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Germany is made up of sixteen federal states, all varied in their cultures, cuisines, dialects, natural countryside and so much more. The best way you could explore Germany is by visiting some of the classiest and beautiful Germany national parks in the country that are widely known for safeguarding the natural green neighborhood, flora, fauna and the wildlife.

Top 8 national parks in Germany

Here are the 8 beautiful and most-visited Germany national parks that you shouldn’t miss while you’re on your backpacking trip to Germany, Europe. Take a look before you freeze your itinerary.

1. Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park

Sea National Park

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What not to love about this beautiful national park that gives you a ride to a fascinating coastal landscape! Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is located in the northern side of Germany, surrounding a small group of islands on the North Sea coast off Cuxhaven. It covers a vast twelve hundred hectares of coastal mudflats. There are guided excursions, horse-drawn carriage rides and cruises from Cuxhaven to Neuwerk.

Entry fee: NA
Things to do: Birdwatching, wildife photography, and hiking

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2. Bavarian Forest National Park


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Bavaria is a free state in the south-eastern part of Germany and home to Germany’s first ever national park. The national park was founded in the year 1970 and it has now expanded up to 243 square kilometers since 1997. The park has 300 kilometers of clearly marked trails, 200 kilometers of cycle routes and around 80 kilometers of cross-country ski tracks.

Entry fee: € 9.00 for adults
Things to do: Cross country skiing, hiking, bicycling etc

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3. Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park


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Home to incredible wildlife and a wonderful place for nature lovers, photographers, and sea-lovers, Lower Saxony Wadden Sea national park serves as the protector of the Wadden Sea, which is a mudflat between the Ems and Elbe rivers. The visitors explore the remarkable wetlands here along with experiencing the North Sea Coast. The landscape gives you an amazing view of splendid natural sights and a marvelous wildlife.

Entry fee: NA
Things to do: sunbathing, photography, mud-bath etc

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4. Jasmund National Park

ancient beech forest

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Located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Jasmund National Park is home to some ancient beech forests dating back over 700 years. The park reaches up to 117 meters in height and you can explore the vicinity of this unique landscape on foot, excursions, and even by riding a bike. The most extravagant feature of this national park is the Königsstuhl Chalk Cliffs.

Entry fee: €50 per adult
Things to do: Hiking, trekking, nature photography etc

5. Müritz National Park


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As far as your eyes can see, you’d find a beautiful lake. Müritz National Park is sited next to the long eastern shoreline of Lake Müritz in Europe. The national park is home to a network of 600 kilometers of trails that takes you to an interesting ride to a magical landscape set apart by ancient beech forests, mystifying marshes and vast spans of water that comes up with more than 130 lakes.

Entry fee: NA
Things to do: Boating, wildlife photography, and birdwatching

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6. Black Forest National Park

Black Forest

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The wild and feral national park is a vast landscape stretched over 10,000 hectares. Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany, the Black Forest national park attracts people for its untamed beauty of the cavernous-green forests, their charismatic natural, and vivid panorama and the mountains with an altitude of 1,000 meters offering a magnificent sight of the Rhineland Plains.

Entry fee: NA
Things to do: Hiking, trekking, jungle exploration, wildife photography etc

7. Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

National Park

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Located on the southern shore of Lake Edersee in Germany, the Kellerwald-Edersee national park is the perfect spot for active holidays and water sports. There could never be a denial that the park holds beautiful moorland scenery and the ancient beech forests making the park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can explore more than 50 hills that are always covered in beeches, sprinkled with pleasant valley glades and translucent streams.

Entry fee: € 6.50 per adult
Things to do: Hiking, bird watching, boating etc

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8. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park_23rd oct

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This beautiful park is located in the state of Saxony. Area around the park is also called Saxon Switzerland due to its beauty. It is a big park with a covered area of more than ninety-three square kilometers. The major portion of the park is the only forest. This park offers beautiful landscapes – with rocky mountains – extremely popular among fans of mountaineering. Elbe river flowing across the park gives it a surreal beauty.

Entry fee: No entry fee
Things to do: Hiking, biking, horse riding

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For a better view of wildlife and nature in these Germany national parks, you can hire a tour guide to help you out. There are 16 national parks in total and if you can visit all or even a few of them, you’d experience a magical ambrosial trip that takes a ride of an amazing flora and fauna of nature so far. Visit Europe at the earliest to visit these parks.

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