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    The world’s smallest continent and the largest island, Australia is a traveler’s paradise. From being home to some of the quirkiest wildlife and revered tales of the aboriginal tribes, Australia is a complete package with its coral reefs, picturesque rain forests, red-earthed national parks, stunning beaches, and scorching deserts. Here are all the thrilling and blissful places to visit in Australia for your next vacation Down Under!

    Best Places To Visit In Australia

    From beaches, national parks, museums, and tourist spots, here are our best picks for you to tour around the land of kangaroos! Make sure you don’t miss out on the best ones to have a memorable experience.

    1. Great Ocean Road

    Bird’s eye view of The Great Ocean Road

    Image Source

    Located in Victoria, the Great Ocean road is considered to be one of the most scenic and best driven roads in the world. Don’t miss Twelve Apostles, the spectacular formations of limestone stacks beside the stunning turquoise ocean. The 243 km ride from Torquay to Allansford is itself a blissful drive.

    Things to see: Port Campbell National Park, Otway National Park, picturesque rain forest, hiking trails and scenic waterfalls. If you’re lucky enough, you could even spot some of Australia’s famous wildlife including kangaroos and emus.

    How to reach

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    2. Kakadu National Park

    A still from Kakadu National Park

    Image Source

    Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage Site, is Australia’s largest national park. Second largest in the world, Kakadu is one of the world’s greatest places for witnessing wilderness and is one of the top most visited Australia tourist attractions.

    Things to see: 300 different species of birds, aboriginal rock art, magnificent waterfalls, rivers, gorges, mangrove swamps as well as a fantastic diversity of wildlife including wallabies, saltwater crocodiles and dingoes.

    Entry Fee: INR 1,756

    Tips: Make sure you buy the tickets before hand to avoid any hassle during your trip.

    How to reach

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    3. Blue Mountains National Park

    Sunrise as seen from the Hanging rock

    Image Source

    The beautiful Blue Mountains National Park – another UNESCO World Heritage Site – is a popular day trip from Sydney. It is named after the blue haze emanating from the many eucalyptus trees, which is a spectacular panoramic view to behold! One of the most famous places in Australia, you must visit this park.

    Things to see: Three Sisters – a sandstone rock formation towering 900 meters above the Jamison Valley, majestic views of gorges, paintings, and exotic wildlife species.

    Things to do: Board the scenic glass roofed Katoomba Railway, the steepest passenger railway in the world through a cliff side tunnel, hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

    Entry Fee: INR 562

    Tips: Don’t forget to keep your camera with you for capturing the wow moments!

    How to reach

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    4. Fraser Island

    The Sand paradise of Fraser Island

    Image Source

    Fraser Island, just a short ferry trip from Hervey Bay, is the largest sand island in the world and a major part of Australia sightseeing. It offers one of Australia’s most unique four-wheel-drive adventures. You can also travel by ferry from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay. In fact, it is among the best places to visit in Australia in March owing to its pleasant weather at that time.

    Things to see: Lush rainforests with an astounding diversity of wildlife, sand dunes, freshwater lakes and creek, multi-colored sand cliffs heaps of shipwrecks along the wonderful sea coast, marine life including dolphins, whales and sharks.

    Tips: Keep your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses for a safe trip to the island.

    How to reach

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    5. Uluru

    Lightening at Uluru Monolith

    Image Source

    One of the largest monoliths in the world, Uluru or Ayers Rock is another important Australia tourist attraction. Located within the Kata Tjuta National Park, this striking red monolith sandstone formation, meaning ‘shadowy place’, stands more than 348 meters high.

    Things to see: Splendid sunset as the rocks change their colors, landscape around the rocks.

    Things to do: Opt for a wonderful tribal tour around the site led by Aboriginal guides and rangers in the country.

    Tips: Keep yourself safe as it is located at a good height!

