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Pipalkoti is a village in a hilly area with a beautiful view of the mountains. The climate in this area is moderate except during extreme winters and rainfalls. There are many sightseeing places with adventures like trekking and amazing mountain views available from this place. It also comes on the roadway to Badrinath. Hotels in Pipalkoti Uttarakhand, provide various types of accommodation with the necessary amenities. Check out the hotels according to your budget, facilities, and the number of days needed for your trip to Uttarakhand.

Hotels In Pipalkoti Uttarakhand

Here are a few hotels in Pipalkoti Uttrakhand based on various budgets and amenities so you can have a safe and comfortable experience throughout the trip.

1. Hotel Comfort INN

Spacious rooms available in Hotel Comfort Inn

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With a 4.3 rating, Hotel Comfort Inn provides a very comfortable experience throughout your trip. It has three different types of rooms and lots of facilities. There are rooms with AC, non-AC, and breakfast included, and no breakfast and double deluxe rooms connected. Facilities like free Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, a swimming pool, and kitchen items are inside the rooms. The hotel is on the way to Badrinath temple roadway, which makes it easier for tourists to rest in this hotel.

Location: NH 58, Badrinath highway, Pipalkoti, Chamoli, Pipalkoti, Uttarakhand 246472

Starting Price: INR 2,800 per night onwards

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2. GMVN Tourist Rest House

Sight-seeing from the Hotel

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GMVN tourist rest house with a 4.4 rating provides parking, free wi-fi, a restaurant with reviewed good food, a swimming pool, 24-hour availability of contacting the front desk and full-service laundry and transportation for the tour available. Tourists with a long vacation stay can prefer this hotel because of its daily facilities and beautiful view of mountains covered with snow from the hotel. Tourists on the way to Badrinath prefer this hotel because it is on the way to the Alaknanda River.

Location: CCMH+7HF, Pipalkoti, Uttarakhand 246472

Starting Price: INR 3114 per night onwards

3. Hotel Panchvati Inn

Food facilities in the hotel.

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Hotel Panchvati Inn is a top-notch hotel with a beautiful view of the mountains. It offers facilities like free Wi-Fi and different parking facilities. The hotel is pet-friendly and has private bathrooms, full-service laundry and self-laundry, room service, table service, and a buffet for food and drinks. A coffee maker is available inside the rooms, and the house is cleaned daily. There is also an airport shuttle and travel transport available. The hotel is near Shri Narsingh Temple and the Joshimath bus stand.

Location: Bus Stand, Singhdhar, Joshimath, Uttarakhand 246443

Starting Price: INR 4,253 per night onwards

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4. Tapovan Inn Hotel and Resort

One of the best hotels Tapovan Inn

Image Credit: Kurt Kaiser for Wikimedia Commons

With a 4.7 review, Tapovan Hotel is one of the best hotels for tourists. Facilities like free wi-fi, breakfast, 24-hour front desk, full-service laundry, parking, local transport for tours and daily housekeeping. There are also different payment options, such as debit cards, credit cards, and cash. All the food items and toiletries used are eco-friendly and follow environmental sustainability standards. Stunning views of the mountains from the balcony, the cuisine in the hotel is very tasty and provides luxurious rooms. There is also a heater available in bathrooms and bonfire activities.

Location: Tapovan, Joshimath, Uttarakhand 246483

Starting Price: INR 3,687 per night onwards

5. Hotel Le Meadows

It is one of the best hotels in Pipolkoti Uttrakhand

Image Source: Pexels

Hotel Le Meadows is a really good hotel for tourists with facilities like free wi-fi, activities for children, daily housekeeping, full-service laundry, AC rooms, kitchen items and a refrigerator. There is also a plus point: private showers and bathrooms, parking service, transport rental service, doctor availability, food table service, room service, and buffet. There are many trekking areas for beautiful mountain peaks and temples near this temple for sightseeing. The food here is known to be very tasty, clean and hygienic. The hotel is located on the highway to Badrinath. There are also facilities like indoor games and bonfire activities. Any ID proof is compulsory while booking. There are different rooms with or without breakfast and a deluxe AC room.

Location: Gadora, Main Badrinath Highway, near Pipalkoti, Pipalkoti, Uttarakhand 246472

Starting Price: INR 6,456 per night onwards

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6. KDC Guest House

The KDC guesthouse top notch facilities make it on of the best Hotels in Pipalkoti Uttarakhand

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KDC Guest House is one of the best Hotels in Pipalkoti, Uttarakhand. It has free Wi-Fi, parking, transport facilities, food services, AC rooms, daily housekeeping, doctor availability, a kitchen and refrigerator in some rooms, and private showers and bathrooms. There are also children’s activities and babysitting facilities. The rooms have been reviewed as very neat. Different payment options are also available. This place is good for other dining options and a few sightseeing places around the beautiful mountains.

