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The perfect holiday is unfinished without the perfect hotel that is one of the prime concerns of the vacationers. For that fact, the best hotels are located near the airport so that travelers can change flights when they want or depart too. Thailand is a beautiful country that features several cities that are well-known for their beach hotels, resorts, and airport hotels too. Chiang Mai, a beautiful city is known for its airport hotels that provide travelers with a comfortable and memorable stay. Chiang Mai with a tropical climate is the largest city in northern Thailand after Chiang Rai. The city is most visited as it is historically and culturally rich. There are a number of traditional stores selling handicrafts and other products for economical prices. One should tag along at Chiang Mai with family, friends, and companions and feel the magical experience while staying at the hotels Near Chiang Mai Airport. The accommodation along with other basic & luxurious amenities provided.

Special Experiences

There are several special experiences provided by the hotels near Chiang Mai airport. The location of these hotels is a great one for tourists to go sightseeing tours too. They also have spa centers which are well-known relaxation hubs to leave all the worries at. The hotels also have huge and deep swimming pools providing complete rejuvenation to all the guests. Here, tourists get to play watersports with fellow travelers. The hotels also host cultural events, special performances, and events for the tourists too. Room Mahidol is a great hotel that offers organized tours across the city. Some of the hotels feature gift shops for guests to buy souvenirs and beautiful gifts for their loved one. There are also, various hotels offering the needs of business travelers. The well equipped business centres in many hotels near Chiang Mai airport are for sure a treat to such travelers.


The hotels near Chiang Mai airport provide a wide range of facilities. The main element of these hotels is the proximity and closeness to the airport. On request, the hotels send transport to pick-up or drop guests, giving perfect comfort to them. The hotels also provide customers with luggage storage and parking faculties as well. Apart from these, the rooms at the hotel have curtains, television, music system, calling-services, and many more. The internet, library, reception, and emergency services are always available. The Holiday Inn provides pick up and drop facilities to the airport. While, the Wellness Residence is known for its internet connectivity, free parking, and air conditioning system. A wide range of hotels near Chiang Mai airport features a well-equipped fitness centre where guests can work out even while traveling.


The hotels near Chiang Mai airport are known to provide customers with exquisite food. The cooks and chefs at these hotels are experienced and can cook different dishes of global cuisines including Thai, Asian, Chinese, Italian, American, Indian and many more. The provinces Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are popular for bustling nightlife. These hotels provide customers with foot-thumping music, dance floors, fusion drinks, and much more. The bartenders at these lounges at hotels have also popular for their talent display, and flame throws. The Noble Place Hotel is a great hotel for a delicious breakfast.


Q1. What are good locations at Chiang Mai?
A. Some good locations at Chiang Mai include Wat Phra Singh, Doi Suthep, Wat Chiang Man, Chiang Mai Zoo, Wat Suan Dorg, Bhubing Palace, and much more.

Q2. Do the hotels provide customized itineraries?
A. Most of the hotels do provide customized itineraries.

Q3. Do the hotels allow pets?
A. Most of the hotels don’t allow pets. However, one needs to check with the hotel staff.

Q4. How is the weather in Thailand?
A. The weather in Thailand is usually dry with less rain.

Q5. Do the hotels near Chiang Mai airport have restaurants offering Indian cuisine?
A. Some of the hotels do serve Indian cuisine. However, one should check it with the staff prior to the booking.

Guests can make there vacation the best and capture moments with their loved ones only at the hotels near Chiang Mai airport. These hotels provide customers with special experiences which include special relation sessions with massage, steam baths, facials, and much more. They also provide guests with an indoor heated pool to enjoy and play several water activities. The hotels also host cultural events and feasts for the tourists as well. The hotel staff is always available and is very chivalrous. The rooms come in numerous features which include curtains, television, music system, calling-services, and much more. Apart from special retreats and basic amenities, the hotels are also known for dining too. The chefs are trained in preparing any kind of cuisine that is delicious and splendid. There are separate lounges and bars as well where cooks make light snacks and starters, while the bartenders fuse alcohols. Since the hotels are also located near the airport, they provide the customers with transport facilities too. One must avail the best hotel experience only at the hotels near Chiang Mai airport.

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