand Hôtel Stockholm, Lydmar Hotel, Elite Eden Park Hotel, Best Western Hotel Karlaplan, Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza and Grand Hôtel Stockholm

    Hotel Tariff Range: EUR 69 to EUR 885
    Winter Temperature: (-5)-10°C

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    2. Jukkasjärvi – Where World’s Largest Ice Hotel Awaits You

    Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi is surely an unmissable honeymoon destination in Europe in winter

    Image Source

    World’s largest hotel made of ice and snow, The Ice Hotel is your fascinating honeymoon spot, located in Jukkasjärvi, North Sweden. The hotel, as the name itself suggests, is made from ice through and through; right from immaculate sculptures and chandeliers to the bed. This indeed is one of the most romantic European cities in winter.

    The hotel is spread across 1200 square meters and has 20 suites, a bar and a gallery. Soon enough, this annual project will turn into a permanent one, which means the hotel will be functional even in summers.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                    • Witness Polar Night (Kaamos)- when the Sun doesn’t rise above the horizon, resulting in the astonishingly beautiful sight of twilight
                    • Take the sled dog excursion in search of Aurora Borealis, and stay in the wilderness camp
                    • Indulge in Horseback moose safari at the foot of Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: The Ice Hotel

    Hotel Tariff Range: 258 EUR to 1018 EUR

    Winter Temperature: (-20)-1°C

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    3. Gotland Island – The Land Of Ancient Structures

    Gotland Island

    Image Source

    Sitting on the southeastern coast is the largest island in the entire Baltic Sea and one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe, Gotland Island. Offering a myriad of picturesque landscapes and old-world charm, this island is one of its kind. Making a traveler feel like they are walking in a living museum, Gotland Island looks nothing less than a fairytale land. The architectural marvels of this island is something that takes away the breath of the spectators.

    Best Honeymoon Experience:

        • Embrace the inner Indiana Jones and explore the Lummelunda Caves.
        • Get an insight into the history of the island in the Gotlnad museum.
        • Travel back in time in the Visby Medieval Town.
        • Be part of an art workshop and try hands on creating a masterpiece for the partners.

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Kalk Hotel, Three Pheasants Boutique, Hotell Slottsbacken, Fabriken Furillen, Calrion Hotel Wisby, Maven Cabins
    Hotel Tarrif Range: EUR 675 to EUR 300 | INR 6,000 to INR 24,000
    Winter Temperature: -1-3℃

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    France – The Land Of Hopeless Romantics

    France has been associated with romance for ages. And why shouldn’t it be? France is indeed among the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in Winter and all the other seasons! You might have a hard time selecting the places to visit in France, so we have listed down our best honeymoon recommendation in this country.

    Round trip air ticket (To Paris, 2 months in advance): Starting from 55000 INR/ 743 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 13 to 15 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in France for honeymoon

    1. Aquitaine – An Idyllic Countryside

    Romantic shoreline in Aquitaine

    Image Source

    Pleasing all sorts of honeymoon couples, Aquitaine has hills, historic sites, beaches and that romantic countryside you’ve been searching for; making it among the top honeymoon destinations in February in Europe. The winters here are warm and if you’re an adventurous couple you can spend your days at the beach surfing.

    You cannot step out of this place without having the taste of its wine, which is of high-quality and is among the best you’ll get in France.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Sip in the finest French wines
                          • Surf in the beaches of Aquitaine
                          • Go for a heritage walk, you’ll be amazed to see the architecture and the history of this region

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Les Sources De Caudalie, Yndo Hotel, Intercontinental Bordeaux, Le Boutique Hôtel Bordeaux and Chateau De Lalande

    Hotel Tariff Range: EUR 35 to 953 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 2-13°C

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    2. Nice – The Nicest Hideout

