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    bali trip with kid

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    Bali is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in the world and rightly so for it offers great beauty, amazing private villas, and a lot of cultural experiences. But whoever said, it is “only meant for honeymooners” is wrong for my husband and I not only visited Bali with our kid but also made sure we enjoyed the country every bit as much as honeymooners do!(actually even more). And just to tell you how we did it, here are our experiences and tips from our perfect family trip in Bali.

    Reasons for traveling to Bali with a kid


    with kid in Bali
    enjoy the trip with kid
    offers great beauty

    Bali is a destination that offers excellent value for money when it comes to value for money. From accommodation to flight tickets to experiences, everything is budget friendly here.

    Flexible itinerary

    roam all around the city
    get the best quotes for bali
    best city to go with kids

    Thanks to TravelTriangle, we were able to get a personalized package for Bali and that made all the difference. Traveling to Bali with a kid meant we could not go with a “fixed departure / arrival” kind of setup so when we found out that they were not only offering the best quotes but also a personalized package, we went all in!

    It’s a no risk destination

    have a great experience in the city
    a great view

    great time at the top destination

    Bali is one of the most famous destinations in the world and is known for its stellar hospitality and that meant chances of getting anything wrong here would be minimal. It is also a destination that basically has everything great when it comes to tropical experiences (watersports, romantic experiences, cultural experiences, luxury, spa etc.). Also, since we were traveling to Bali with a kid for the first time, we did not want to take a huge risk by spending over the top at some destination that we were not very well aware of.

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    Fun Things To Do In Bali With A Kid

    Indulge in watersports

    indulge in watersports

    Every kid loves watersports and ours was no different. Although at just 3 years of age, he wasn’t allowed to indulge in most of the activities but it was nonetheless a joy for him to witness the amazing things one could in the ocean.

    Go on temple visits

    Uluwatu Temple

    awesome experience at the Uluwatu temple
    view of the temple
    travel with kid is joyful experience
    enjoy the ocean view

    A little boring for a teenager maybe but visiting the temples in Bali was an awesome experience for our kid. The sunset we witnessed at the Uluwatu temple is hard to describe in words but it was straight out of our dreams!

    sunset views with the loved ones

    PS: There was Kecak Dance too and although it was included in our package, our guide told us to buy tickets since he wasn’t aware of it. As a result, we had to miss it! And that is a bit of regret we have from that day.

    Advice: Always check your itinerary and inclusions from the agent at TravelTriangle to make sure everything is in place.

    Tanah Lot Temple

    most famous temples in Bali
    fantastic attraction
    sunset view
    surrounded by the ocean
    most beautiful place

    One of the most famous temples in Bali, this one is situated on a rock and is surrounded by the ocean which makes it not only a fantastic attraction but one of the most beautiful places from where you can see the sun go down. And true to its popularity, this place did not fail to charm us.

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    Experience Bali Hai Cruise and Pontoon Nusa Lembongan

    Experience Bali Hai Cruise
    Music, food, and drinks
    amazing tour with kids

    What an experience this was! As soon as we boarded the cruise, we could feel the thrill that we were going get. Music, food, and drinks, there was everything. The ride to the pontoon which for the common man is a kind of a flattish boat that is supported by tubes was amazing. And here at the pontoon, there was a lounge for guests and arrangement of a host of water activities like snorkeling and ocean slides. It was truly a wonderful experience for us and by the time it came to an end, we just did not want to leave.

    Visit the spectacular Mount Batur

    scenery around was mesmerizing
    witness the sync with nature

    Mount Batur is perhaps the most famous volcano in Bali and witnessing it and the scenery around was mesmerizing. On our way to Ubud, we also passed by many lakes and overall, the ride was extremely rejuvenating. By the time it ended, my husband, son, and I were in sync with nature.

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    Enjoy the Spa and poolside Dinner

    romantic affair with nature

    No trip to Bali is complete without a spa experience and it was as soothing as we had hoped for. The dinner by the poolside although a romantic affair was made even better because we were joined by our kid this time. Overall both experiences were worthy and can certainly be done even when you are in Bali with a kid.

    Now that we have given our best experiences in Bali with a kid, we would like to jot down a few tips for you.

    Do’s and Don’ts when traveling to Bali with kid

    Stay at a child friendly hotel

    kid enjoying in their own space
    Bali with children

    This is very important since most of the properties in Bali are centred around providing the most romantic experience to couples with many of them being adult on too. If you’re in Bali with children, we would recommend trusted hotel chains or staying at a hotel.

    Carry a sunblock

    keep in mind the weather of the city
    carry a sunblock
    shine while having fun on trip

    Goes without saying, Bali lies in a zone which has tropical climate where the sun shines down hard and therefore it is highly recommended that you carry a high SPF sunblock (minimum 30 SPF).

    Research before you go or talk an expert / agent

    enjoy the shopping also
    traveling with children is always fun

    It is important to make your agent clear that you are traveling to Bali with a toddler or children and that they should keep the itinerary as flexible as possible and make sure the arrangements are kid friendly which in our case, thanks to TravelTriangle

    Don’t forget to have fun!

    overview of the city
    have fun with kids on trip

    After you’re on a family holiday and this might be the first time your kid is going on an international holiday so make sure it is worth remembering!

    Here are our trip details for your reference:

    Trip Type: Bali with a kid
    Cost: INR 152000
    Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days
    Inclusions: Hotels, Villa, Breakfast, Sightseeing, Watersports, Spa and Poolside Dinner, Transfers, Temple Tours
    Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Flights, Personal Expenses

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    Overall, Bali proved to be the much needed respite that we were seeking and an incredible holiday experience with our kid. So if you too are wanting to travel to Bali with a kid and are wondering how to do it, we would recommend you to pick one of these Bali Family Packages and leave the rest of the planning to the experts from TravelTriangle.

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