Amazing Greece Weddings Venues

Greece being the most beautiful collection of the islands is the perfect place for a destination wedding to give you a fairytale experience of your marriage. We all have dreamt of a beautiful landscape while imagining our wedding, and especially when the words like destination wedding comes to our ears, a perfectly serene landscape with beautiful islands always come in our mind, followed by the plenty of Greece weddings venues. Greece is the perfect location for a destination wedding with all the scenic landscapes it provides for your wedding album or the delicious seafood that it provides for the gourmets to savor upon. From churches to the beaches, the place can provide you with all the authentic locations to keep your wedding a remembering one with both a grand wedding or a private party.

Before planning your wedding to Greece, let’s just see the perfect time to mark your anniversary dates.

Best Time To Visit Greece

Greece Greek Sporades Skopelos Island

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This beautiful fusion of various islands has a time range between which you can enjoy your visits for each of its islands. The time period lies between March-November which has the perfect weather to make your wedding a remembering one for your guests also. This time period not only provides you with a perfect weather to enjoy your wedding and have your sun-kissed photographs in your wedding album but also provides you with the best shopping experience at a reasonable price. The wedding experience at this beautiful location in the range of these months will definitely lower your costs because many businesses offer lesser rates for lodging and stay during these hours.

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9 Best Greece Wedding Venues

Here are the top 10 Greece weddings venues to make your wedding a remembering experience for planning the perfect day with your family and friends and have a fresh start with a bang!

1. Casa Playa Beach

Casa Playa Beach

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If getting married on the beach with your feet between the sand was one of your dreams, then this is the best place for you. The scenic beauty of sunsets and the delicious food served will make your wedding party the most amazing one. The dance floor provided at the wedding setup will give you some of your most romantic moments accompanied by the best photographs. Enjoy your D-day with your loved ones at this exotic location and make it remembering for everyone.

Location: Casa Playa Beach, Ano Vasilikos, Zakynthos, Greece

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2. Argithea Winery Estate

view of Argithea Winery Estate

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Amidst the numerous vineyards, this scenic place with its Ultimate facilities and services like pool, bar and restaurant area provides you a perfect place to take wedding vows. The most amazing thing about this place is that you don't even have to worry about the decorations and wedding arrangements here as the place has so many professionals working to make your wedding the best one. The presence of church along with every other facility in this wedding venue makes this place the best one amongst other places. The luxurious infrastructure with a simplistic theme makes it an exotic venue for your wedding.

Location: Argithea Winery Estate, Argithea and Misosporitisas, Paiania, Attica, Greece

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3. Amaltheia

perfect dream wedding destination

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Located near the sea, Amaltheia makes a perfect dream wedding destination for its clients. From the pre-wedding photo shoot near the sea to the romantic post wedding pictures, this place has everything in its store to make your wedding perfect. It also has a partnership with different wedding planners who make sure to arrange for the best arrangements from the best meal to perfect photoshoot of your wedding. It has plenty of choices to give you amongst your selection of winter or summer banquet halls and the d.j with gala dinner to a soothing music band for private dinner.

Location: Amaltheia The Place, 12 Poseidonos Avenue, Vari, Attica, Greece


4. Orloff Resort

Orloff Resort

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Located in Spetses island, which is famous for its high school romance vibes, this scenic resort provides the best ancient Greece weddings venues, with the best sunset views and perfect hospitality provided to your guests with the delicious food available and the services provided.

Location: Orloff Resort, Old Harbour, Spetses, Greece


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5. Theros Wave Bar

Luxury place

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Planning for the dream destination wedding and not taking Santorini, Greece in consideration is the impossible which can never happen. The most romantic island with its blues and white infrastructure provides the best location for a destination wedding. While in this place, forget about everything and blindly trust this bar as the best Santorini Greece weddings venues because of the comfortable services it provides. Start your wedding around the beach, and then have a gala dinner time with your family at the best hotel and relax with some booze in the bar. This place has everything to offer for your wedding.

Location: Theros Wave Bar, Eros Beach, Vlychada, Santorini, Greece


6. Church of Agios Ioannis

Church view

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To recreate a filmy wedding scene at your wedding, this location where you can just climb the rock and kiss each other after accepting the wedding is perfect. This church and the locations surrounding are too exotic for your wedding to become the most spectacular event of your life. This Island is already famous for its romantic vibes and this beautiful church with astonishing infrastructure will give you the perfect wedding pictures and the romantic feels for your dream wedding.

Location: Agios Ioannis Church, Skopelos, Greece

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7. Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa

Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

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If you want to highlight the most beautiful island of Greece in your wedding album with the beautiful and romantic pictures, then this place located at the centric place to highlight the scenic beauty at your wedding destination is the best. This resort has best of the services to provide your guests with. It gives the best experience to its visitors by providing customized services and the best of food and decorations. The stay at this place is also facilitated with so many services that your stay here will give you all the praises from your guests and also the best wedding decorations will give you the exotic day to always remember.

Location: Epar.Od. Agiou Nikolaou – Vrouchas, Schisma Elountas 720 53, Greece

8. Kinsterna Hotel

Kinsterna Hotel

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This hotel is a restored building of a royal estate which is properly maintained to provide you with an authentic experience of the ancient Greek wedding. This hotel has a plenty of plants in its estate which makes it picturesque for the photoshoot of your wedding. This resort has a castle-like infrastructure and its maintenance is done keeping in mind with carrying the legacy it has to offer. To get the most authentic wedding feels with the ancient Greek infrastructure at your wedding, just plan it here and experience the Greek legacy and have some classic poses for your beautiful wedding photographs.

Location: Lakonias, Neapoli Vion 230 70, Greece

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9. Agreco Farm

Agreco Farm in Greece

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This beautiful place located on the hilltop will give you all the possible beautiful poses and the most amazing experience for your wedding. The exotic vineyards and the warm guesthouse and an ancient church are the highlights of this beautiful wedding location. It allows you to have an exotic look around the city with the delicacies that the resorts have to offer for your wedding setup. The fine wine and the classic dine will be the charm of your wedding if you choose this astonishing place as your wedding destination.

Location: Agreco Farm, Adelianos, Rethymno, Crete, Greece

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What can be more amazing than not having to worry about rushing towards the airport for your honeymoon? Well, these exotic places in the most romantic place will provide enough romantic charm for you to not think of any honeymoon location than this. These Greece weddings venues will ensure you the comfort and beauty of staying back in Greece for your honeymoon also. So waiting for what before planning your wedding? If a destination wedding is what your plans are, just be ready with your spouse to mark your big day in an incredible manner at these beautiful locations. So, plan your trip to Greece to know what awaits you in this charming land that has to offer more than just a soothing vacation!

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