    Waterfront of Nice France

    Image Source

    The capital of French Riviera, Nice with its 230,000 year old history allures honeymoon couples from around the world. A bustling city with opulent monuments, idyllic beach and markets flooding with irresistible knick and knacks; Nice is the nicest place to imbibe the best of Riviera.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Behold the soul-stirring view of French Riviera and Nice cityscape from Castle Hills. Though there is no castle here, but man-made waterfalls and remnants will entice you through the route. (Note: Make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear as one has to climb stone steps to reach the top)
                          • Explore the city on tram
                          • Taste the beer sorbet in Fenocchio, one of city’s best ice-cream parlours
                          • Take a morning stroll through the colorful Cours Saleya Flower Market (open everyday, except Mondays)
                          • Titillate your tastebuds with Socca (chickpea crêpe) in the eateries of Old Town

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Mercure Nice Centre Grimaldi, Hôtel Le Grimaldi, Mercure Nice Promenade des Anglais Hotel and Hotel Negresco

    Hotel Tariff Range: EUR 79 to EUR 298
    Winter Temperature: 6-14°C

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    3. Paris – The Spelling Of Love

     Snow around Eiffel Tower in Paris

    When thinking of romance, Paris surely hits the thought. Surely this is one of the most romantic cities in the world and one of the most enchanting Europe honeymoon destinations. Fashion, wine, architecture, events, nightlife – name it and you’ll have the best of all the worlds in here.

    Paris in Winter is a great time to visit this enchanting city, the streets are less crowded and dressed in white snow. The City of Lights, as we also know Paris as, gets even more twinkling in the winter season, as ‘tis the season when Christmas arrives, and also some enticing events like the Paris Fashion Week.

    Paris is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe in January, or any other time around the year!

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon:

                          • Tango on the Seine banks until twilight
                          • Go for a romantic long drive in a Vintage Citröen
                          • Take a tour of the lesser-known vineyards and stumble upon lesser-known waterfalls near Parc des Buttes Chaumont
                          • Shop in the traditional Paris Christmas Markets
                          • Go for a romantic stroll alongside the Seine river during sunset
                          • Try ice skating on the rinks

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Mandarin Oriental, Luxembourg Parc, Crowne Plaza Paris-Republique, 9 Hotel Opéra and Hotel Romance Malesherbes by Patrick Hayat

    Hotel Tariff Range: 79 EUR to 877 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 3-11°C

    Suggested Read: 15 Picture-Perfect Places To Visit In Paris

    Belgium – Delight In Every Corner

    Belgium is a good choice when it comes to best honeymoon destinations in Europe in December because of several reasons, like the native beer keeps you warm enough and the Christmas markets spark up the festive spirit!

    Round trip air ticket (To Brussels , 2 months in advance): Starting from 42000 INR/ 567 EUR (approx.)

    Duration: 10 to 15 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Belgium for honeymoon

    1. Bruges – Blend Of Romance And Rendezvous

    Romantic winter in Bruges

    Image Source

    While in Bruges, the Gothic structures and horse carriages will make you both believe that you’ve been transferred to a fairytale. The magic intensifies with the arrival of winter. The Old Town, which has its history dating back to 1300s, gets decked with wooden stalls that sell woolens, decoratives and fairy lights. All these charming attributes is why when we talk about romantic winter getaways, Europe always pops in mind.

    Walk the city’s cobblestone streets or meander through its canals on a boat, but Bruges is particularly romantic when developed in Christmas fervor.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Get bedazzled in the The Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival
                          • Take the horse carriage ride at dusk. Blankets are usually provided to keep you warm
                          • Walk hand in hand, beside the canals in the evening
                          • Enjoy a shopping and gastronomic extravaganza in the Markt, located in the heart of the city and adorned with historical buildings
                          • Visit the Boudewijn Seapark
                          • Stroll around the Lake of Love

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Flanders Hotel – Hampshire Classic, The Pand, Number 11 Exclusive Guesthouse, Oud Huis de Peellaert, Hotel Navarra Brugge and Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce

    Hotel Tariff Range: 72 EUR to 270 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-5)-14°C

    Suggested Read: Celebrate Christmas In France For A Majestic, Magical, And Merry Holiday In 2019!

