Auckland is one of the most glorious cities of New Zealand and is extensively popular for its amazing islands that are visited by the tourists from all across the globe. People visit the city of Auckland so as to spend time on the beaches, visit art galleries, cafes, theme parks, and beautiful islands that this city houses. There are a number of islands near Auckland that hold incomparable beauty of their own. If your travel plans happen to overlap with New Zealand, Auckland must not be left unexplored and for this, visiting these islands around Auckland is must.

These islands are mainly located in the Gulf of Hauraki and ten to attract tourists throughout the country, thus being major centers of attraction in the county. This article will let you know about these serene places that you must visit at least once in your lifetime so as to have an irreplaceable set of memories. Before we head towards the list of islands close to Auckland, it would be wise to first let you the best time to be around here so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Best Time To Visit Auckland

Best Time To Visit Auckland

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Time of the year you’re visiting Auckland or any part of the world for that matter has a major say in deciding the kind of experience you’re going to have in that part of the world. This is why travel agents tend to emphasize on the importance of a right time to visit any place before you book your tickets. Talking about Auckland. You need to know that the warm weather of this city is what’s going to be the most welcoming for you if you want to explore the islands near Auckland, New Zealand. That being said, it is advised that you plan your visit around the time of March to May so that you get to experience the Sunny and warm weather of the city. Around this time beaches and islands are as beautiful as it could possibly get, thus elevating your overall experience of visiting this city. Apart from this, you can also decide to go between the month of September to November if you want to experience the warm weather along with less crowded places in Auckland.

You must plan your visit while keeping in mind the weather conditions of Auckland so that you do not end up being there during a time that is not suitable for exploring beaches and islands. You can do extensive research and have a close eye on the current weather situation of the city in order to take a better decision.

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4 Top Islands Near Auckland

The scenic beauty of this place is such that it stays welcoming throughout the most of the parts of the year. Take a look at the islands to visit near Auckland and the ones that you must not miss out at any cost.

1. Kawau Island

Kawau Island

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This place is a paradise if you want to enjoy the serene beauty of Auckland while holding a beer in your hand. You can make to take several dozens of people with you if that’s how grand your plans are and this island will surely let everyone have something to enjoy. Talking about which, Kawau island houses one of the best places for burgers and beer so that you can chill even all by yourself. There are a number of beach houses that can be rented nearby so that accomodation doesn’t turn out to be a painful thing to handle. Kawau island is indeed one of the most beautiful islands near Auckland and tends to catch the attention of a large number of tourists throughout the year.

You must go to the Kawau Boating Club if you’re visiting this island during your trip to Auckland. Also, Bon Accord Bar & Bistro shouldn’t be left unexplored while you’re at this serene island that boasts of its beauty in the way it welcomes tourists. You can also hop on to the daily mail cruise that runs through Kawau Island and brings to you the scenic beauty of this place. Stopping at Mansion House is must if you’ve a soft corner for tea and are also mad about peacocks and wallabies, all of which are photographers by the visitors.

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2. Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island

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You can find a number of people hiking all the way up to the summit of Rangitoto and enjoying the panoramic view from uptop. However, if you’re visiting this land, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind so as to prevent yourself from getting into a trouble arose due to ignorance. The campsite is fairly basic and does not house any showers for visitors, however, you can manage to find some decent loos in this area. If you’re a sucker for adventure, Rangitoto island should be your perfect pick in the city of Auckland.

If you’re a fan of artistic entities and hold love for museums, there’s one place that you must visit while you’re exploring this island. Bach 38 Museum is the perfect place for you to visit if you want to have a lot at century old gems that are kept here.

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3. Rakino Island

Rakino Island

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This is yet another beautiful island that you must visit during your trip so as to ensure that you’ve had the most out of your time in Auckland, New Zealand. You can take regular ferries that can let you reach Rakino island where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of a number of beaches and have a happy time in the bars. You shouldn’t miss out on the amazing experience that you can have here, so add it in your checklist right away. Apart from this, you can even rent a whole private beach so as to have a lavish party one of its kind.

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4. Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island should also be in your list while you’re visiting Auckland and enjoying the scenic beauty of various islands near it. There are various hikes and walks that welcome you as soon as you’re here, so you must not miss out on them as well. It would take you a couple of hours to reach Great Barrier Island if you take the car ferry which is not only affordable but also let you enjoy the beautiful places that you pass through. Get your camera gear along if you’re about to visit this island anytime soon as it has a lot of offer to your camera lens.

The Curragh Irish Pub should be visited if you happen to come to this island and then you can visit the Kaitoke Hot Springs situated nearby. If you have a thing for tracking, The Wairarapa Graves can also be explored so as to have a truly adventurous trip overall.

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The above discussion about the islands near Auckland makes clear that Auckland doesn’t stand behind when it comes to offer the beautiful islands and beaches. You must plan your visit soon and make your mind beforehand about the islands that you want to visit. Missing out on any of them is surely not a wise decision at any cost. So, plan your trip to Auckland for a refreshing tour with your loved ones!

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