    How to reach

    Other similar Tourist Attractions in Australia

    • Beaches: Bondi Beach, Byron Bay Beach, Cable Beach, and Wineglass Bay
    • Parks: Port Campbell National Park, Nambung National Park, Kosciuszko National Park, Daintree National Park, and Freycinet National Park
    • Islands: Lizard Island, Chatham Island, and Whitsunday Island

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    Australia Tourist Attractions For The History Buffs

    Love history? Here are all the marvelous places you must visit that will take you back in time:

    6. Heide Museum of Modern Art

    A display at Heide Museum of Modern art

    Image Source

    Heide Museum of Modern Art is a combination of a contemporary art gallery, historical art museum and heritage park. The best reason to visit this unique museum is its beautiful location; it’s set upon a vast lush farmland. A major part of Australia tourism, it is a must-visit place!

    Things to do: Get mesmerized by the living history of Melbourne in Heide, take a stroll across Heide’s vast serene area and journey into the past.

    Opening Hours: Tue to Fri 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sat to Sun 12:00 noon – 5:00 pm

    Entry Fee: INR 1,400

    How to reach

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    7. Harbor Bridge, Sydney

    Illuminated Harbor Bridge

    Image Source

    Among the most celebrated Australia tourist attractions, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a must-visit. Rising 134 m above the harbor, the bridge is affectionately called “the Coat hanger”. This engineering marvel is also the largest steel arch bridge in the world.

    Things to do: Enjoy the scintillating cityscape from the bridge, climb the bridge with a guide, if interested in knowing about the bridge’s history and its construction, visit the museum in the southeastern pier.


    How to reach

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    8. Opera House, Sydney

    Opera House, Sydney

    Image Source

    Flanked by the scenic Harbor Bridge and the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most popular Australian tourist attractions. Considered as an architectural masterpiece of the century, this feat by mankind, hosts multiple venues designed to reflect the image of a huge sailing ship and resembles billowing sails or shells.

    Things to do: Enjoy a scrumptious Australian meal at one of the fine restaurants, take a tour of the building which encompasses theatres, studios, a concert hall, exhibition rooms, and a cinema.

    How to reach

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    9. Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art

    A visitor under the museum

    Image Source

    Tasmania Museum of Old and New Art is one of Australia’s quirkiest museums. While it is accessible by road or by plane, a 30 minute ferry ride from Hobart is the popular way to this museum. It’s known for some of the unique, rare and exclusively owned collections of the Aboriginal tribes.

    Things to do: Enjoy the plenty of brilliant art work displayed; relish the delectable delicacies served by multi cuisine restaurants in the premises.

    Entry Fee: INR 1,967

    How to reach

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    10. Carlton Gardens

    Autumn in the Carlton Gardens

    Image Source

    Carlton Buildings and the Royal Exhibition Building are the two Australia tourist attractions listed among World Heritage sites. Built in the 18th century, they are also one of the oldest sites existing as Australia tourist attractions. This surely tops the list of unique places to visit in Australia!

    Things to do: Spend time enjoying the flower beds, ornamental lakes and artistic fountains; walk through the collection of Mortan Bay fig trees planted by local aboriginals, visit the Melbourne museum, admire the Victorian-era Hochgurtel Fountain and circular French Fountain.

    How to reach

    Other Museums in Australia: National Museum of Australia (Canberra), Australian Museum (Darlinghurst), Australian War Memorial (Canberra), Powerhouse Museum (Ultimo)Jewish Museum of Australia (Melbourne), Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney), Museum of Sydney (Sydney), and Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide)

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    Adventure Sports Spots In Australia

    Let the adventure lover in you rejoice at these amazing places in Australia where you can try different sports on land and in water!

    11. Great Barrier Reef – Scuba diving

    Snorkeling at The Great Barrier reef

    Image Source

    One of the seven wonders of the natural world, the world’s largest barrier reef system is the Great Barrier Reef. Located in the Coral Sea, this world heritage-listed site is visible from outer space and is one of the largest living structures on the planet. It occupies a mammoth area including more than 3000 coral reefs and hundreds of scenic Islands. So, are you excited to head to one of the most amazing places to visit in Australia with your loved ones?

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    Things to do: Dive in the crystal clear turquoise under the waters to witness the blissful marvel of nature and the colorful marine life. You can view the magnificent reef from underwater viewing stations and specially designed, wonderful glass bottom boats, if you wish to stay dry.