    2. Brussels – Hip And Hush At The Same Time

    Winter in Brussels

    Image Source

    This multicultural capital of Belgium shows off the perfect blend of a laid-back historic city and a bustling cosmopolitan. Right from its Gothic architectural marvels to crazy nightlife, this city has got it all.

    Winter is definitely the best time to visit Brussels as the whole city is decorated with lights and Christmas markets. Just grab your seat in any bar/resto and sip in your mulled wine or hot chocolate. Don’t forget to gulp in half and half (white wine and champagne mixture). Your romantic honeymoon in this beautiful city of Europe will be made even more extravagant amid the grand Christmas and new year celebrations.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Treat yourselves with Belgian chocolate and going for beer tasting
                          • Take a walk through the imperial Grand Palace, UNESCO World Heritage Site
                          • Prepare to get stunned gazing at one of the largest collection of surreal paintings by René Magritte at the Magritte Museum
                          • Learn to make the chocolate truffles in the workshop of Mary Chocolatier of Brussels
                          • Witness grandeur and sheer beauty in Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Amigo, The Dominican, Sofitel Brussels Europe, Hotel Saint-Gery, Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace and Stanhope Hotel

    Hotel Tariff Range: 62 EUR to 162 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 5-9°C

    Suggested Read: 10 Best Places In The World To Celebrate New Year

    United Kingdom – Sophistication And Romance

    United Kingdom is renowned for its classy vibes, its Victorian and Gothic architecture dating to the olden era and its glinting cityscapes, and its quiet countrysides and hamlets. If romancing in such a country is what you dream of, you know where to go for honeymoon in Europe in winter.

    Round trip air ticket (To London, 2 months in advance): Starting from 40000 INR/ 540 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 10 to 15 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in United Kingdom for honeymoon

    1. Edinburgh – Scottish Gem For Your Honeymoon

    Port of Leith in Edinburgh

    Image Source

    Reflecting the Scottish culture in its every nook, Edinburgh – with its opulent castles, Gothic cathedrals and churches, and museums brimming with nonpareil artistry – knows the craft of captivation, especially when you’re already in love. Also known as the Athens of the North, Edinburgh’s new year celebration, Hogmanay (featuring Torchlight procession, concerts, fireworks, street party and more) is grand and among the several reasons to consider this city as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in Winter.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Go exploring the Edinburgh Castle hand in hand with your partner
                          • Go whisky tasting and sampling in Royal Mile
                          • Climb the Arthur’s Seat peak
                          • Have a romantic dinner in floating restaurants. Don’t forget the Winter-special Scottish delights in Mimi’s Bakehouse
                          • Find your love in the stars while stargazing on a lovely winter night in The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, The Dunstane Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, Channings Hotel Edinburgh, The Glasshouse Autograph Collection and No11 Brasserie & Boutique Hotel

    Hotel Tariff Range: 114 EUR to 404 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 1-9°C

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    2. London – A Perfect Place To Experience Eternal Love

    A lovely winter night in London

    One of the most fascinating cities of the world, London unfolds a multitude of colors, especially in winters. Right from museums to hip pubs, all you need is to explore this city at your own pace, and do all that you love to as a couple.

    Best romantic experiences:

                          • Behold the panoramic view of London from a private pod in London Eye
                          • Have a gala time in Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, where awaits colorful Christmas shops, Xmas shows, circus, giant observation wheel, ice skating rinks, Bar Ice and more
                          • Get to know how Christmas was celebrated in the olden days, in the Geffrye Museum
                          • Feast on some hot chocolate while taking a stroll around London’s parks
                          • Warm yourselves up in London’s happening pubs
                          • Attend the cultural and musical extravaganza, The Southbank Centre Winter Festival
                          • Witness spectacular dramas in London’s theatres

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: InterContinental London Park Lane, Hazlitt’s, No.5 Maddox St., The Arch London, The Montague on the Gardens and Bulgari Hotel London

    Hotel Tariff Range: 116 EUR to 831 EUR
    Winter Temperature: 5-12°C

    Suggested Read: United Kingdom In Winter: See Where All You Can Go To Enjoy It!

