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    Best Honeymoon Destinations In Iceland

    The Nordic culture, vast landscapes, alluring sights, mesmerizing glaciers, and majestic wildlife, these are just some reasons why an Iceland honeymoon makes for a great idea. With many things to offer, Iceland is a perfect getaway with your partner to enjoy some intimate and engaging time. Honeymoon in Iceland seems too perfect of a choice as there is nothing that could go wrong in this country if the planning is done right. There are many exclusive honeymoon places in Iceland that make sure to give you a full on romantic experience.

    Best Honeymoon Destinations In Iceland

    Iceland has many places to go, each of them offering a different experience. Here we have comprised a list of the best Iceland honeymoon ideas for you to choose from, making the experience more intimate and enjoyable.

    • Seltjarnarnes
    • Grindavik
    • Ring Road
    • Countryside Horse Riding
    • Reykjavik
    • Akurey Or Lundey Island
    • East Fjords

    1. Seltjarnarnes

    northern lights lake

    Seltjarnarnes is a city situated in northern Iceland. Why is it a good place to visit during your Iceland honeymoon? The answer is Northern Lights! There is no sight more romantic and alluring than seeing the light dance in the sky while sitting beside your partner in the night. Situated far from any pollution and city lights, this small town is the perfect place to sit back and admire the Aurora Borealis. The place has a lot of hotels and cottages where you can sit back and admire one of the most beautiful sights in the world with your soulmate, making for an unforgettable romantic experience.

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    2. Blue Lagoon, Grindavik

    Sea view

    Image Source

    Another natural wonder in this beautiful country, the Blue Lagoon is one of the best honeymoon spots in Iceland. One of the most picturesque locations in the whole country, the Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal spring with many specialities. Naturally heated seawater in the lagoon makes it a natural spa and a perfect place to take a bath with your partner. The water is pristine and clear and said to have healing properties. An Iceland honeymoon in December here is a perfect idea. Imagine yourself and your partner sitting in a hot spring, and surrounded by ice-capped mountains!

    3. Ring Road

    Ring Road

    Image Source

    A drive around Iceland is an idea that should be enough in itself. Ring Road connects the whole country of Iceland in a ring. The road runs for more than 1,300 km and takes about seven days to complete, with stops in between to admire the many beautiful sights in Iceland. It requires you to either rent a car or a camper van. If you have about seven days for your honeymoon in Iceland and you want to explore the country yourself at your own pace, driving on the Ring Road is the best experience you can have.

    With your own vehicle, you have the choice to stop wherever you want to admire the beauty of this magnificent country, which would never cease to leave you amazed by its captivating sights. Driving along on this road is actually a great idea for an Iceland honeymoon in February. You can stop by at places like Skógafoss, take a small detour from your route to the majestic Snaefellsnes peninsula, camp out during the night to admire the northern lights, and much more. There are very few things as romantic as spending some quality time with your partner with a heavenly background all the way through.

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    4. Countryside Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

    The horse-riding experience in Iceland is simply out of this world. You may have heard of romantic beachside horse riding, but horse riding in the countryside will definitely make your honeymoon in Iceland an unforgettable experience. With a photogenic backdrop and beautiful Icelandic horses, the ride will take you through rivers, vast lush green landscapes, and more. Riding the horses with your partner while taking in the beauty and culture of Iceland is sure to bring you closer, and give you some very intimate memories. The horses are very friendly and beautiful, and the rides are comfortable too.

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    5. Reykjavik

    City view of Iceland

    Image Source

    Staying at the capital is also a very good choice for your honeymoon in Iceland. With many things to offer, Reykjavik leaves no leaf unturned when it comes to providing a fulfilling romantic experience. Primarily known for its nightlife and delicious cuisine, the capital is thriving with romantic vibes. Having a personal space in one of the most pristine restaurants in the city, Matarkjallarinn, with romantic tunes playing on a live piano in the background with an amazing Icelandic cuisine, and a cocktail menu, is a setting right out of a movie.

    Even the bars here, which you can find on any street, offers a different experience. You have to go and have a drink in a bar in Iceland to check all the boxes of a perfect Iceland honeymoon. With some grand resorts and hotels offering special honeymoon suites with amazing décor and very fulfilling services, Reykjavik is a perfect spot to start off your honeymoon in Iceland.

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    6. Akurey Or Lundey Island

    Birds flying over sea

    Image Source

    Do you lovebirds, love birds? Then these two islands are a perfect day trip for you. Known for having most of the puffins in the country, Akurey and Lundey house the cutest birds you can see around here during the summer. Just half an hour away from the capital, both islands are easily accessible. With legions of nests of puffins and many more rare birds, the islands are only accessible in the summer. The islands are a good escape from the city to get in touch with nature with your partner while admiring the many species of birds around you.

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    7. East Fjords

    East Fjords

    Image Source

    It is mandatory to visit the beaches while touring any part of the world and the fun becomes double and romantic at the same time when your partner is with you, right? But, what if we tell you Iceland has these unique black sand beaches which give an altogether different definition to beauty! Yes, you read it right, black sand beaches are found in East fjords and if you want an exclusive experience, visit them during off-season.

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    Iceland promises to be the best location for a honeymoon. And now with this list, it should be easy for you to choose which spots to go to with your partner to enjoy some romantic and quality time. So, book your trip with TravelTriangle and have a surreal honeymoon in Iceland!

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