    Scuba Diving Price: INR 4,000 onwards

    How to reach

    12. Ballooning Over Yarra Valley

    Ballooning over Yarra Valley

    Image Source

    Melbourne is one of the very few cities in the world that can be traversed in a hot air balloon and Yarra Valley is the place to do that. Ballooning over the Yarra Valley takes you above one of Victoria’s most spectacular winery regions, offering breathtaking views of the lush landscapes and vineyards.

    Things to do: Greet the astounding morning sun as you fly over the Yarra Valley and its vineyards on a hot air balloon for an hour.

    How to reach

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    13. Sea World Marine Park

    Dolphin playing at the Sea world Marine Park

    Image Source

    Sea World is the largest marine park in Australia, which entertains adults as much as kids. It’s a great amusement park to keep you occupied for a day easily. You could spot polar bears, penguins, and small sharks.

    Things to do: Hop aboard the monorail to get a bird eye overview of the park; buy the tickets for some of the enthralling performances by dolphins, sea lions, and water-ski ballet. Try the sea- themed rides like a roller coaster.

    Opening Hours: Open daily, from 9:30 am-5:30 pm, rides from 10 am – 5 pm

    Entry Fee: $90

    How to reach

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    14. Skiing at Snowy Mountains

    Skiing resort on Mt. Kosciuszko

    Image Source

    Australia’s ultimate snow sports playground is the Snowy Mountains region. Known for its true alpine wilderness, this is where you find Mt Kosciuszko – one of continent’s highest peaks and its only glacial lake. You have plenty of options to have fun off and on the snow fields here. So, head straight to one of the best places to visit in Australia for an adventurous outing on your holiday!

    Things to do: Learn skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and snow shoeing. Ride on the slopes after dark, to get some spectacular views and the thrill. Off the slopes, take a scenic chairlift ride, explore the town and the ancient caves of Yarrangobilly. Savor the tasty local wines, schnapps, beers and the scrumptious delicacies.

    How to reach

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    15. Sky diving in Melbourne

    Skydiving in Melbourne

    Image Source

    If you’re an adventurous soul roaming around Melbourne, you’d certainly want to check out the numerous skydiving schools here. It’s a mind-blowing experience as you free fall over to some of the gorgeous landscapes looking amazing right below you.

    Things to do: Sky diving over the Yarra Valley or The Great Ocean Road.

    Entry Fee: INR 18,617

    Tips: Make sure that you follow the guidelines for a safe diving!

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    Shopping Places In Australia

    Had enough of thrill and sightseeing? Take back home some delightful souvenirs from these hit shopping avenues in Australia.

    16. Chapel Street, Melbourne

    Chapel Street in Melbourne is a shopper’s paradise

    Image Source

    A shopper’s paradise, Melbourne beckons the shopaholics and the tourists alike with its magnificent shopping places which speak of elegance, style, and luxury. If you’re in mood for some exquisite shopping time, this is surely one of the best places to visit in Australia.

    How to reach

    Things to do: Check out for extravagant, up market fashion boutiques, some world class restaurants and various forms of acts to keep you entertained in Chapel Street. Look out for the fashionable collections by the local designers on Brigade road.

    How to reach

    17. Pitt Street Mall, Sydney

    An evening of Pitt Street

    Image Source

    Sydney holds many records for being the most famous icon of Australia tourist attractions and one of them includes being very known for shopping. You could shop all you want while you are here. The shopping streets are added delights!

    Things to do: Check out the Pitt Street Mall – a one stop arena for many specialty stores lying very close by. You’ll definitely need more than a day to visit the conglomeration of shopping in the area, including Centre point, Imperial Arcade, Sky garden, Glasshouse, Mid City Centre, Westfield Sydney Central Plaza and Strand Arcade.

    How to reach

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    18. Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

    Queen’s Street Mall

    Image Source

    If you’re in the beautiful city of Brisbane, don’t forget to head to the Queen Mall – home to some of the top fashion brands in the world including the likes of Myer Centre. If you’re a fashion diva, you would absolutely fall in love with this city of delight instantly!

    Things to do: Shop for all types of clothing ranging from extremely luxurious to the mid ranged clothing. Queen Mall and the surrounding streets are mainly specialized to cater your fashionable senses.