    Germany – Love, Beer and Baroque

    Germans lead the way when it comes to living a large life, the people add on to the enchanting aura of Germany’s most beautiful cities.

    Round trip air ticket (To Berlin, 2 months in advance): Starting from 40000 INR/ 540 EUR (approx.)
    Duration: 7 to 10 days

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Germany for honeymoon

    1. Munich – A Little Too Much Of Charm

    Aerial view of Munich

    Image Source

    Hailed for its annual Oktoberfest, Munich is a heavenly hideout, especially for the beer-lovers. But beer is not all that this city has; the immaculate architecture and cultural exhibition of the Munich will leave you hanging around. And if you’re a couple in love, prepare to fall head over heels in love, yet again. I bet, the city will make your honeymoon hopelessly romantic and unforgettable, since this has always been among most favourite honeymoon destinations in Europe in January, or any month indeed.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Be a part of the happening Tollwood Winter Festival that features Christmas markets, theatre, music performances and more
                          • Go pub crawling. We recommend going with Size Matters, one of the top rating beer tour in Munich
                          • Stroll through the beautiful Old Town
                          • Glance at the cityscape from Olympic Tower
                          • Take the two-hour train journey to postcard perfect Neuschwanstein Castle (the castle that inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty). This scenic journey takes you through the Bavarian alps, and is considered one of the most romantic journeys in the world

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Leonardo Boutique Hotel München, Mandarin Oriental, Design Hotel Stadt Rosenheim München, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, Cortiina Hotel and Falkenturm Boutique Hotel

    Hotel Tariff Range: 71 EUR to 675 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-5)-14°C

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    2. Berlin – The Best You’ll Ever Be In

    Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

    Image Source

    Concerts, theatres, opera or pub crawl, Berlin is happening in every sense – placing it among the most fascinating honeymoon destinations in Europe in December. Most of its locales are green, and the rest of the city is brimming with the colorful culture displays in the form of inspiring architecture, bustling markets and panoramic views.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Stroll through the Botanical Garden
                          • Let the Christmas spirit make both of you merry as you shop in the beautiful Christmas markets
                          • Leave the world behind enjoying the nightlife of this glitzy city
                          • Dress up in suit and tie and take your date to an Opera show
                          • Spend some alone time with your spouse beside the Spree River

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, Hotel nhow Berlin, Waldorf Astoria Berlin, Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm and Grand Hyatt Berlin

    Hotel Tariff Range: 53 EUR to 270 EUR
    Winter Temperature: (-3)- 7°C

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    Italy – A Rendezvous With The Renaissance

    Making a huge impact on all the travelers visiting this country, Italy is surely going to sweep you off your sweet, be it it’s delicious cuisines, famous artwork or the ancient ruins. So, don’t miss out on these various cities of the country!

    Round trip air ticket (To Rome, 2 months in advance): Starting from INR 37,000 or EUR 460 (approx.)

    Let’s get acquainted with the best places to visit in Italy for honeymoon

    1. Rome – Mesmerizing Artwork

    night view of the famous place in rome

    Image Source

    This capital city of Italy is surely going to top your list for winter honeymoon destinations in Europe. Why? Well, why not! Home to a worldwide inspiring artwork and displaying the glorious ruins of the roman era, this place is nothing less than a gem for all the art enthusiasts and history lovers. Even if you aren’t one of them, the great work of architecture observed in the various grand structures like the St. Peter’s Basilica is simply breathtaking.

