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    monaco festival cover

    Although Monaco is a small city, it is a major tourist attraction. The city is well developed and is quite popular for its gambling industry. It is a great place to spend quality time with your friends and family. The locals are very friendly and welcome the tourists with great enthusiasm throughout the year. However, as they say, the ideal time to visit a place is when it is at the peak of its beauty. In case of Monaco, that time is the festival time. Monaco festivals are famous worldwide. From laughter to overwhelming emotions, from fun to danger, Monaco festivals are a perfect mixture of everything.

    Top 10 Monaco Festivals

    Despite being a small city, Monaco hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. Monaco has a great cultural environment. It is a country of art loving people. Probably, that’s why Monaco hosts a lot of international film, music, television and theatre festivals every year. Apart from these, a lot of sports festivals and events are also organized with equal zeal. Thus, Monaco has something for everyone. Here, we have prepared an exhaustive list of the top festivals held in Monaco every year:

    • International Circus Festival Of Monte Carlo
    • The Spring Arts Festival
    • International Festival Of Amateur Theatre
    • Monaco Grand Prix
    • Monte Carlo Television Festival
    • Monaco Music Film Festival
    • Monte Carlo International Fireworks Festival
    • Monaco Yacht Show
    • International Emerging Talent Film Festival
    • Monaco International Marathon

    1. International Circus Festival Of Monte Carlo

    International Circus Festival Of Monte Carlo

    Image Source

    The International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo is one of the major events of Monaco, celebrated with great pomp and show every year. The festival is a prime tourist attraction and is being celebrated since 1974. Generally held in late January or early February, the festival mainly includes the distribution of awards for circus skills to the deserving candidates. Earlier, due to the permanent venue Chapiteau (circus tent) de Fontvieille being under construction, the festival used to take place in Monte Carlo. The festival makes sure that people enjoy a world-class circus show and has something for everyone. No wonder it is quite popular among the tourists.

    Location: Chapiteau (circus tent) de Fontvieille
    When: Late January or early February

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    2. The Spring Arts Festival

    The Spring Arts Festival

    Image Source

    The Spring Arts Festival is a popular arts festival held in Monaco every year. Held in April, the festival lays a prime focus on music and dance related events. It is a blessing in disguise for art lovers and is attended by artists from all over the world. The festival is planned quite effectively every year and has a lot to offer. Renowned artists from all over the world display their expertise in music, dance, visual arts, and theatre through various acts and performances. The festival is held at various world-class venues throughout the city. As the festival is quite popular, people should buy the tickets in advance so as to avoid any inconvenience later.

    Location: Various venues in Principality of Monaco
    When: April

    3. International Festival Of Amateur Theatre

    International Festival Of Amateur Theatre

    Image Source

    This is a premier theatre festival which is held in Monaco once every four years. The festival is held with an aim to encourage amateur and community theatre. Many budding artists throughout the world consider it as a major opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Each country that participates in the festival is expected to perform in its native language. The organizing bodies of the festival namely Studio de Monaco and the International Association of Amateur Theatre take a lot of pain in coming up with some of the best theatre talents every year and the same can be seen in the festival.

    Location: Principality of Monaco
    When: Held every four years, last held in 2017

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    4. Monaco Grand Prix


    Image Source

    Sports lovers, where are you at? Monaco Grand Prix is waiting for you! The Monaco Grand Prix is a national sports competition held in Monaco every year. It is actively organized by Automobile Club de Monaco and is a competition of international importance. It is one of the most prestigious sports festivals in the world and is eagerly looked forward to by sports lover from all over the world.

    Location: Circuit de Monaco
    When: May

    5. Monte Carlo Television Festival

    Monte Carlo Television Festival

    Image Source

    The Monte Carlo Television Festival is a festival of international value that primarily aims at providing due recognition to shows broadcasted on television. The festival is seen as a way of encouraging television arts and promoting them at an international level. The festival was founded in 1961 and has been organized with notable enthusiasm every year since then. The festival has been successful in creating worldwide interest and recognition and is keenly looked forward to by television actors and production houses.

    Location: Monaco
    When: Not fixed

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    6. Monaco Music Film Festival

    film fest

    Image Source

    The Monaco Music Film Festival is a series of events organized once a year in Monte Carlo. Since 2006, the festival is being organized with great pomp and show year after year. The events aim at celebrating, encouraging and recognizing the music of the film along with the film itself. Thus, it is a unique kind of festival and is highly popular among the musical and film fraternity.

    Location: Monte Carlo
    When: May

    7. Monte Carlo International Fireworks Festival

    Monte Carlo International Fireworks Festival

    Image Source

    Monaco offers its visitors an excellent opportunity to witness jaw-dropping fireworks through the Monte Carlo International Fireworks Festival. Each round is expected to last for approximately 20 minutes and leaves the viewers in its awe. Not just that, an interesting fact about the fireworks is that a panel of jury members judges the fireworks. Thus, it is not just another showcase of fireworks; it is a competition of national importance and is something that the locals wait for throughout the year as they also get to vote for their favorite show online. You can say that it is one of the Monaco traditional festivals.

    Location: Monaco
    When: July or August

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    8. Monaco Yacht Show

    Monaco Yacht Show

    Image Source

    The Monaco Yacht Show is an annual festival held in Monaco. Launched in 1991, the festival is a four-day event and includes a lot of activities. Product presentations, press conferences, and other notable events witness attendance of more than 33000 people collectively. Informa is the official organizing body of the festival. If you are crazy about yachts or looking to buy one, then you should attend one of the annual trade festivals in Monaco. Get in touch with finest yacht designers and lay your eyes upon some of the world’s most luxurious yachts here.

    Location: Monaco
    When: September

    9. International Emerging Talent Film Festival

    International Emerging Talent Film Festival

    Image Source

    The International Emerging Film Talent Association established the International Emerging Talent Film Festival in 2007. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in Monaco every year three days before the Cannes Film Festival. The festival was started with a goal to identify and encourage emerging cinema talents across the globe. The festival is a complete entertainment package for cinema lovers and features special movie screenings, spotlights, documentaries and a lot of other activities.

    Location: Monaco
    When: Three days before the Cannes Film Festival

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    10. Monaco International Marathon

    Monaco International Marathon

    Image Source

    Yet another crucial sports festival of Monaco, Monaco International Marathon is a race spanning three nations – France, Italy, and Monaco. Not being on the major running circuit has hardly influenced the popularity of this event and it still sees 1000 to 2000 people attending it every year. If you love running and are a fitness enthusiast, then you should join this marathon on your trip to Monaco. Even if not, it would be fun to do such activity here.

    Location: Monaco
    When: Every year in November

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    These were the top 10 Monaco festivals 2019 that you must not miss while planning your trip here. Monaco is a beautiful city and has something for everyone. Don’t be in a hurry to explore it all in one go! Take your time and make sure that you befriend a lot of locals on the way. Also, don’t forget to taste the local cuisine. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and have a hassle-free vacay!

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