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Popularly known as the City of Oranges, Nagpur is known for its unique sports, rich culture, friendly people. From historical monuments to scenic landscapes, there is a lot to enjoy in Nagpur. At the same time, the real horror stories of the most haunted places in Nagpur will give you chills. If you are brave enough to explore these spooky places then go ahead and challenge yourself. These places might seem normal during the daytime, but a visit during the night is only for the brave souls.

Top 11 Haunted Places In Nagpur

Over the years, people in Nagpur have seen several ghostly figures. The place has all kinds of rumours and if you happen to ask any locals they would all suggest you to avoid going to these places late at night. Take a look at the famous haunted places in Nagpur that you can visit.

1. Amravati Highway

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People have reported various strange figures while driving late at night through Amravati Highway. It is indeed a horror place in Nagpur that is known to give you goosebumps. Some have seen foggy looking figures while others some spirit. Some brave people who dared to step out of their cars to check have experienced a chilly feeling. They immediately ran to their cars and drove as fast as they could. While this has been mentioned by many travelers it is worth mentioning in the list of the most haunted places in Nagpur.

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2. Parsi Graveyard

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If you ask the locals about one horror place in Nagpur, Parsi Graveyard is one common answer that you will hear. The curious ones who have visited the place have reported serious illness for weeks. They have heard some mysterious sound followed by a human-like spirit and no visitor seems to forget the eerie sound. If you ever visit Nagpur and want to encounter a horror experience, this is just the right place for you.

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3. Dev Nagar

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About 20 to 25 years ago, the building was constructed over a place where people used to burn the dead bodies of their loved ones. Today it stands as a fancy building and is amongst the best haunted places in Nagpur. It is believed that the residents who stayed there could feel the spirits of the dead. It is not just one family but many families have witnessed these strange things.

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4. Wardah Rail Track

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Wardah rail track is another Nagpur haunted place that will give you chills. According to some of the locals, a young girl was raped here long ago late at night. Since then the place has been haunted by the girl’s spirit. Many people claim that they hear the sound of her screaming which literally gives them goosebumps and even shutting the ears is of absolutely no help.

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5. Ramtek

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In the Ramtek area, there is a cursed tree which is said to be the place of various forms of black magic such as Jadu Tona, Vashikaran. It is believed that anyone who comes to explore this place during night might get possessed by the evil power as evil spirits come freely around the place at night. If you think black magic is only used in horror movies, do plan to visit this place and see for yourself.

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6. Shukrawar Talav

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If you are wondering what could be haunted about the serene Shukrawar Talav, then keep reading. The 275 years old lake is one of the favorite spots for committing suicides. It is believed that there is some black magic or greater evil that compels people to die here. Every year around hundreds of people commit suicide here. Therefore, presently the lake is surrounded by iron railings to prevent more people from killing themselves.

7. Bhander Forest

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Bhander forest is another famous horror place in Nagpur said to be haunted by ghosts and spirits of blood thirsty wild animals. The weird size of trees and of course the wild animals makes this forest life threatening. So, if you ever plan to visit this forest better go prepared.

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8. Dayan Ka Ghar

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According to few sources, the house near Amravati road called daayan ka ghar is one of the most haunted places in Nagpur. It was believed that an old lady used to live here and after some time she started kidnapping children. When the residents nearby noticed they burnt the entire house along with the lady. What is spooky about the house is that the evil spirit is still said to haunt people living in that area.

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9. Wadi House

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Wadi house is another famous haunted place in Nagpur reported by many locals. Rape of a minor girl happened in this house and she died a few months later as she couldn’t bear the shock. If you happen to visit this place, your heartbeat will rise and you will feel some strange sensations in your belly area seeing the girl sitting on the corner of the road and crying for help.

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10. AH 43

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There are several stories of haunting experiences on this highway. Drivers crossing have witnessed a beautiful woman in a white dress holding a candle. She happens to stand in the middle of the road and when any car approaches her, she disappears all of a sudden.

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11. Haunted Pond

Haunted Pond

Image Credits: pexels The haunted pond also named as the Friday pond is the most haunted place in Nagpur. This pond has been categorized as horror because of the number of suicides that have been committed here. More than 100 people commit suicide every year at this very pond. It is believed that there is no magnetic power here which provokes people coming here to commit suicide, however, there are supposed black magic and demonic forces hovering it. Many visitors welcome death to calm their curiosity here. It is among the most haunted places in the city.

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Nagpur has been a natural wonder as well as nightmare for some at the same time. With so many unusual incidents happening in the state, people have actually started thinking about the existence of spirits. Despite several horror stories associated with them, the haunted places in Nagpur have become attractions for tourists as well as locals who want to witness paranormal activities. Plan a visit to Nagpur to explore these places for yourself.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places In Nagpur

Can you visit the haunted places in Nagpur?

Shukrawar Talav, Ramtek, Amravati Highway are famous haunted places in the city you can visit.

Which lake in Nagpur is haunted?

Shukrawar Talav in Nagpur is dangerously haunted. The lake is believed to have some black magic or evil power that compels people to commit suicides.

Are there any haunted houses in Nagpur?

Daayan ka ghar is a famous haunted house in Nagpur located near Amravati Road Bypass.

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