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If you plan to visit Japan in May, then there is much for you to see. Although there are plenty of famous spots such as Mt. Fuji or Odaiba and more, there are also festivals that take place during this period. The Japanese enjoywatching each season go by and there are usually festivals that happen at the end of the season just to appreciate the changing ways of nature. If you do happen to be a part of the parade it could more than likely be near a shrine or perhaps the parade made its way throughout the town. May is actually the best time to visit Japan as spring is still going on. The rainy season wouldn’t have begun and that means that the cherry blossom trees will still be in bloom!

Weather In Japan In May

The Weather

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The Japan in May weather is relatively pleasant. The temperatures in the afternoon range from 24 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees. The temperature in the evening tends to drop to about 15 degrees Celsius. Although the first half of the season is usually cold, the latter half of the month of May tends to get warmer with clear skies.

10 Best Things To Do In Japan In May

Here are the interesting things that one can do at this island nation during the month of Japan. Take a trip with your friends and family and have a great time here. Take a look at the best things to do in Japan in May:

  • Mt. Fuji – Hike
  • Aoi Matsuri – Attend
  • Flower Parks – Visit
  • Sakura – Explore
  • Naoshima – Stop by
  • Tokyo National Museum – Visit
  • Kabukicho – Explore
  • Ryogoku Kokugikan – Watch sumo tournament
  • Nikko – Spend a day
  • Lake Ashi – Cruise

1. Mt. Fuji – Hike

Take a hike to Mt. Fuji

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This active volcanic mountain is the best place to travel in Japan in May. It is well known because people come from all over the world just to hike to the summit. Spring is a great time to visit Mt. Fuji because aside from all the greenery and fresh air, you will be able to see snow on the peak of the mountain. The mountain is considered sacred and locals actually worship it. This should definitely be on your to-do list if you don’t know what to do in Japan in May. The visibility at this point in time is so much better than in the months of summer and it would be ideal to visit in the early mornings.

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2. Aoi Matsuri – Attend

Check out Aoi Matsuri (festival)

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In this festival, there are people who reenact a 6th Century imperial procession. If you are looking for an authentic play in Kyoto, then you definitely shouldn’t miss this. The entire procession has about 500 participants and they are all dressed in imperial regalia. An unmarried woman is chosen from thousands of applicants. Wondering what she has to what to wear in Japan in May? She has to wear about 30 layers of kimonos. Other events include horse racing and even purification ceremonies for the woman. She is carried around town and the parade continues till the evening. You can enjoy a lively atmosphere along with good food and good people.

Date: May 15th

3. Flower Parks – Visit

Experience the beauty of Spring

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If you really want to watch the flowers in full bloom when you are visiting Japan in May 2023, there is much more to see aside from the popular cherry blossoms. You can enjoy Wisteria( Fuji in Japanese) which is a very popular flower that blooms in spring. These flowers attract tourists from all over the world. If you love nature then you should definitely treat your eyes and soul to places that have these beautiful flowers. Some places are just overflowing with them or have tunnels that are filled with them. It is needless to say that the sight is nothing short of breathtaking.

Best places to see them: The Kawachi Fujien Garden, Ashikaga Flower Park, and Mandara- Ji Temple

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4. Sakura – Explore

Get a great view of the Sakura at night

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It is without a doubt that tourists flock to Japan just to get a great view of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Although that happens in the month of May, there are places in Japan where they still bloom till Mid-May. Yozakura or nighttime viewing of the Sakura is actually very popular. You can spend the day admiring the beauty or you can head out during the night time when the trees are lit up with different white lights that really show of their beauty. You can even take a boat alongside a stream and gaze at the cherry blossoms while their petals fall into the water. Japan in May temperatures tends to drop during the evenings, so be sure to carry a light cardigan.

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5. Naoshima – Stop By

Visit Naoshima

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Naoshima is a part of the Kagawa Prefecture and is a small island located on the Seto Sea. If you are in Tokyo and you want a peaceful getaway, then this is the place to be. This place is famous for its art museums, sculptures, and architecture. The houses are unique and very strangely designed. You should check out the Benesse house and the Chichu Art Museum. Although it is a bit difficult to get to the island, it is surely worth the trip. If you enjoy art that is unique and different if you visit Japan in May or June, you should definitely visit this island.

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6. Tokyo National Museum – Visit

Take a look around

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This is Japan’s oldest museum and is considered a diamond in the rough. It is also Japan’s oldest park. Ueno Park is located here and it is filled with hundreds of acres of temples, shrines and thousands of cherry blossom trees. The Japanese art that can be found here is extensive and there are 5 different large buildings where the artifacts are changed often. The highlight of this place would be the Kuroda Memorial Hall where the famous artist Kuroda’s paintings and sketches rotate to show off his collection. The art here is western-Japanese. Outside of the hall lies the Japanese gardens where there are tea houses open to the public.

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7. Kabukicho – Explore

Explore Kabukicho

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Kabukicho is famous for its abundance of neon signs. No other place in Japan can match its signs. The city received its name from the famous Kabukicho theatre that was restored after the aftermath of the Second World War. Although the place is notorious for its red-light districts, it has much more to offer than that. The famous Robot Restaurant lies here. The bar is famous for its culture show where there are robot monster, dancers and laser lights. Aside from this, the famous VR zone is also found here. If you are visiting Japan in May or June and you enjoy gaming, then you will not want to miss out on this.

8. Ryogoku Kokugikan – Watch Sumo Tournament


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There are only 3 sumo tournaments that take place every year and one happens to be during the month of May. You get to see the professionals in action if you visit the Ryogoku Center. The stadium is usually filled with over 10,000 fans under the pavilion-style roof. Tournaments last for about two weeks. Although other sports such as boxing might happen here, sumo wrestling is the highlight. Most tourists visit Tokyo to get a chance to see the match but they don’t exactly know when it takes place, so they tend to miss out on it.

Dates: 10th to 24th May

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9. Nikko – Spend A Day

Spend the day

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If you feel like you haven’t witnessed the best of Japan then you should spend the day at this spot. It is a culturally rich spot that has plenty of ancient shrines and temples. The highlight of this place would be the Toshogu Shrine where the founder, Tokugawa is enshrined. Some other great places here include Futarasan Shrine and Kanmangafuchi Abyss. Edo Wonderland is located here and it is a great way to experience medieval Japan at its best. It might be a little pricey but it is definitely worth it to travel to Japan in May.

10. Lake Ashi – Cruise

Take a pirate ship

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If the weather is on your side, you should visit Hakone. If you take a ship across Lake Ashi or just take a cable car to Mt. Fuji you will be able to get exceptional views of the beautiful landscape. You can take a day trip to Mt. Fuji or stay overnight. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is famous for its hot springs and it can be a great way to spend your vacation relaxing. Be sure to find out about Japan in May weather before you set out on your journey. No one wants their vacation to be ruined.

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If this interested you and you want to visit Japan in May, then let us help you book your upcoming trip. Book your trip with Travel Triangle and get a chance to experience the best of Japan in the month of May. We promise you won’t be disappointed and assure you that you’ll be blown away by everything that Japan has to offer you. Go ahead and pack your bags!

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