    How to reach

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    19. King Street, Perth

    King Street is a famous shopping hub in Perth

    Image Source

    Perth offers a number of options to the tourists in terms of the overall shopping experience. Be it the number of brands or the plethora of choices in various things, including some splendid souvenirs, Perth encompasses it all.

    Things to do: If you’re keen on budget, you could head to the Harbor town which houses many factory outlets. People who wish to splurge and flaunt in style could check out the fabulous streets of Murray and Hay to find the leading brands of the world.

    How to reach

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    20. Rundle Mall, Adelaide

    Inside the Rundle Mall

    Image Source

    The South Australian capital city, Adelaide has plenty in store for the shopping enthusiasts with the Rundle Mall alone housing more than 600 shops of different types and brands.

    Things to do: Head to Rundle Mall to find some of the leading Australian retailers and buy some lovely things to take back home from the exclusive shops selling the best specialty products.

    How to reach

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    21. Bondi Beach

    Bondi Beach crowd

    Image Source
    If Bondi has to be described in a short sentence then the phrase- this is really heaven on earth, would suffice. Full of surf, sand and bronzed bodies; Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. Bondi Beach is also home to one of the oldest life-saving clubs in the whole world and it’s a great place for a little seaside stroll or perhaps for a picnic as well. This is also the spot where the locals and tourists alike gather up to celebrate Christmas and new year. The beach is lined with restaurant, cafes, and shops if you want something quick to drink.

    Here’s a little tip: Take care while swimming in here as powerful riptides do sweep away unsuspecting swimmers out into the sea. These dangerous accidents actually gave rise to the TV show called Bondi Rescue.

    Things to do: Stroll along the Bronte Coastal Walk which follows the sandy coastline for six kilometers along sheer sandstone cliffs, visit the ocean pool, Sunday markets, and skate park.

    How to reach

    22. Daintree National Park

    Daintree National Park

    Image Source

    It is a Wet Tropics World Heritage Area since its ecosystem is one of the most prehistoric in the world. Located in Far North Queensland, the area of this national park belongs to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people. Quite a lot of its features hold great spiritual importance for them. The park encompasses two main parts, one is the Mossman Gorge where very crystal clear waters just gush all over the smooth granite boulders. Then there is cape tribulation which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places one could lay eyes on while visiting Australia. Here rainforests connect with the reef present all along the beautiful stretches of white coast which is one of the few spots in the world that contains two of the richest ecosystems in the entire planet. The park includes more than 18,000 plant species and the animal species here includes crocodile, Bennett’s tree kangaroo, cassowary, and giant blue Ulysses butterfly.

    Things to do: Take a guided tour, go for wildlife safaris in here, make sure to take a camera to capture pictures of the animals.

    How to reach

    23. Broome & Kimberley Region


    Image Source
    Once called the Pearl capital of the world, Broome is located in Western Australia and is a booming tourist spot which provides the gateway to the stunning Kimberley region. Its main attraction is the Cable Beach which is full of endless shimmering white sands lapped up by the turquoise waters. It is ranked as one of the best Australian beaches as the the moonlight creates a special optical illusion which makes one think that there are steps leading up to the moon. Visit between the months of March to October to witness a special phenomenon called the Staircase to the Moon. So, are you planning to head to one of the best places to visit in Australia in March?

    Things to do: Ride camels into the sunset, visit the Broome Crocodile Park, visit the Broome Historical Museum, Horizontal Waterfall, the Gibb River Road, Cape Leveque, Purnululu, Mitchell Falls and National Park.

    How to reach

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    24. The Rocks

    The rocks in Sydney

    Image Source

    Situated in a slip of land jutting into the Sydney harbor, the Rocks is a famous historical area which was home to the Gadigal Aboriginal people once. It later became the first site in the country for European settlement. The name comes from the rugged rocky coast situated on the west side of the Sydney Cove. It was in the Sydney Cove that the European convicts pitched their first tents. Presently, it includes more than a hundred heritage sites which are located on the narrow streets. Stroll around the cobbled streets and visit various cafes, souvenir shops, restaurants, contemporary and aboriginal art galleries to understand the place better.

