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    Tanzania is well known for its wildlife safaris and the highest active volcanic mountain in the world. It is a land of nature’s treasure, where one can come across the rarest species of animals and birds to the rarest gemstone that can be found only in Tanzania. The proximity of the Country to the equator makes the weather pattern here differ completely from the rest of the world. Tanzania in March is equally lovely to visit when compared to the high season of mountain climbing in October. Though March does not constitute as a spring season in Tanzania, there are some interesting activities that one can indulge in to make it an adventurous respite.

    Weather In Tanzania In March

    Weather In Tanzania In March

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    The weather in Tanzania unlike other countries in the world is mainly distributed into 2 seasons- a wet/rainy season and a dry season. Tanzania has two wet seasons starting from March to May and November to December. The Tanzania temperatures in March averages at about 30℃ in the day and nights are about 20℃. Tourists can expect heavy rainfall towards the second half of the month. Humidity is very high during this season. The early morning showers allow the afternoons to be quite sunny and perfect for wildlife safaris.

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    Things To Do In Tanzania In March

    Tanzania offers a lot of activities to its travelers. Here are the things to do there in the month of March:

    1. Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands

    Go on an authentic African safari in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands

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    The climate varies across the regions within Tanzania because of its juxtaposition with the equator. Ngorongoro Conservation Area is all time pleasant with high chances of wildlife spotting to go on on a safari. The grasslands are lush green making it an engaging safari. One can spot animals such as black rhinos, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, leopards, lions, mountain reebucks, hyenas and the likes.

    March is generally a low season for tourists here which means accomodation is better with reasonable rates and less tourist traffic. It is the best time to plan a holiday to Tanzania for bird watching as many Eurasian migratory birds such as yellow wagtails, lesser flamingos, and white storks congregate around the lakes in the craters or wetlands and streams. Grassland birds such as ostriches can also be spotted. Ngorongoro crater has a high density of endemic residents and has also been a major paleontological and archeological site. Olduvai Gorge, a site in the conservation area has been recognized as the spot where the first early human footprints were found.

    Walking safaris are arranged by tour operators over the Empakai or Olmoti craters. The people of Maasai tribe live across the grasslands in the rainy season. One can visit their settlements at the periphery of the conservation area and learn about their culture and tradition. Ngorongoro hosts the third tallest active volcano in Tanzania and mountaineers can trek up to the top of the crater, Oldonyo Lengai.

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    2. Watch the great Wildebeest migration

    Watch the great Wildebeest migration

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    Serengeti National Park is known as the home of the wildebeest migration making it Tanzania’s best tours in March. One can see the migration all throughout the year. The park is located around 300 km away from Arusha past the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Serengeti has the highest congregation of large mammals such as the lions and leopards in Africa. The wildebeest migration takes place every year as they go around looking for greener grasslands. The migration solely depends on the area of rainfall.

    March is the perfect time to watch the wildebeest migration from Serengeti National Park across the Mara river towards the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. During the months from January to March, the wildebeests are in the Southern sector of Serengeti as it is the calving season. Thousands of newborn calves are seen in a herd during this season. Visitors are advised to stay in the accommodations available in the Park for more than 3 days as there are numerous things to see around.

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    3. Be a part of Nyama Choma Festival

    Be a part of Nyama Choma Festival>

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    Food in Tanzania can be a topic of debate among the locals as to which meat tastes the best. The locals do have some family recipes that are passed down through generations. One such recipe is that of mchuzi wa rosti ya maini which literally translates to roasted meat stew in Swahili. Roasted meat or grilled meat is part of the Tanzanian culture and is celebrated every year by organizing a festival called Nyama Choma in the month of March. The festival is observed as a Tanzanian holiday in March. The Swahili translation to the festival is grilled meat festival or more commonly called the barbecue festival. Locals of Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Dodoma, and Arusha get together during this festival and relish some grilled chicken, lamb or pork.

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    4. Run in a marathon across Mount Kilimanjaro

    Run in a marathon across Mount Kilimanjaro

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    Every year in March, the Tanzania Amateur Athletics Association and the Tanzania Tourist board affiliate to organize the Kilimanjaro Marathon. The Marathon starts from the Moshi Stadium and the full Marathon range up to 42.2 km around the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The route of the marathon includes passing through the beautiful banana plantations at the foothills of the mountain, the main road of Dar es Salaam and winding back to the gentle uphill slopes of the mountain and descend across the other side of the mountain, ending the run at the Moshi stadium. People throng all along the marathon route with music and refreshments stalls cheering the participants.

    The Marathon is organized to promote sports and athletics in Tanzania and visitors are welcome to participate. There are half marathons and wheelchair marathons organized for the disabled. A merry run is organized for 5 km to get people to cheer for the runners. The winners get a prize money of INR 1,26,000 and medals.

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    5. Enjoy the Zanzibar Islands

    Enjoy the Zanzibar Islands

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    Though the March weather can be a bit tricky for an island holiday, the initial part of March is still a great time to visit Zanzibar. Most of the resorts in the Islands allow discounts due to low tourist traffic. The pineapple season begins around in March in the Islands, giving one a perfect opportunity to savor the sweet citrusy fruit to the heart’s content.

    The Old Fort built during the Arab rule is one of the major sightseeing spots of Zanzibar. The open-air theatre in the Old Fort is the hotspot for international film and music festivals that are held annually. The Sultan’s Palace and the house of wonders are also worth the visit. Apart from these, one can visit the ancient Persian bathhouses.

    The cobblestone streets of Zanzibar has a lot of local souks where one can buy the world famous spices grown on the Island. One should definitely look out for cinnamon, pepper, saffron, lemongrass, and nutmeg. A one-stop shop for all the souvenirs is an emporium called The Memories of Zanzibar where one can buy pan-African products ranging from woven baskets to fabrics.

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    Tips To Visit Tanzania In March

    Tips to visit Tanzania in March

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    • Getting a yellow fever vaccination is a must before entering the Country and one must carry the proof of it.
    • As it is the start of the rainy season, mosquitoes pose a problem in the National Parks. It is advisable to carry some mosquito repellants for the nights.
    • Some routes of safari could be closed due to the rains.
    • The rains bring in lush greenery in the parks making the spotting of the animals a bit arduous and thus, visitors are advised to carry a pair of binoculars.

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    Tanzania in March is an exciting time to watch the wildlife. If one is looking for a place close to nature with lush greenery, exotic flowers and some rare species of birds and animals, Tanzania is the place for you. Plan your vacation with Travel Triangle and escape into the laps of nature.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania In March

    Q: What is the rainy season in Tanzania?

    A: In a year Tanzania experiences rainy season two times, one around the months of March to May and the next one from the end of October to the first half of December.

    Q: Is Tanzania a third world country?

    A: Tanzania is considered as the third world country because of its poor development and extreme poverty.

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