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In the midst of a cold and spine-tingling winter, ponder on some fascinating insights about the hottest place in the world- Death Valley, California. While sitting in a cozily moderate ambiance, take a glimpse at what it’s like to challenge human limits at an unrelenting sauna on earth.

Whatever part of the world you may come from, the weather is a topic of discussion which has clearly demarcated preferences and narratives. While some people may often flaunt, or rue the fact of how hot or cold their place of habitation is, every now and then we all wonder about the places on earth that bear unbearable extreme weather.

Where is the hottest place in the world?

Located along the eastern borders of California, Death Valley is an arid desert valley that is spread over an area of 3000 square miles.

As of today, Death Valley, California is officially recognized by the World Meteorological Organization and Guinness Book of World Records as the hottest place in the world with a record temperature of 56.7 degrees!

Death Valley Treks

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What is life like in the hottest place on earth?

Uncomfortable. To begin describing it in one word. However, what surprises weather enthusiasts of the broad biodiversity that exists despite having such extreme conditions. Having the climate classification of a subtropical and hot desert, Death Valley California has extreme sweltering summers, but a mild and chilly winter that gives the place a much-needed balance. While the summers may go consistently above 50 degrees barrier, the short winter period offers a welcome relief that sometimes even takes the

Death Valley, the hottest place in the world, is also home to the Native American Timbisha Tribe who have been known to be living in the valley for at least a thousand years. In the past few decades, the government has taken steps to adequately protect the unique biodiversity of the region and give it a status of a protected National Park.

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Ballarat Death Valley

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Death Valley Desert

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Top Places to visit in Death Valley National Park

Despite the extremities, Death Valley National Park provides a scenic landscape for nature lovers who love to explore and enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of the hottest place in the world. The unique sights and sounds of the valley provide an abundance of opportunities to test your photography skills in a striking environment.

1. Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin

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At 282 ft below sea level, this is the lowest elevation point in the United States of America. A strikingly flat and saline Basin, Badwater stretches out for many kilometers in either direction providing a panoramic view of the mountains around it.

2. Dante’s View

Dantes View

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Situated at an altitude of 1667 meters above sea level, Dante’s View is an incredible view-point that overlooks the Death Valley Basin.

Travelers can choose to hike up the mountain either in the morning to enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the sun rising beyond the horizon or visit the peak at night which is regarded as a good time to take your telescope and indulge in some magical stargazing.

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3. Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek

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During their time at the hottest place in the world, the visitors can also visit the exact tiny village where the world-record shattering temperature was recorded more than hundred years ago in 1913.

Although now one can find a golf course, a ranch, and a few restaurants built for the visitors who make the journey to the warmest place on Earth.

4. Scotty’s Castle

Scottys Castle

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Situated in the northern reaches of Death Valley, Scotty’s Castle, a Spanish colonial-style villa, is an interesting sightseeing spot for travelers visiting Death Valley.

Built by Walter E Scott, a gold miner in the 1920s, the villa became a heritage monument after the death of the villa owner. The Rangers taking care of the villa dress up in a 1930s style and take the visitors on a tour.

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5. Artist’s Palette

Artists Palette

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A visit to the hottest place in the world can be made memorable with a drive to the Artist’s Palette. An area which is located in the Black Mountains, Artist’s Palette is known for a variety of colorful rocks formed due to oxidation of various metals.

The driver to Artist’s Palette is very impressive and is known for a dash of color sprinkled all across the road as you head to the final viewpoint.

After all, not everything is intolerable and doomed at the hottest place in the world. If travelers manage to avoid the hottest months, a trip to Death Valley can be enjoyable. Book a package with TravelTriangle to explore more such fascinating places around the world.

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