    Things to do: Visit the oldest surviving residence in Sydney built in the year 1816 and called the Cadman’s cottage, go to the Rocks Discovery Museum, take guided tours which will allow you to see the aboriginal heritage and also take you on ghost tours at night.

    How to reach

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    25. Harbor Cruises from Circular Quay

    harbor cruise sydney

    Image Source
    Constructed as a result of convict labor in the Sydney coves, the now famous Circular Quay is home to the town’s central ferry terminal. At peak hours, the restaurants, cafes and everything which lines the waterfront is jam-packed. Come here to see the street performers entertain the visitors and locals alike. This is a nice place to head to if you want to see some amazing views of the shimmering sea while also clearing your head a little.

    Things to do: Go on a harbor cruise, take ferries, visit the Taronga Park Zoo, see the Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Opera House.

    How to reach

    26. Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park

    Cradle Mountain National Park

    Image Source

    It is a national park which has been a sanctuary and a treasure for nature lovers. The wilderness of the park is raw and rugged comprising of serrated dolerite summits, sparkling lakes, dense forests, and Alpine heathlands. This venue just offers up amazing views of the lush greenery no matter where you turn. If you truly want a challenge then tackle and hike on the 80 km long Overland Track which goes from South to Cradle Valley and then to Lake St. Clair. Keep your camera close because you might be able to catch views of the Tasmanian devil, wallabies, wombats, platypus, pademelons and more.

    Things to do: Visit the highest point in the park, Mount Ossa (1,616 meters); go hiking especially on the Lake Dove Walk and Weindorfer Walk, Climb Cradle Mountain, go on the Bridge Climb.

    How to reach

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    27. Darling Harbour

    Darling Harbor Australia

    Image Source
    It is a very popular hub for both locals and tourists alike. Darling harbor is actually a waterfront pedestrian venue which is packed up with restaurant, shops, museums, entertainment spots, and exhibitions. The Sea Life offers a complete entertainment experience and the Entrance Ticket is a very great way to move ahead of the crowds.

    Things to do: Visit Madame Tussaud’s; Sea Life, Wild Life Sydney Zoo; experience the interactive exhibits of the Powerhouse Museum; feel calm and drink some tea at the Chinese Garden of Friendship; visit the Australian National Maritime Museum which is complete with IMAX, a 9D theatre and more.

    How to reach

    28. The Sydney Tower Eye

    Sydney Tower Eye

    Image Source

    Located high above the city skylines is the Sydney Tower Eye soaring to the height of 309 meters. It is the city’s highest building and is also one of its major landmarks. The tower eye is a golden spire topped turret which rises from the center point shopping mall. Enjoy panoramic views from here and after it’s all said and done, get a bite to enjoy and eat at one of the fascinating revolving restaurants or the charming cafes.

    Things to do: Go on the Express lift to reach the uniquely designed observation deck, experience 4D cinema.

    How to reach

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    29. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

    The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

    Image Source

    Its tranquility is just unmatched and it stays as an oasis of calm amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life which has overtaken the city. Located at the Farm Cove, it lies just a short distance away from the popular Sydney opera house. The gardens were actually established in the year 1816 and they encompass 30 hectares of uniquely themed yards which are full of palm groves, orchids, ferns, towering trees and are visited by flocks of cute fruit bats. The fernery here holds some amazing begonias, orchids, and other tropical foliage. The gardens are just a delight to family and friends where you can enjoy a picnic in the hills as you take in some scenic views.

    Things to do: See the Palace Rose Garden which contains 1,800 roses, visit the Glasshouse Latitude 23, take train tours to present on the grounds, visit the Domain.

    How to reach

    30. Taronga Zoo

    Koala in Taronga Zoo

    Image Source
    Get ready to experience up close and personal encounters with amazing Aussie wildlife as well as with other animals from all over the world. Located at a point right along the northern part of the harbor, the zoo is actually housed in a prime real estate area which are the very luxurious suburbs of Mosman. The zoo hosts lots of amazing events which include the Roar and Snore that is an overnight stay and also includes a summer concert.