Location: opposite of Indian Oil Patrol Pump, Pipalkoti, Uttarakhand 246472

Starting Price: INR 2,090 per night onwards

7. Gajraj Hotel

Amazing facilities in Gajraj hotel

Image Credit: Kurt Kaiserfor Wikimedia Commons

Gajraj Hotel provides a stunning view of the mountains and a side view of snowfall. Facilities include a swimming pool, fitness centre, free Wi-Fi, and parking. There are also different food services with a vending machine. A kitchen is available for some rooms. Doctors are available, and full-service laundry, pet-friendly areas, and transportation facilities are also available. This hotel is located on the highway to Badrinath and near Joshimath temple. The rooms here are also very budget-friendly.

Location: Rishikesh Badrinath Highway, Joshimath, Paini, Uttarakhand 246443

Starting Price: INR 1,792 per night onwards

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8. Hotel Peace Palace and Restaurant

Comfortable rooms in hotel Peace and Palace, one of the best Hotels in Pipalkoti Uttarakhand

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This hotel is very budget-friendly, with facilities like free Wi-Fi, parking, a swimming pool, private showers and bathrooms, kitchens and refrigerators in some rooms, full-service laundry, and a restaurant with good food. Compulsory ID proof is required for booking. Tourist places are nearby, and transportation facilities are available, making it easier for visitors. The food choices here may differ according to the seasons. There are also a few restaurants with tasty food located nearby. Thus, it is one of the best budget friendly Hotels in Pipalkoti Uttarakhand.

Location: Hotel Peace Palace And Restaurant, Badrinath Highway, Bhimtala, Chamoli Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand 246424

Starting Price: INR 1,680 per night onwards

9. Hotel Ajay Palace

One of the beautiful Hotels in Pipalkoti Uttarakhand

Image Source: Pexels

Hotel Ajay Palace provides immaculate and comfortable rooms with facilities like free parking, wi-fi, and AC in some rooms. There is availability of transportation for tours, full-service laundry, and daily housekeeping. There is also accessible parking available. There are also meeting rooms for various events and business meetings. It has an amazing side view of the mountains and falls on the roadway to Badrinath. For the prices of the rooms, contacting the hotel helps you provide the correct information depending on seasons, needed facilities, and budget-friendly prices. This location is also on the opposite side of Hanuman Mandir.

Located: Ajaynagar, Badrinath Rd, opposite Hanuman Mandir, Pipalkoti, Uttarakhand 246472
Starting Price: INR 2709 per night onwards

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10. Hotel Heaven

Pet-friendly rooms in hotel Heaven, one of the budget friendly Hotels in Pipalkoti Uttarakhand

Image Credit: Tim36272 for Wikimedia Commons

Hotel Heaven is a very budget-friendly hotel with free Wi-Fi, room service for food, full-service laundry, transportation services, and pet-friendly rooms. There is also a swimming pool available. This hotel is near the Chamoli bus stand, and many tourists find it a good place for various sightseeing, restaurants, and access to local transportation. It is among the budget friendly Hotels in Pipalkoti Uttarakhand.
Location: CCPH+36J, Pipalkoti, Uttarakhand 246472
Starting Price: INR 2500 per night onwards

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Now that you have a list of things to remember, plan a fantastic vacation trip to Uttarakhand with the best hotels and places to visit with prior bookings and planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Pipalkoti Uttarakhand

Are the hotels in Pipalkoti budget-friendly?

Yes, the hotels in Pipalkoti start from the range of 1,500 and go on according to the tourists' extra facilities and choose from various options.

What is the nearest transport station available to Pipalkoti?

Buses and taxis are the best option as they are easily available and also pass through the highway road. Railways and airport facilities are nearly 200 km away from Pipalkoti.

Are there any places to visit near Pipalkoti?

Joshimath temple is famous in Pipalkoti, there are amazing mountain views and flower gardens you can reach with an easy trek.

Are there food facilities in hotels in Pipalkoti?

Most of the hotels and resorts in Pipalkoti already have food facilities inside with extra charges. But if tourists want other restaurant options there are plenty of them near many hotels with good food.

Are there any adventurous activities in Uttarakhand?

Yes, there are many activities like trekking, boating, fishing, zip-lining, paragliding and many other activities amidst the beautiful mountains for a thrilling experience on your trip.

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