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    haunted places in georgia

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    Georgia beckons travellers from across the world to savour a slice of the quintessential American experience with stunning natural landscapes, charming historical towns and the legendary southern hospitality. Vibrant cities like Atlanta rub shoulders with quaint mountain towns, wine destinations like Dahlonega and historical gems like Savannah and Athens. Georgia is a land of pristine isles, abundant adventure and bountiful nature, with a generous sprinkle of great food and interesting festivals.

    The Peach State has also been the home of many bloody battles and tumultuous events that are an indelible part of its rich history. Thus it is no surprise that spooky stories of spirits, poltergeists and lost souls are an essential part of its culture and lore. Along with its undeniable old-world charm, Savannah is also well known for being one of the most haunted places in Georgia with numerous spooky sites dotting the city landscape. Let us take the spine-chilling journey through some haunted places in Georgia to stay overnight or just visit on your next trip.

    10 Most Haunted Places In Georgia

    1. Old Candler Hospital, Savannah

    Old Candler Hospital, Savannah

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    Built in 1804, this is Georgia’s oldest hospital and recognized as the second oldest continuously operating hospital. Now in ruins, Old Candler hospital is also one of those haunted places in Georgia that exude a spooky and mysterious aura the moment you enter the premises. A tour through its premises will take you to the 330-year old Candler oak (aptly called the ‘hanging tree’) which is shrouded in weird stories about ghosts hanging from its branches in the dead of the night. However, the most haunted location in the hospital is the morgue tunnel between the Candler Hospital and Forsyth Park. It was earlier used to transport dead bodies diseased with the fatal yellow fever, and is now believed to be the dwelling place of those ghosts.

    Location: Savannah, GA 31401, USA

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    2. Hay House, Macon

    . Hay House, Macon

    Image Source

    The sprawling 1800-square-foot mansion which was declared National Historical Landmark in 1974 is not just one of the best examples of spectacular colonial houses in the state but also counted amongst the top haunted places in Georgia. Old mansions are the ideal breeding ground for spooky stories and paranormal activities. Hay House has been inhabited only by two families since its construction, visitors and caretakers have reported seeing apparition of an elderly woman in the hallways & hearing odd sounds from various parts of the mansion. Considered amongst the most beautiful haunted places in the world, people have also witnessed wildly swinging chandeliers and oddly acting lights and doors to confirm its spooky status.

    Location: 934 Georgia Ave., Macon, GA 31201

    3. Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta

    Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta

    Image Source

    Along with being the final resting place of celebrities like Margaret Mitchell and Bobby Jones, this oldest cemetery in Atlanta is also considered amongst the most haunted places in Georgia for obvious reasons. Amidst its sprawling 40 acres are also buried numerous unknown spirits who are believed to roam the grounds at night. Built in 1850 and earlier called the City Burial Place, the Oakland Cemetery is home to the graves of almost 3000 soldiers from the Confederate Army. People have spotted soldier spirits in full uniform walking through the ground as well as hanging from trees. The spookiest supernatural phenomenon reported is of a military style roll call in the dead of the night. Brave hearts must visit the cemetery to sift out fact from fiction!

    Location: 248 Oakland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, USA

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    4. The Marshall House Hotel


    Image Source

    Adding to the eeriness quotient of Savannah is this hotel built in 1851, that has been featured in programs listing haunted hotels in the world as well lists on Yahoo and Huffington Post on the most haunted places. During its long history, the Marshall Hotel has also served as a hospital as well as boarding house. Paranormal activities like sounds of children running down the hall and faucets turning on by themselves are the reasons why the place is considered amongst the top haunted places in Georgia. Staff has also witnessed ghosts of civil war soldiers and a man holding a severed arm asking people to fix it.

    Location: 123 East Broughton St., Savannah, GA 31401

    5. The Olde Pink House, Savannah


    Image Source

    Built in 1771 by one of the founding father of the city of Savannah, this elegant Georgian style mansion is a charming restaurant and tavern that attracts not just food aficionados but also ghost enthusiasts from around the world. Firmly establishing its place amongst the list of haunted places in Georgia, the Olde Pink House is said to be visited by the ghost of its first owner Habersham between October and March every year. Other stories that add to the creepy quotient of this popular diner are sightings of a man dressed in Revolutionary-style clothes at the bar as well as ghosts of prank-playing slave children who are believed to lock guests in the downstairs bathroom.