    Things to do: See the amazing Sydney skyline; experience the Lemur Walk-Through, Seal Show, Koala Encounter; go for the Sky Safari gondola.

    How to reach

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    31. Hyde Park

    Hyde Park Sydney

    Image Source

    Amidst all the daily grind of the central business district lies the sanctuary is known as the Hyde Park. It is a sprawling park which offers picnic spots, fountains, flowers, and fig trees. It’s like a miniature of the Central Park. It was originally named as Hyde park after the park of the same name in London. Come here to relax and engage in conversation with people. If possible, bring on a picnic basket for a lovely afternoon lunch with your loved ones.

    Things to do: See the bronzed Archibald Fountain, see the three Georgian building which is just a little up the road, see Art Deco Anzac War Memorial, visit Hyde Park Barracks and the Australian Museum.

    How to reach

    32. Barangaroo Reserve

    Barangaroo Reserve

    Image Source
    An amazing example of how an urban renewal project should be carried, which has resulted in a beautiful spot for enjoying a walk along the harbor. It is named after the female indigenous leader who proved to be influential during the time of European colonization. It was transformed from a bitter looking container terminal to a 22-hectare sprawling waterfront precinct that was opened up for public viewing. Presently, it is home to more than 75,000 native trees and shrubs. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and exhibition spaces which will keep your attention engaged while you are here.

    Things to do: Take a walk along the Wulugul Walk which is a beautiful waterfront promenade, take in the public art installations, see the shell wall (a side wall of a huge aboriginal art), take a guided tour on aboriginal culture, go for a ferry ride to the Barangaroo Wharf.

    How to reach

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    Art Gallery NSW

    Image Source
    Surrounded by stunning parklands, the Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the nation’s major distinguished museums. Dating back to 1885, the Art Gallery houses grand courts, radiant and spacious galleries which are full of collections that include works by notable European artists and also by the biggest contemporary artists. This gallery also houses some of the biggest collections of historic aboriginal art in the country.

    Things to do: Take a tour of the gallery, see the various stations, browse the gift shop of the gallery, relax at a restaurant or cafe after the day is over.

    How to reach

    34. Chinatown

    Chinatwon Australia

    Image Source

    Breathe in the amazing nose-turning fragrance of spicy Szechuan spices and go shopping for some of those amazing Chinese specialty things. Here bring an empty stomach so that you can feast upon some authentic Asian meals. You will be greeted by the lion gates which are located here at each end and this small district lies smack in the pedestrian space of Doxon Street between the Central Station and Darling Harbour. Come here on the very first full moon night after 21st January because the streets here just burst with life from the Chinese New Year’s celebration.

    Things to do: Try the popular Yum Cha, Vietnamese pho, Teppanyaki and more. Visit Paddy’s Market which has everything from fresh produce, souvenirs to bargain fashions.

    How to reach

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    35. St. Mary’s Cathedral

    St. Mary's Cathedral australia

    Image Source

    A symbol of the sustained spiritual beginnings of the Catholic Church, St. Mary’s Cathedral is situated just opposite of Hyde Park. The architecture of the landmark is of a striking neo-Gothic style and it is also the seat of the Archbishop of Sydney. This venue is made up of twin spires and the building itself was modeled upon the Lincoln Cathedral. Its facade also bears a close resemblance to the Notre-Dame in Paris. When you go inside the cathedral you will see very intricate glass stained windows which throw amazing patterns of light. Christmas is just the perfect time to visit since the beauty of the cathedral is enhanced with all the decorations and lights.

    Things to do: Take a camera to click some amazing pictures of the architecture, go inside to experience some tranquility and peace.

    How to reach

    36. Horizontal Falls Scenic Flight

    Aerial views of Horrie>

    Image Source
    If you are here to experience some action, then this is the right place to head to. Here you will get to climb on a seaplane for a scenic ride to the amazing horizontal falls. The falls are rumbling tides which go through two versions of narrow gorges. A typical trip lasts for about 90 minutes and will take you all along the rocky islets and red cliffs of Western Australia’s northernmost coast to Cape Leveque. The ride ends with water landing over on Talbot bay. Next up, you can catch a jet board ride to go on a breathtaking cruise right through the screaming falls.

