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Poland is known as one of the biggest hubs in terms of employment. So many people migrate from different places to Poland in search of employment, education and international opportunities. This city has completely been destructed during the time of World War II and is been rejuvenated with the effect of time and communism constraint. People who are planning a visit to Europe, Poland is a must visit. Many people have a myth that it is a costly place. But there are affordable hostels in Poland where you can have the experience of a hotel at comparatively lower prices. Sounds interesting, right?

8 Best Hostels In Poland

The hostels in Poland are affordable and are well equipped with all facilities and other constraints. Here are 8 best hostels in Poland, take a look!

1. Good Bye Lenin Pub & Garden Hostel

Good Bye Lenin Pub & Garden Hostel

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The ambiance and the décor of the hostel and the lobby were just awe-struck. The visitors get the sink in the beauty and infrastructure of the hostel. The staffs are friendly and way too reliable. They don’t even touch your single belongings. The beds were large and comfortable. It has a big garden space where you can exercise or meditate in the early morning. They provide lodging facilities, depending upon the choice of the visitor. The Good Bye Lenin Pub & Garden Hostel take care of all round cleanliness and the housekeepers are just alert every time. You will have a good stay over there.

Location: Joselewicza 23, 31-000 Kraków, Poland
Ratings: It has decent ratings with 3.9 stars.

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2. Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

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When we hear about hostels, it sounds to be boring. But in this hostel party is not banned. Ever imagined hostels with bars and pubs, you are astonished! But heard right. The hostel over here has a funky and quirky bar for the hostellers. It is well equipped with kitchen, rooms and large dorms. It has a single room and double bed facilities. They provide cupboards and good space for sanitation as well. The night events of this hostel allow the outsider with a certain pass or ticket amount. This hostel is at walking distance from the Krakow Glowny train station and approximately 2-km from Wawel Royal Castle. It is one of the youth hostels in Krakow Poland.

Location: Mikołaja Zyblikiewicza 9, 31-021 Kraków, Poland
Ratings: It has good ratings with 4.0 stars.

3. The Little Havana Party Hostel

The Little Havana Party Hostel

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The Little Havana party Hostel in Poland is based on a theme related to Cuban. It is well equipped with terrace, lounge (Hip Lounge), free breakfast, smoke-free zone, and an on-site bar. It is situated exactly at the heart of the city. The ambiance and the landscape of the hostel are worth staying. The staffs are on time, they greet you with a smile every time they see you. With a certain interval of time, they ask you whether you need anything. If anything is bothering you? The hostel is 2 minutes and 8 minutes walking distance from the mainstream and Serene Plenty Park respectively.

Location: Kraków -Śródmieście, Poland, Jagiellońska 10, 31-010, Poland
Ratings: It is popular among visitors with 4.5 stars.

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4. Warsaw Downtown Hostel

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

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Warsaw Downtown Hostel is one of the best hostels in Warsaw Poland. Everyone says hostel food and life is just too boring. But this hostel breaks all the myths and customs with great food and a great stay. It consists of well equipped private rooms and dorms. It provides free breakfast, attached kitchen etc. It is situated or located near to Lazienki Palace and is just 7 km away from the Warsaw Zoo. The facilities over here are within affordable price. The décor over there is highly fascinating and is just alluring. The staff serves the food with great love and integrity. The menu includes different types of cuisines. They very much care about hygiene.

Location: 33, Wilcza, 00-544 Warszawa, Poland
Ratings: They has earned a rating of 4.5 stars.

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5. Pink Panther’s Hostel

Pink Panther’s Hostel

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The hostel is basic in nature; it has decent rooms and decent facilities. The tourists mostly visit for a stay. It provides all basic amenities like shared kitchen facilities, sanitized washrooms, shared space for business and conferences. But the tourist says, the hostel is best for party animals. The nightlife in this hostel is just a mesmerizing content. The mocktails, cocktails are free of cost. The cuisine is just too yummy. The non-dancers also tune into the songs and set the stage on fire. It is basically situated approximately 1 Km away from the Central station of Krakow and 6 minutes walking distance from St.Mary’s Basilica.

Location: Świętego Tomasza 8, 31-014 Kraków, Poland
Ratings: It has a good and decent rating of 4.1 stars

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6. Cracow Hostel

Cracow Hostel

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It is too a good and decent hostel with facilities like shared kitchen, lobby, lounge and gaming facilities. They take the consent of every border from cuisine. The breakfast is available at free of cost. The housekeeping team not only focuses on cleanliness but also take efforts to maintain the hygiene as well. The supervisor is always on the round to see proper decorum is maintained. They have a fizzy place where people party and dance like this is the last day of life. The after party event is again a grand celebration. It is situated at walking distance from the main square.

Location: Rynek Główny 18, 30-008 Kraków, Poland
Ratings: It has received 4.1 rating stars.

7. Oki Doki Hostel

Oki Doki Hostel

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Once you entered this hostel, it has certain funny creatures and sculptures. You will feel like you have entered into a cave. But, the stay here is pleasant. It is a hostel which provides all-around services and consistent in maintaining quality. They have en-suite bathrooms. The bar over here is trendy in nature. The mocktails and cocktails are of recent trends. They focus on safety as well. It is situated near to the Stram-stop and is a walkable distance from the tallest building of Poland Nauki. The hostel is convenient in nature.

Location: Dąbrowskiego 3, 00-057 Warszawa, Poland
Rating : the Oki Doki Hostel has received a good rating of 4.3 stars.

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8. AAE Mosquito Hostel

AAE Mosquito Hostel

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The name is bizarre, but not the hostel, you will be able to find all funky and crazy stuff. They have an end to end service, with good bathroom and sanitation facilities, the dome is comfortable and has shared and attached kitchen. They maintain a good decorum. The nightlife over here is beyond your imagination. They have theme parties as well. The cuisine is related to the visitor’s choice. The bar has a good ambiance. You won’t feel uncomfortable inside the bar. The staffs are well behaved and well mannered. They are multilingual in nature. It is situated near to the Molda Polska architectures and Battle of Grunwald monument. You will have a pleasant stay over here. They are known for their excellent services and a good team who is always ready to help.

Location: Rynek Kleparski 4, 31-150 Kraków, Poland
Rating : It has an overall good rating; the visitors have rated those 4.7stars.

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Now you know where to stay while holidaying in Poland so that you get a hassle-free experience without worrying about the bills and enjoying as much as you can in the beautiful country! So, don’t think too much and plan a trip to Poland and add these hostels in your list of accommodation!

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