    Location: 23 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA 31401

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    6. Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah

    Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah

    Image Source

    Considered one of the most haunted places in Georgia, this famous microbrewery has the distinction of being the first guest house in Savannah (Called City Hotel) back in 1821. The City Hotel is believed to have witnessed a series of violent incidents including lynching, brawls, beatings and shootings. It’s almost as if the violent past has come back to haunt the place with ghosts like ‘Toby’ who inhabit the basement. Staff and guests have reported spotting an apparition in the billiards room as well as voices whispering and hands pushing them. The woman’s bathroom is also believed to be haunted as the doors sometimes refuse to open, as is the second floor by the ghost of shooting victim James Stark. One way or the other, you’re sure to be high on ‘spirits’ at this famous brewery!

    Location: 21 W. Bay St. Savannah, GA 31401

    7. Windsor Hotel, Americus

    Windsor Hotel, Americus

    Image Source

    While Savannah clearly wins the title for the most haunted places in Georgia, Americus also stakes claim for a place on the list with this entry. Built in 1892 this grand Victorian hotel is now called the Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel and is well known for its celebrity clientele. Equally popular are the spooky stories related to the place, including one about chilling sounds of a young girl screaming in the corridors. The girl and her mother (the resident housekeeper) were thrown down the elevator shaft years ago and are said to haunt the place even today. Eerie sounds of the mother and ghost of the hotel doorman Floyd Lowery are frequent occurrences.

    Location: 125 W. Lamar St., Americus, GA 31709

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    8. The Pirate’s House, Savannah

    Pirates House

    Image Source

    Housed in the oldest standing building in Georgia dating back to 1753 is this historic restaurant and tavern popular for its crab cake sandwiches, chicken gumbo as well as dollops of spookiness! Frequented by sailors and sea captains in the earlier days, The Pirate’s House had a sinister reputation for kidnapping unsuspecting drunken sailors who were then hidden in tunnels and forced to board ships as crew. Visitors have spotted apparitions in the upstairs rooms as well as heard voices from tunnels underneath the tavern. Ghostly figures wandering the dining room, weird reflections in mirrors and eerie footstep sounds on the floor are other reasons why it features amongst haunted places in Georgia.

    Location: 20 E Broad St., Savannah, GA 31401

    9. The Masquerade Nightclub, Atlanta

    The Masquerade Nightclub, Atlanta

    Image Source

    This popular live music spot and nightclub is one of the unlikeliest entries to the list of most haunted places in Georgia. Dating back to the 1880’s it was first a mill, then a pizzeria and finally transformed into the nightclub it is today. Spooky tales related to the place come a dime a dozen, ranging from strange creams from the backstairs believed to be of a woman who died in an accident at the nightclub as well as unidentified footsteps and cold spots. The most popular spooky story is of a tall black man’s apparition spotted frequently in the building.

    Location: 50 Lower Alabama Street, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA

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    10. Sorrel Weed House, Savannah

    Sorrel Weed House, Savannah

    Image Source

    Frequently featured amongst the list of top haunted places in America, Sorrel Weed House stands on the ground of the bloodiest moments of the American Revolution, called the Siege of Savannah. Adding to its dark history is the suicide by Matilda Sorrel, the owner’s wife who is believed to have jumped off the balcony. Visitors have spotted paranormal activities and feelings of panic, nausea and asphyxiation while taking a tour of this gorgeous mansion. Phone and camera batteries also mysteriously drain out in this paranormal hotspot.

    Location: 6 W. Harris St., Savannah, GA 31401

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    Instead of searching on google for ‘haunted places in Georgia near me’, just go through our list for a thrilling and bone-chilling experience when you visit the state next. And to have an unobstructed experience, plan a trip to US with TravelTriangle and get thrilled for life!

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