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Witness Opera and ballet performances in opulent amphitheaters
                          • Visit Trevi’s Fountain to witness chiselled fountain with intriguing legends
                          • Savor the Italian flavors in the most romantic restaurants in Rome

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Villa Spalletti Trivelli Dimora d’Epoca, Gran Meliá Rome, The First Roma, Hotel Artemide

    Hotel Tariff Range: EUR 90 to EUR 1000
    Winter Temperature: 5°C

    Suggested Read: Honeymoon In Italy 2020: Full-Fledged Guide To Plan Your Romantic Voyage

    2. Venice – For An Italian Romance

    canal cruise in Venice

    Image Source

    For a memorable honeymoon experience in Italy, you just cannot afford to miss out on the Gondola specialty of Italy. Yes, that’s right! Venice is that one place renowned for it’s canal cruises that you ought to visit with your partner. While you’re out and about, make sure you witness the splendid architecture around these canal rides to make the most of them!
    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • Dig in the tasty gelatos with your partner
                          • A Gondola Serenade tour around the tourist attractions of Venice including the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco are a must!
                          • Visit Theatre La Fenice to witness the incredible ballet performances from the gold balcony seats that you must try.

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Hotel Metropole, Hotel Palazzo Stern, Rialto Unique Venice Experience, CA Maria Adele

    Hotel Tariff Range: EUR 85 to EUR 215
    Winter Temperature: 4°C

    Suggested Read: 10 Picturesque Honeymoon Destinations In Italy For Madly-in-love Couples

    3. Florence – The Tuscany Capital

    beautiful city view of florence

    Image Source

    Filled with stunning art galleries, renaissance art and architecture, this Italian city will surely live up to its name while you plan your visit to this beautiful honeymoon destination with your partner. Feeling excited already? Wait till you watch that beautiful sunset from the famous Piazzale Michelangelo and soak in more blissful vibes around. What can be more romantic than that?

    Best Honeymoon Experiences:

                          • A bike ride to capture the city’s most charming views is a must.
                          • Visit the vineyards and add an extra punch with the wine tasting.
                          • Observe and indulge in the old practice of throwing off keys from the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge with your partner.
                          • Don’t miss out on the castles and olive groves of this stunning city.

    Best Places To Stay For Honeymoon: Relais Santa Croce, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1, Golden Tower Hotel & Spa

    Hotel Tariff Range: EUR 200 to EUR 500
    Winter Temperature: 7°C

    Further Read: 15 Experiences Not To Miss On Your Euro Trip

    Hope this list of honeymoon destinations in Europe in Winter has convinced you to take your passport and grab that special someone’s hand for an ecstatic honeymoon! So, plan your Europe trip with TravelTriangle right away!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Honeymoon Destinations In Europe In Winter


    Q. Which European country is best for honeymoon?

    A. Several European countries are just perfect for a honeymoon destination. So, if you are looking for a honeymoon place in Europe in winter then consider Italy, Florence, Paris, Amalfi Coast, Santorini, and Rome in the choices because these are the best honeymoon destinations in Europe in winter.

    Q. Where is the most romantic place in Europe?

    A. When in Europe, you will find umpteen romantic places to explore with your spouse and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Some of these places are Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, and not to forget the love city Italy.

    Q. Where should couples go in Europe in winter?

    A. Winter is one of the best seasons to explore Europe as most of the countries are covered with a sheet of thick snow which makes it even more romantic for couples. So, if you are planning to go to Europe in winter then make sure that you cover these places – Venice in Italy, Santorini in Greece, Budapest in Hungary, Paris in France, and Lake Bled in Slovenia.

    Q. Where should I stay on the Amalfi Coast for a honeymoon?

    A. The Amalfi Coast in Italy gives a good variety of hotels to stay in for honeymooners like Hotel Santa Caterina, Belmond Hotel Caruso, Palazzo Murat, Hotel Villa Cimbrone, and Villa Maria Hotel.

    Q. Where should I go in Europe for Valentines?

    A. If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner then look no further than Paris, the City of Love, and Venice. They are the most beautiful and romantic places to be in Europe.

    Q. Where should I go for a romantic weekend in winter?

    A. A romantic weekend in winter definitely calls for a vacation in Europe which houses some of the best places in the world. From Italy and Rome to Venice and Budapest, there are umpteen places to explore.

    Q. Is Spain good for honeymoon?

    A. There is no doubt that Spain is one of the best places to spend your honeymoon in. Beaches lined with amazing resorts and the sun bestowing its warmness, Canary Islands is one of the places in Spain where you would like to spend your honeymoon.

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