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Mount Fitz Roy is not a trekking spot for the newbies or the ones who are lighthearted. The entire trip through the mountain is quite strenuous and requires an ardent knowledge and skill around the whole route. Not only is the weather quite rough and not the best to move around in, but the overall experience is also one of a kind. Majority of the people who go for the Fitz Roy trekking oftentimes prepare themselves for this over time and all for the right reasons. Mount Fitz Roy is one of the most predominantly known landmarks around in South America, making it an emblem for Patagonia since quite a number of years. Located at around 3375 meters, the rock formations around stand out in the form of jagged peaks rewarding this place as one of the most dramatic landscapes around the world.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the Mount Fitz Roy trek map with all the necessary details one would need to plan their trekking trip beforehand.

About Mount Fitz Roy

Beautiful Rocky place

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The Mount Fitz Roy is a popular mountain located in Patagonia, in close proximity to the border between Argentina and Chile. It is situated in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field near the El Chaltén village.
The scenic beauty and the challenging hiking is what has made this one of the most favorite hiking spots around the world. The mountain offers an amazing view and the ginormous snow covered steep hills around add to the excitement even further. Apart from this, you can also hike through the Iguazu National Park to enjoy the beauty of Argentina.

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Trekking Route

Route to Reach

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When it comes to explaining and elaborating the overall Fitz Roy climbing trail, the route is quite straight, the only thing that does hold back on the process is the lack of a proper navigating route to follow around.
The entire trek is of 30 km which is often completed in a total of 3-4 days. If you are planning on visiting, it is always best suggested to ensure that you always plan everything beforehand to avoid any kind of issues during the trek.

On a general note, the entire trekking is often successfully completed within 3-4 days depending on how much walking you can get done on a daily basis. Apart from the rugged landscape, the weather is quite turbulent as well owing to the high winds and the frequent storms that go around with the snow. The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you have the necessary kit and gear to cope up with the said weather.

For the most part, the trekking does start from the El Chaltén village and the hikers start the trail around the famous mountain visiting the Cerro Torre base camp. Depending on the season you are starting the trekking in, the beauty around will either showcase pure white snow or beautiful flora and fauna along the national park.

For the most part, the hikers who have visited this trek have confided stating that the hike is not dangerous and the elevation is not that tough to acquire. This is often a good trekking trail for not just experienced but sometimes for the inexperienced ones too, with the correct training.

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Itinerary For Fitz Roy Trekking

As mentioned before, the overall trekking through the Mount Fitz Roy does take around 3-4 days and if you are here wondering how one can achieve that easily with a planned roadmap, we do have one to share with you that can come in handy for the trip you traverse along.

1. Quick Drive To El Chaltén Village

El Chaltén Village road

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We did mention before that the trip for the Mount Fitz Roy trek does start from the El Chaltén village. So, the very first spot that one needs to reach to is the village itself. The village is quite a small and quaint village located near the Los Glaciares National Park. Owing to the growing popularity of the hike from El Calafate to Fitz Roy, more and more development is going around in this place. There are hotels you can check into the night before to catch a good night’s sleep before the trekking starts.

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2. Laguna Los Tres

Mountain view

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From the El Chaltén village, the trekking to the Laguna Los Tres starts. The entire trek through the process is amazing and provides you with amazing and mystic views around the Mount Fitz Roy. The trek does start along its way to the Laguna Capri where you predominantly pass along the lake’s northern corner.

Once you cross that, the next pit stop is a path uphill to the Blanco River passing along the mountaineering camp. The trail from the camp is quite steep and easy without any kind of issues to finally visit the Laguna de Los Tres. This specific blue lagoon is a spot that every single photographer dreams of. You can camp here overnight.

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3. Rio Blanco

Rio Blanco

Next, on the Mount Fitz Roy facts trekking is through the trail to go up to the Rio Blanco. This is often considered as the base camp for all the climbers from where they jet off for the extreme climb to the top for the best experience of mount fitz roy day hike. This is the point closest to visiting the Mount Fitz Roy without actually going to the very top of it. The towering spires rise above 1500 meters and make up for one of the most stunning views you will experience throughout the entire climb.

Following a quick lunch, you can actually then a descent back to the Poincenot Camp where an overnight stay makes up for the penultimate day of the trek.

