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    exciting locations from Game of Thrones

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    Summer comes, summer goes but WINTER stays forever! In our mind and soul.  April 17 will be here in no time marking the arrival of the television carnival of the year, Game of Thrones Season 8!

    It all started with Tollymore Forest Park in County Down when members of night watch first encountered White Walkers in the dark woods. 7 seasons down, Game Of Thrones has evolved into an epic plot that is known to keep its fans at the edge of their seats.

    The RR Martin’s class act has featured the best of northern Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, and North Africa (Morocco). Duly complementing the gripping plot of the TV series, the exotic locations are serene, inviting, and breathtaking.

    But were you, at any point of time, compelled to look for the exciting Game of Thrones locations that the makers have been featuring over the past 7 years? I was! And to my utter surprise, I found these places way too fascinating. These breathtaking locations from across Iceland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Spain, Malta, and Morocco look straight out of picture-postcard. You must take a good look at ’em. Right away!!

    Iceland – To the sweeping icy landscapes, national parks, and giant glaciers

    1. North of Westeros – Thingvellir National Park

    Starting with the sweeping landscapes of the Westeros epitomized by Arya Stark walking with the Hound.

    2. North of the Wall – Svínafellsjökull

    The most thrilling location in the history of television ever! Who can forget the North of the Wall that Jon Snow and Wildlings scaled after surviving the fierce storm?

    To visit these places one need not be a fellow night’s watch!

    Here’s one more…

    When Wildlings held Jon Snow captive! This one looks like an entirely different location.

    3. Wildlings Camp – Dimmuborgir

    Out of all the rocks and snow, the Wildling camps are way too fascinating than what it meets the eye.

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    4. Wildlings Habitat – Höfðabrekka

    Frostfangs – the place where the rugged mountains enveloped in white left you awestruck!

    Höfðabrekka also made perfect setting for Wildling’s home…

    Who would forget this place where Wildlings and Jon had a candid conversation walking across the never ending landscape.

    5. Beyond the Wall area – Hverfjall Volcano

    The place where Whiterwalkers were spotted at the mountain top emerging from the dense fog

    Scotland – Place of Winterfell’s giant castle

    6. Winterfell – Doune Castle

    Imposing and majestic!

    Northern Ireland – All the magnificent castles and ancient forts belong here

    7. The King’s Road, The Dark Hedges – Ballymoney

    When Ned left for the North with Sansa & Arya to become the king’s hand!

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    8. Castle Black – Magheramorne Quarry

    When Mag- the mighty entered the Castle Black and knocked off everything that came his way!

    9. Winterfell – Castle Ward

    The best of the castles of Ireland!

    10. Forests in the North – Tollymore Forest Park

    Presenting fond memories from season 1

    11. Entrance to Vaes Dothraki – Sandy Brae

    The horses at the entrance were created but landscapes were for real.

    12. Dothraki Sea – Glens of Antrim

    Enter the Khaleesi!

    13. The Stormlands – Cushendun Caves

    14. Iron Islands – Murlough Bay

    When sister Yara carried brother Theon on the horseback

    15. Dragonstone Beach – Mussenden Temple

    16. Lordsport – Ballintoy Harbour

    The largest town on Iron Islands, Lordsport also served as the seat of House Greyjoy.

    17. Riverrun – River Quoile

    18. Cersei’s walk of shame – Shane’s Castle

    Where Cersei was held captive! It was from here she started the walk of shame.

    Greece – Featuring the lone yet one of the most amazing locations!

    19. Eyrie Castle, Backdrop of Tyrion’s Prison – Meteora

    The famous prison with the breathtaking backdrop where Imp was held captive!

    Croatia – Of cities, palaces, and vast sea!

    20. King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Ston

    The capital city and the largest city of the Seven Kingdoms towards the east coast of Westeros. The Iron Throne and The Red Keep belong here!

    21. House of the Undying – Minceta Tower, Dubrovnik

    The mysterious house where Khaleesi enters to find her chained dragons emerge from the darkness

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    22. The Red Keep – Lovrijenac Fortress

    The primary fortress of King’s Landing is currently the seat of Cersei Lannister. The fort overlooks Blackwater Bay and the Narrow Sea.

    23. Qarth – Lokrum

    24. Braavos – Sibenik

    One of the free, powerful, and rich cities located to the east of Westeros. Titan of Braavos guards the port.

    25. The City of Meereen – Fortress of Klis

    When the whole city lined up to greet the mother of the dragons!

    Spain – Landscapes, bridges, and oceans!

    26. Dothraki Sea – Bardenas Reales, Navarra

    Remember, the huge army of Khaleesi crossing the vast barren stretch of land!

    27. Royal Palace of Dorne – Real Alcazar, Seville

    Beauty, grandeur, and treason!

    28. Long Bridge of Volantis – The Roman Bridge, Cordoba

    29. Danzak’s Pit – Plaza De Toros De Córdoba

    Enter Dragon! Followed by famous escape of Khaleesi

    30. High Sparrow’s takeover – Girona Cathedral

    The cathedral where High Sparrow took on Jamie Lannister.

    Malta – The best of GOT, all in one place

    31. King’s Landing Gate – Mdina Gate

    Remembered by Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik’s entry at the King’s Landing

    32. Red Keep Gate in King’s Landing – Fort Ricasoli

    33. Daenerys and Drogo’s Wedding – Azure Window

    Though it looks completely different, Azure Window was the place where Khal Drogo & Khaleesi got married! Compare the reel and real.

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    34. Illyrio Mopatis’s House – Verdala Palace Grounds

    35. The Red Keep – San Anton Palace

    36. The Red Keep Dungeon – Fort St Angelo

    Epitomized by the grueling fight between The Red Viper and The Mountain Man

    37. Great Sept of Baelor – Fort Manoel

    And with the execution of Ned, GOT fans realized that choosing a favorite character in this TV series would leave them in deep agony! :(

    Morocco – Moroccan desert & Mediterranean made the best of the locations featured

    38. Astapor – Essaouira

    Where Khaleesi meets the legion of an unsullied army, purchases them, and sets them free!

    39. Yunkai & Pentos – Ait-ben-haddou

    Here the legend of Khaleesi grew!

    Aren’t you intrigued to take another virtual of the exciting GOT locations? There’s still a few months time before season 7 gets underway! OK, repeat mode on, time to start with season 1. And when you do so, don’t forget to keep this blog opened in a separate tab.

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