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    Fleet of beautiful houseboats in Srinagar floating in Dal Lake

    A tryst with houseboats in Srinagar is all you need to get a high in the hills. But if you are sidelining a houseboat stay in Srinagar because you have experienced houseboats in Alleppey, boy you are wrong! The two are not comparable. Period.

    Srinagar’s houseboats are luxury abodes, anchored in a peaceful lake, surrounded by mighty mountains. The warm, cozy haven keeps you snug all night and let’s you enjoy the splendid views as the sun starts to rise. The experience will certainly sweep you of your feet and there’s no way you can miss it if a Kashmir trip is on the cards.

    Houseboats In Srinagar – An overview of the stay

    Beauty of nature surround the fleet of houseboats in Srinagar

    Think Srinagar, think houseboats. There is no way you can resist the charm of these luxury accommodations parked in the awe-inspiring waters of the Dal Lake and the Nagin Lake. You will be treated to breathtaking sceneries, amazing hospitality and delightful food. But unlike houseboats in Alleppey, these luxury vessels are anchored in one spot and do not move around.

    No matter how long or short the stay is, don’t miss the amazing sunsets, fragrant and colorful flowers, floating markets and vendors selling fresh fruits and veggies. Everything ranging from stunning landscapes to charming decor of the houseboat will leave you mesmerized. Friendly caretakers and friendlier natives make your stay on the houseboat all the more sweet and memorable.

    Facilities & meals in houseboats in Srinagar

    Houseboats in Srinagar are said to be elaborately designed with royal interiors and decor

    Image Source

    Decor: Houseboats in Srinagar signify ultimate luxury and heritage. Dolled up in rich colors and luxuriant interiors, these houseboats offer a relaxing vacation for families as well as couples. Going into details – don’t be surprised to see four poster beds, ambient lamps, fab upholstery, opulent chandeliers and the likes. However, the level of maintenance and neatness may vary according to the category of boat you choose.

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    Besides inviting interiors, you’ll be lured by a beautiful lake view from the deck, dark clouds playing hide and seek with the sun, and pleasant quietude towards the night. The photographer in you will be spoiled with the myriad moments waiting to be captured.

    Houseboats in Srinagar come complete with facilities like this beautifully designed living area

    Facilities: Most luxury houseboats will offer you a variety of meal plans. There are options for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals. Essentials like 24 hour water supply and electric blankets are also available, however power supply might be interrupted. A few boats might have their own generators – choose them if you are staying with kids or elders in the family. Also, see that a room heating system is in place. Deluxe or super luxurious boats might also offer wi-fi.

    P.S. Be completely assured of all important facilities before booking a houseboat. Question them about hidden costs too.

    Food: Yes, it’s going to be a party for your taste buds. Relish every flavor as you feast on yummy Kashmiri wazwan and an array of international delicacies. And do not forget the desserts – they are absolutely mind-blowing, and enriched with exotic ingredients like dried apples and figs.

    Elaborate meals are served in houseboats in Srinagar including the Kashmiri wazwan

    Image Source

    Cost of houseboat stay in Srinagar

    A deluxe houseboat floating in Dal Lake of Srinagar

    Image Source

    Houseboats in Srinagar fall into five main categories – Deluxe, A grade/class, B grade/class up to D. As the names say, Deluxe houseboats are the most luxurious. The level of luxury decreases as we go further till D grade/class. A well-maintained, classy houseboat would cost you from somewhere around INR 8,000 to 15,000 per night. The most luxurious ones go upto INR 2,00,000 per night.

    But most popular are, of course, the budget or economy houseboats, which are available at anything between INR 4,000 to 7,000 per night. Further variation will depend on the kind of add-on facilities, services and meal plan you ask for.

    Seasonal variations: There are tremendous seasonal variations in the per night tariff of houseboats in Srinagar. Given above are peak season prices. They may dip as much as 50 percent in the off season.

    How to book a houseboat in Srinagar?

    Dining areas inside the boat are as elaborately beautiful as any other part of the houseboat

    Budget as well as luxury houseboats in Srinagar are booked at least weeks prior, even in their off season.
    You can make your bookings with some of the best fleet of luxury as well as budget houseboats in Srinagar with Royal Houseboats, Naaz Kashmir, and Shelter Houseboats.

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