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    beautiful flowers blossoming in iceland

    Forming a beautiful nest of volcanoes, blending with geysers and hot springs, the stunning terrain of Iceland is nothing less than nature’s true gem in all the meanings. While this European country offers many things to do and places to visit around the region, there’s still so much you can do on your own without the guides and get the best of this land with your friends and family. A perfect spot for even those looking for a soothing solo trip, visiting Iceland in June will provide unique experiences as there’s no shortage of scenic views and nature parks around.
    So, while you’re still trying to make up your mind about Iceland, scroll down to know what awaits you here!

    Weather In Iceland In June

    Weather In Iceland In June

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    An ideal time to visit Iceland is the month of June as you can explore the land at its best during this time only. Since the thick cover of ice melts away, it is possible to hike up and down many places and get the best of several activities like whale watching and enjoy various festivals that happen only in June. Iceland weather in June is warm and pleasant in June and attracts many visitors from all over the world. Average temperature ranges from 9 degrees to 15 degree celsius in Iceland.

    Things To Do In Iceland In June

    If you’re in the mood to explore the top excursions of Iceland, check out this list of things to do during the month of June that you can surely enjoy here!

    1. Camping


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    Witnessing the splendid views of Iceland is something you cannot afford to miss out on, especially if a serene camping activity is all you have to go for! Sleeping under the stars, during the month of June in this tranquil paradise. Summer is said to be the best time to see the perfect set of contrasts in the country when the snow melts to give perfect way to the blossoming fresh vibes around.

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    2. Hot Springs

     Hot Springs

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    It is said that the locals residing in Iceland love to stay in water and this can be one of the reasons why there’ll always be a pool near a populated town or city. More importantly, hot springs are modified and better versions of swimming pools and are often found to be in the remote corners of Iceland. What’s unique to this country is the culture of ‘catching up’ in these hot springs as they serve as common meeting points for people of all age groups.

    3. Hiking


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    Amongst the most famous hiking trails in Iceland, is Laugavegur trail that opens in the month of June. You can explore both Porsmork and Landmannalaugar nature reserve as this trail connects both. For a smooth hiking experience, it is better if you hire a guide or go for a group hiking guided tour to know more about the mysteries and legends behind the places that you shall cross on your tour. The mesmerizing beauty that the Icelandic views hold on your hike is simply uncanny and a must try experience while you’re here.

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    4. Lava Caves

    Lava Caves

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    Since it is the month of June, the thick ice that had earlier settled in the lava caves and tubes in Iceland slowly melt away and make way for a perfect exploration tour. A peek into the history of this country, how it all came to be and how lava laid path to the country’s terrain that is visible today. However, you must always hire a guide to enter these caves as the routes are known only to the experts.

    5. Fishing


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    Besides the fact that fishing is one of the native Icelanders’ favourite activities in their leisure time, it goes way back in time to establish a close relationship with the locals of the region. However, with due passage of time, this activity has been regularized by the authorities and if you wish to head for some fishing, you must be aware of these rules. You’ll also need a permit to fish in any lake or river in the country.

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    6. Whale Watching

    whale diving into the sea

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    Spotting the various flora and fauna in Iceland can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to whales and puffins. An exclusive whale watching and puffin spotting guided tours in Iceland take up to 3 hours where these boat trips take you to specific regions where whales are found. The adorable puffins can be seen nestling at the Iceland coastline from May to August thereby, proving June to be an ideal time to visit for the same.

    7. Secret Solstice Festival

    Secret Solstice Festival

    Image Source
    The central region of Reykjavík hosts an annual event of Secret Solstice festival which has a vast number of famous artists performing each year. Performers like The Prodigy, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, and Stormzy have attended this event in the past. Since the hostels and hotels around the place are fully booked, it is better to book well in advance in case you want to attend the festival. For a true feel of the whole ambience, you can also opt for camping here and tag your friends along!

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    8. Horse Riding


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    Earlier known for their company in agricultural and other activities, the Icelandic horses is found to be one of the purest breeds of horses in all over the world. They are currently used for mainly riding and races but their charm is surely not one to be missed out on. These calm and intelligent pals have been human’s best friends in this region and are perfect for a tour down the countryside splendid views. A fun family outing can be experienced with these gorgeous and faithful horses.

    9. Lobster Festival

    Lobster Festival

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    There’s no shortage of lobsters and other seafood cuisines in Iceland and while it used to contribute to one of the main activities of the region to go fishing, the country proudly celebrates a Lobster festival of its own. If you’re a lobster fan too and haven’t tried the extravagant and delicious lobster dishes, then we say it’s time to pack your bags and hop on a flight to Iceland. With multiple music concerts and a cheery vibe in the air as the country celebrates the Höfn town’s birthday, we say enjoy the ride!

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    10. Snowmobile


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    In many regions throughout the world, snowmobiling is only possible during the winters as a sheet of thick snow covers the entire region, along with the mountains. But that’s not the case with Iceland. The blessed land of Iceland hosts this superb activity all throughout the year as the glaciers are frozen, no matter when you visit. A perfect time to beat the summer heat during the month of June is to enjoy a fun ride down the thick frozen snow on top of the glaciers in Iceland. You can visit Reykjavik for further information of the guided tours of this activity!

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    We hope this guide help you plan a perfect escapade to the serene landscapes of Iceland with your folks. With the month of June bringing the best of experiences along, we say it’s time to celebrate the mid-year joy in this country. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Europe for an amazing holiday experience like never before!

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