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If you’re looking for a serene and blissful vacation in the valleys of Manali, then you should check out the Jogini Falls, which is only a 3-kilometer drive from the bustling town. Set in the quaint and tranquil valleys of Kullu, this majestic beauty shouldn’t be left behind when you visit Manali. The trekking trail from the Vashisth temple through the orchards and pine trees makes the place a great tourist spot. So if you’re looking for an adventurous trip with your friends or maybe looking for a romantic getaway in the valleys of Manali, the Jogini Falls have it all.

History Of Jogini Falls

Shiva Temple Near Jogini Falls

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According to local legends and myths, the Jogini Falls was once the regime bathing place of ‘Jogini’, the daughter of Lord Indra. Thus, the name Jogini Falls comes from her. At the foot of the mountain, there is also a temple devoted to her called The Jogini Mata Temple.

The locals also consider this spot one of the 51 Shakti Peetha. As per the legends, when Lord Shiva was fuming, while mourning the death of Devi Sati, Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra to cut the body of Devi Sati to tame the anger of Lord Shiva. These pieces from Devi Sati’s body fell to 51 locations, and the Jogini Falls is considered one of the Shakti Peethas from Devi Sati. Another spot of great historical importance is the Vashist temple, once home to Rishi Vashisth of the Vedic era.

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Activities To Enjoy At The Jogini Falls

A Beautiful View of the Jogini Falls

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So, before you start trekking your way to the Jogini Falls, you could visit the Vashisth Temple and offer prayer and offerings. During the journey, you can also make stops at a variety of restaurants and cafes for refreshments and snacks. It is suggested that you bring a camera with you to the trek, as the pathway offers breathtaking views of the Beas River and the Manali Valley.

Also, a small pool of fresh water is moulded at the foot of the valley, where tourists can enjoy swimming or taking a dip for a fresh and chill experience. Picnicking and strolling are also some popular activities among the locals and tourists here at Jogini Falls.

Things To Do

Arial View of the Beas Valley

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  • It is advised to start the trek early in the morning as the way back to your hotel might be exhausting after dark.
  • Warm clothes and trekking gear are considered wearing to your trek to the Jogini Falls.
  • Please also consider wearing sporty and comfy shoes to avoid blisters from a long, steep walk.
  • Packaged snacks and water bottles are advised in case of any emergency.
  • Avoid bulky backpacking to prevent extra load and discomfort for the trek.
  • Only visit the place with a tour guide.
  • Damaging or polluting the natural surroundings should be prohibited.
  • Only visit the place if you are without children or elderly people.
  • People with joint or arthritis problems should avoid the trip.
  • While trekking through the steep way, be extra careful.
  • Also, consider carrying around 5000-10000 cash in case of emergencies.

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Other Attractions Near the Jogini Falls

A Wide-Angled View of the Solang Valley

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Jogini Falls is a popular tourist spot that is accessible to many other attractions within 50 kilometres. Some of the other popular spots within the vicinity of Jogini Falls are listed below.

  • The Vashisht Baths is an ancient bath spring in the village of. Offering hot sulfur springs in the chilly valleys of Manali. According to a local legend, Lord Rama formed the hot spring for Rishi Vashisht after shooting an arrow in the spot.
  • Set 16 kilometres away, the Rahala Waterfalls is an enchanting beauty hidden in the valleys of Manali. It is said that the Rahala Falls were formed by melting glacial water, which makes the water very refreshing and chill.
  • Located near the Hidimba Temple, the Siyali Mahadev Temple is a serene and calm spot for spiritual and tranquil-loving tourists. The Temple is a very famous spot during Shivratri, offering religious activities, Prashad, bhajan kirtans, etc.
  • Set in the snow-covered hills of Manali, the Hidimba Temple is a popular tourist spot near the Jogini Falls. Surrounded by beautiful deciduous and cedar forests, it is truly one of the best spots in Manali.
  • The Solang Valley in Manali is a staggering and enchanting spot to visit in any season, be it winter or summer. At this popular tourist spot, you can enjoy sporting activities such as paragliding, zorbing, skating, etc.
  • A high mountain pass set in the valley of Kullu Manali is none other than the Rohtang Pass of the Pir Panjal Range. It joins the three valleys of Himachal Pradesh: the Kullu Valley, Lahaul and Spiti Valley.

Expenses and Timings

A Picturesque View of Beas River

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There is no entry fee to visit Jogini Falls. However, the starting price of the packages in Manali is 5,500 INR, which can go up to 25,000 INR. Also, it is advised to keep cash handy while visiting Manali’s remote areas.

The best time to visit the Jogini Falls in Manali is from 9 AM to 7 PM. It is advised to start the trek early in the morning as it could get very dark on your way back to the hotel. Also, the best time to visit the waterfall is from early summer to the early monsoon, i.e., from April to July. The waterfall seems glistening in the sunshine after a rain shower, making it an enchanting view to remember.

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How To Reach?

Jogini Falls Trekking Path

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The starting point of the trek is The Rishi Vashisht Temple, which is about 3 kilometres from Manali Town. By car or rickshaw, the trip takes 10-15 minutes, but if you want to enjoy the valleys of Manali, the stroll to the temple takes around 45 minutes.

Another trekking route to the shrine is the Bahang base camp in the Bahang Village, about 5 kilometres away from Mall Road. The route has steep hills and paved steps, but this small inconvenience is nothing compared to the blissful walking experience through the apple orchards and pine trees. While you walk your way to the shrine, you will also get to enjoy scenic views of the Dhauladhar mountain peaks and the Beas River.

At the end of the walking trail, there is a dense forest sanctuary; at the end of that, you will finally reach the Temple of Devi Jogini. After visiting the temple, you can again start trekking to the Jogini Falls. Upon reaching the falls, you can enjoy dipping in the freshwater pool formed beside them.

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Now that you have a list of things to remember for your next vacation to the Jogini Falls of Manali make sure you plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh to these fabulous spots for the experience of a lifetime. Hurry and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jogini Falls

How tough is the trek to the Jogini Falls?

The trekking path to the Jogini Falls is steep, which makes it a moderate trek of about 3 kilometres.

Which river could be seen during the trek to Jogini Falls?

The Jogini Falls stream connects to the Beas River, which could be seen during the trekking.

What is the height of the Jogini Falls?

The Jogini Falls's height is 49 meters.

What are the other attractions near Jogini Falls?

The Jogini Falls has some beautiful tourist spots nearby such as the Hidimba Temple, the Vashisth Temple, the Siyali Mahadev Temple etc.

How long does it take to reach Jogini Falls from the Vashisth temple?

The trek from Vashisth Temple to Jogini Falls is 3 kilometres.

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