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We all get low sometimes, running errands, making the two ends meet and struggling through daily chores of life. Life seems boring and monotonous. And we think about times we had unlimited fun without worrying about tomorrow. Well, buck up because those times are back, folks! Ireland is about to host the first-ever biggest event in the world, Galway festival 2022, which is the celebration of music, literature, arts, food, dance and in all, life itself! Let us take a plunge together into the various facets of the great grand festival as it unfolds throughout the first week of February.

Already infamous for its scintillating beauty, Ireland will turn into a La La land forever by having this event. Set to be hosted in Clifden, a seaside town, Galway 2022 is going to be a week-long festival that boasts the presence of world renowned artists. Starting on February 2nd and ending on February 8th, the event will bring together all the communities and cultures across the world.


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One of Ireland’s most popular theatre companies would be entertaining you with its best performances. There would be music by young artists, food stalls, dance performances, art shows and much more. Imbolc is the first season of Galway festival and with each season, the celebrations will become more and more vigorous.

Thanks to WonderWorks for making this happen! Haven’t you heard about it? Well, it is the mastermind behind all the showbiz of the Olympics held in Athens, London and more. The festival will give you first-hand experience of the jolly culture and traditions of the Irish world.

And who knows you might find your Galway girl there? ;) So, are you in? We would say, do not let go of the chance of witnessing the opening of such a dynamic event ever done on earth. Mark your leaves, leave behind all your worries and plan an escapade to Ireland for giving yourself the perfect break!

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