    Things to do: Go on the plane ride, take a jet boat cruise, feed sharks, swim with the sharks, go for a picnic at the pontoon tops and enjoy the views.

    How to reach

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    37. Cable Beach

    Cable Beach

    Image Source
    Cable Beach was briefly mentioned before but it deserves a spot in this list by itself. Sprawling over a vast 22km, Cable Beach is a stunning piece of dazzling turquoise sea and white sand. The beach was named after the communication cable lines which were laid from Java to Broome in the year 1889. Now you can enjoy the sun in here and rest easy on just the beautiful patch of golden sand. Here’s an important tip- from the months of November till May, the dangerous for humans, Irukandji jellyfish are found in the waters. So it’s best to avoid these months. Moreover, keep in mind that the beach burns in the heat as the sun climbs so sunscreen and an umbrella is a must.

    Things to do: Enjoy camel rides, enjoy a day on the beach, have some local food at the nearby cafes and restaurants.

    How to reach

    38. Gantheaume Point

    Gantheaume Point

    Image Source
    This stands as a stunning contrast between the eye-catching red cliffs and the eye-popping cerulean blue sea of the Gantheaume Point. A great place to engage in photography, the point is located to the south of Cable Beach and it is around 6 km from the nearest town. If you go hunting for prehistoric dinosaur footprints, then make sure to wear the appropriate shoes. The Point is made complete with a lighthouse that overlooks the Indian Ocean. A great place to have some solitary experiences and thoughts.

    Things to do: Look out for dinosaur footprints when the tide is low, check out Anastasia’s Pool and take a bath in it, go fishing here.

    How to reach

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    39. Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park

    Crocodiles in australia

    Image Source

    Here you can cuddle up with a baby crocodile, catch a glimpse of the super rare cassowary, and even communicate with the kangaroos. At the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park, you will be able to enjoy animals in their natural habitat. It is a short 15-minute drive from the location of Broome. The animal enthusiasts can enjoy some close-ups of the nation’s formidable and adorable creatures while getting to know more about their behaviors and habitats. You will be able to see dingoes, wallabies, lizards, snakes and more who also inhabit the park along with a whole range of cute feathered critters which includes kookaburras to cockatoos.

    Things to do: crocodiles are fed at 3 pm so make sure you stay for that, a short drive away is the 12 Mile Bird Park which is full of more than 80 species of indigenous and exotic birds.

    How to reach

    40. Sun Pictures

    Sun Picture Cinemas

    Image Source

    Get lazy and relax in a deck chair as you take in the starry night and enjoy a classic movie at the oldest outdoor cinema currently in operation. Sun Pictures are located right at the heart of Broome’s Chinatown in Carnarvon Street and it screens some movies per night. But what’s more interesting about it is its own story. The cinema was made in the early 1900s and it was a store which was owned by the Yamasaki family. The family loved movies and so they made a part of their shop into a small Japanese playhouse. It was in 1913 that a pearl Fisher purchased the building and then transformed the store into what it is today. The very first official audience stepped into sun pictures in 1916 and the place has been screening movies since back then, in spite of natural calamities like tidal floodings. But of course, as time has gone one the structure has been renovated to prevent the onslaught of the tidal waves.

    Things to do: Watch a heritage listed movie, check the small museum for cinema memorabilia.

    How to reach

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    41. Pearl Farm Tours

    pearl farm tours

    Image Source

    Broome was once the reigning champion in the world when it came to pearling. Visitors here can take a tour to understand how the local pearl farms culture the highly sought after and highly acclaimed South Sea pearls. You will know everything from oyster seeding to harvesting and grading the pearls in this tour. Keep a note that there are various types of ways to take the tour, as in you can opt for aid, land or sea tours. It all depends on the tour operator as well the time constraints which members of the tour group might be facing.

    Things to do: Visit Cygnet Bay and Willie Bay farms to know about parking, purchase some pearls as a souvenir, and some pearl jewelry over at Chinatown as well if you want something more solid.