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4. Cerro Torre To El Chaltén

Beautiful snow Mountain reflection on water

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The last day of the trek is when you finally swerve your way around to get back to the initial start of the trekking trip – to El Chaltén. Make your way around the Laguna Capri and then move forth to the Lagoons Madre which is located around the stunning place of the Hija Valley.

Following the quick trail, you can come down to the Fitzroy River Valley where you can finally join onto the Cerro Torre Trail. Once you have taken in the beautiful surroundings around you and clicked some pictures to preserve the memories, the best way to end is to return to the El Chaltén village from there where your trek finally comes to an end. Winter in Argentina is the best time you can go on a trekking expedition.

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Prices For Fitz Roy Trekking

Snow mountain

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The prices for the overall trek through the Fitz Roy Mountain are solely dependent on the time frame of the booking. If you are booking a few months beforehand, chances are that you might get to avail discounts. Not just that, booking during the offseason also provides you with quite a good amount of discount on the prices of the tickets and the trekking trip.

Some of the crucial expenses that you need to look around into including that of the Visa, Vaccinations, and Insurance, The hiking equipment, return flights, hiking agency, food and accommodation and so on an so forth.
On a general basis, the amount often does vary between $2000 and $4000 per person depending on the time of the booking.

Tips For Trekking

Much like any other hiking trip, some of the common must-dos and tips include:

  • Must have the necessary equipment and gear at your disposal
  • Must have access to necessary first aid kit
  • Must undergo a health examination before starting the trek to assure perfect health
  • Keep the necessary security instructions in mind
  • Use walking poles if required
  • Make sure to wait back in case of harsh weather conditions

What To Carry For Fitz Roy Trekking

There are a few essential items that you must carry and wear for trekking through Fitz Roy mountain. It’s always important to be prepared with a gear for the hike. Check out this list of few essentials that you must carry:

  • A pair of hiking boots is a must. Preferably carry waterproof boots.
  • Hiking pants
  • Thermal wear
  • Cotton t-shirts to absorb the sweat
  • A fleece jacket in case the weather turns cold
  • Wind proof jacket since it gets windy on the top
  • A hat or a cap to protect your head from the harsh sun rays
  • Water bottle to keep yourself hydrated
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera to capture the important moments on your hike
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues and toilet paper
  • Packed food

How To Reach Fitz Roy

The best way to get there is by flying from Buenos Aires to the town of Calafate in southern Patagonia. From there you can take a three hour bus ride to reach El Chalten, the small town which is home base to Fitz Roy. The mountain is located near El Chalten village. You can pack your food and water from Calafate as El Chaten might be well stocked.

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Trekking through the Mount Fitz Roy is definitely one of the most enthralling experiences you could have. If you are on the lookout for doing something adventurous and one of a kind, then try  Fitz Roy trekking, it is definitely what you need to add to your bucket list. So, plan a trip to US and get on the adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fitz Roy Trekking

What is the length of the Fitz Roy climbing trek?

Although the Fitz Roy trek has a straight route there is no proper route to navigate and follow around. The total length of this trek is thirty kilometers.

How many days are required to complete the Fitz Roy trek?

The number of days required to complete the Fitz Roy trek depends on the kilometers that you can cover in a single day. On average, most people complete this trek in about two to three days.

Where does the Mount Fitz Roy trek start from?

The trek to Mount Fitz Roy starts from El Chalten village. The trekkers who want to trek to this mountain start from Cerro Torre base camp.

Where is Mount Fitz Roy situated?

Mount Fitz Roy is situated in Patagonia, near the border of Chile and Argentina.

Is it necessary to undergo a health checkup for the Fitz Roy trek?

Although it is not necessary to undergo a health checkup for this trek we all know the common phrase that prevention is better than cure. So, it is always suggested to go for a health checkup before going on a trek to Mount Fitz Roy.

What are some important tips to keep in mind while going for the Fitz Roy trek?

Some of the most important tips to keep in mind are that a person should always have a walking pole, the proper gear, and necessary equipment with themselves at any point in time. Also, a person should have access to the First-Aid kit.

Is a trek to Mount Fitz Roy costly?

The total price of the trek to Mountain Fitz Roy depends directly upon the time at which the booking was made. If the booking is done, a few months in advance, then you can avail of a large number of discounts.

What is the average cost incurred during the Mount Fitz Roy trek?

Making a booking during the off-season gives a huge number of discount offers on trekking trip prices and ticket prices. On average, the expenditure done by the people during this trek ranges between two thousand dollars to four thousand dollars.

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