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So you’re a broke little fella with an empty wallet and big dreams to travel the world and collect experiences. What if I tell you that’s quite achievable? 

What if I say, you can actually travel the world for free or with just nickels and dimes in your pocket? No, I am not bluffing and I’m not definitely fooling you.

In this article you’ll see how to travel the world for free or even get paid under a few circumstances.

1. House Swapping- Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz style in Holiday

House swap in holiday; best idea for free trips around the world

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You know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve watched the movie ‘Holiday’ where the two lead characters swap their houses located in two different parts of the world. And yes, the house swapping trend took off after this movie.

Websites to get you kick started: There are various websites that provide online classifieds for owners to advertise homeexchange.com, homexchangevacation.com or homebase-hols.com. So, if you have a fancy house to yourself and are able to lend it too fellow travellers, you can actually travel around the world for free.

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2. Couch Surfing- Crash at someone’s couch

Couchsurfing; how can i travel the world for free

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Couchsurfing is one of the best free travel opportunities around the world. Basically it is a website that allows you to connect with local hosts while you’re travelling to stay at their homes for free. You could return the favour by hosting guests at your home too. The best part of this social platform is that you get to experience an area with a local. Also, the site lets you see the profiles and reviews of the hosts from their past guests. So, while traveling the world for free you make great friends as well.

3. House Sitting- Looking after someone else’s house

House sitting; travelling the world for free

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There’s pet sitting, baby sitting and then there is house sitting! The famous Canadian travelling couple Dalene and Peter Heck did just that for four years and saved over $30,000 in accommodations costs. Their site Hecktic Travels covers how to travel the world for free. So, basically you’ll keep an eye on someone’s home while they’re away, and you get to stay in it for free. It’s an absolute win–win situation.

Website that you can check out: Various sites like TrustedHousesitters.com, The Caretaker Gazette, and Mind My House among others, provide listings for a fee (ranging from $20 to $60 depending on the membership), but consider this an investment.

4. Get Enrolled in a Work Exchange Program

Work exchange programs; travel the world free

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Work exchange program is one of the best ways to travel the world for free. It is a little different than volunteering because you exchange your time and energy for food and lodging with a host rather than spending money for the opportunity.

Get started here: Work-exchange programs like WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), HelpX.net, and WorkAway.info are highly recommended ways to immerse in a new culture and make local friends quickly

5. Become an English Teacher

Travelling around the world for free by being an English teacher

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Benefits of being proficient in the English language are many and one of the best is getting to travel the world for free. The demand of English teachers are very high all across the globe, especially in the middle eastern and the south-east Asian countries.

To get started in such free travel opportunities, check out these site:  CIEE Teach Abroad for teaching assignments in Chile, China, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. JourneyEast.org for teaching opportunities in China, The Jet Programme or AEON for options in Japan, or you could just search for teaching job openings around the world via ESLcafe.com.

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6. Volunteer Work At A Foreign Country

Volunteering work; how to travel world for free

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Volunteering is a great way to travel the world for free, one because it’s a worthy cause and also it takes you overseas. These volunteer organizations may help you out with room and board and occasionally travel expenses. However, most organizations that do this require commitment of time of at least one to two years and also specialized skills and experience.

7. Work At Summer Camps Across Nations

Work at summer camps traveling around the world for free

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If you’re good with kids this is definitely one of the most well suited free travel opportunities for you. What better way to spend you summer than with little kids in an exotic nation teaching them sport activities? By the end of the summer you would not only have had a great experience you’d also be a few thousand richer.

8. Become A Hitchhiker

Hitchhiking; best way to travel for free around the world

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Hitchhiking is like the easiest and most convenient way to travel around the world for free. Stand by the side of the road, stick out your thumb, point it towards the way you want to go and hike a ride from someone who’s willing to offer the favour. Safety is an issue in this hack and also the fact that it’s not a common practice everywhere. However, if you’re being careful you can at least use this way to reduce your travel expense.

9. Use Your Skills and Become an Instructor

Scuba Diving instructor- how to travel the world for free

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If you are an expert in in a sporting activity like; rock climbing, surfing, scuba diving, mountain biking, skiing etc., you can land a job abroad teaching other people the ropes. Speaking several languages is also a plus.

Websites you can check out: Adventure Work is a great place to start looking for potential instructor positions and you’re sorted for traveling the world for free.

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10. Walk it or Paddle it Across the Globe

Cycling across the globe- how to travel around the world for free

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You can always take up a challenge to go globetrotting on foot or on a bicycle. Currently the world records have been held by Alan Bate of England and Juliana Buhring of Germany for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe on a bicycle. Every now and then you can find a wanderlust bitten souls taking up challenges to cross borders in the most unconventional manner possible which of course are also amazing ways to travel the world for free.

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And that friends, was ‘how to travel the world for free’ lesson-101. If you know of more such free travel opportunities, please share in the comments section below.

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