    How to reach

    42. Broome Historical Museum

    Museum in Broome

    Image Source
    This historical museum gives an overview of the town’s amazingly fascinating history. The museum features lots of informative exhibits on cyclones, pearling industry, aboriginal artifacts and more. Make sure you visit this place with some time on your hands so that you can soak in all this place has to possibly offer. Kids will enjoy this venue cause the museum holds a very interactive quiz.

    Things to do: Take a guided tour of the museum, take part in the exhibits, see the Japanese Cemetery where the Japanese pearl-fishers who died due to a cyclone hitting the place in 1908 are commemorated.

    How to reach

    43. Hahndorf, Adelaide

    hahndorf australia

    Image Source

    An old German civilization in Australia, Hahndorf is one of the unique places to visit in Australia. It is nestled in the old region of Adelaide and will take you back to medieval Europe while you are on a different continent. The quaint town offers you most beautiful vistas that you ought to capture in your camera. Apart from that, you will also find restaurants, cafes, and boutique that you can explore in your time.

    Things to do: Visit the Beerenberg Farm and buy jams and pickles. Misty Hollow Fantasy Cave is a must-visit. If you are an art lover, put The Cedar on your list as it houses amazing artwork.

    How to reach:

    44. Barossa Valley, Adelaide

    vineyards barossa

    Image Source

    If you love wine and vineyards, then you must visit Barossa Valley in Adelaide. This place is mushrooming with some of the finest wineries in the region. People take wine tours across the region to sip some of the finest wines. The region was first occupied by Englishmen in the nineteenth century and now there are more than 150 wineries and cellar doors. You may have to take prior appointment to visit the best of the vineyards. It is one of the great places to visit in Australia.

    Things to do: Take wine tours, plan a road trip in the country region. Experience hot air balloon ride over the valley. Taste smoked meat and bread at some of the finest restaurants.

    How to reach:

    45. Cleland Conservation Park

    cleland kangaroos

    Image Source

    If you want to meet Koalas, Cleland is where you will find them relaxing in their natural habitat. One of the good places to visit in Australia, the place is abundant with natural and cultural beauty. Apart from rich flora and fauna, this place has a lot of adventure to offer to visitors. The cycling trails are best to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place get a boost of adrenaline.

    Things to do: Explore the biking trails. Visit the Cleland Cafe for a refreshing meal and coffee. Play with kangaroos and koalas.

    How to reach:

    46. Rottnest Island, Perth


    Image Source

    Rottnest Island near Perth is one of the best places you have to visit in Australia owing to its natural beauty. This is where you can have a tropical island time during your vacation in Australia. The turquoise waters of the sea are perfect for frolic and fun. There are even a number of biking and walking that you can explore on the island.

    Things to do: Enjoy swimming and water ports adventures like surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving. Get to the top of Wadjemup Lighthouse for panoramic views. Explore biking trails. Viist museums, buildings, and monuments.

    How to reach:

    47. Nambung National Park

    nambung national park

    Image Source

    One of the most astounding tourist attractions of Australia, Nambung National park will leave you stunned with its ethereal beauty and the large stone structures called Pinnacles. These pinnacles are limestone formations that date back to millions of years and are scattered all over the desert in Nambung National Park.

    Things to do: Do not miss watching the sunset. You will even find idyllic beaches where you can relax and enjoy watersports like snorkeling and scuba diving. You may also visit The Pinnacle Information Centre to know more about the limestone formations.

    How to reach:

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    Australia is a very unpredictable country. Travelers will find everything from dangerous animals roaming around to vast desert lands which are difficult to traverse alone. A land of varied opportunities, it’s a great place to go for a vacation. Plan a lifetime vacation to Australia and explore the beauty of the island continent and immerse in shopping, sightseeing and while savoring the best of Australian cuisine on your holiday down under.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Australia

    Still confused? See if the following helps:

    Q. What are places to visit in south east australia?

    A. Some of the best places to visit in South East Australia are Fraser island, Sydney harbour bridge, The Twelve Apostles and more.

    Q. What are places to visit in Australia during Christmas?

    A. Some of the places to visit in Australia during Christmas are The Whitsundays, Mornington Peninsula and more.

    Q. What are the best places to visit in Australia with family?

    A. The best places to visit in Australia with family are Brisbane, Kangaroo Island, Canberra and more.



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