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Kampot Beach is one such place that is endowed with natural beauty and is situated away from the city life of Cambodia. Sitting gracefully by the seaside, this beautiful location beckons one and all to enjoy the natural beauty, beautiful unspoiled beaches, and the charm of a tropical island paradise. From whichever perspective you want to view your vacation, whether as a quiet holiday or an action-packed holiday, Kampot Beach will not disappoint you. Picture yourself lying in the warm sand, having a drink made from the coconut with a scenery of the sun setting in different shades of orange.

Best Kampot Beaches

Kampot is a small and tranquil town in southern Cambodia that has a relaxed feel and lovely beaches. Here are some of the best beaches in Kampot:

1. Sok San Beach

Crystal clear waters of Sok San Beach, one of best Kampot beach

Image Credit: Wikirictor for Wikimedia Commons
Boasts a beautiful 4-mile, powdery white sand, a real treasure in the province of Kampot. It is a hugely recommended destination that involves activities such as swimming in the clean sea water, sunbathing and total tranquillity. The natural beauty of Long Beach makes it possible for anyone visiting the beach to spend their time, free from hassle and stress.
Location: Koh Rong Island, Sihanoukville Province (18000)
Price: Free Entry

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2. Phnom Doang (Coconut Mountain) Beach

Sunset view at Phnom Doang Beach, a serene Kampot beach in Cambodia

Image Credit: Raita Futo for Wikimedia Commons
It may not be very popular, but it is recommended as it is located a little away from Kampot town in the eastern part. Surrounded by beautiful coconut trees, it is hardly accessible or even avoids the main road and has wonderful countryside views. However, one must go through this to get to a better place where visitors can relax and embrace the beauty of nature.
Location: Near Kampot Town, Kampot province (07000)
Price: Free Entry

3. Lazy Beach

Stunning view of Lazy Beach, a peaceful Kampot beach in Cambodia

Image Credit: Treehill for Wikimedia Commons
Located on the untouched part of Koh Rong Samloem Island, Lazy Beach Cambodia invites you to stay in one of the 3-star wooden cottages located in the middle of green trees. Escape into this beautiful, nature-lovers’ haven of golden sand beaches touching turquoise waters, excellent cuisine, and colourful Barb.
Location: Koh Rong Samloem Island, Sihanoukville Province (18000)
Price: Free Entry

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4. Coral Beach

Coral Beach is a popular Kampot beach in Cambodia.

Image Credit: JoachimKohlerBremen for Wikimedia Commons
Nestled on the beautiful island of Koh Ta Kiev, Coral Beach Cambodia opens a beautiful door to paradise. Dive into the seduction of postcard-pretty white beaches, tempting coral-island hues, and mountainous tropical adventure, and taste the gourmet meals made from fresh organic produce all grown in the country.
Location: Koh Rong Island, Sihanoukville Province (18000)
Price: Free Entry

5. Coconut Beach Kampot

Coconut Beach Kampot is a famous tourist attraction in Cambodia.

Image Credit: Ton Rulkens for Wikimedia Commons
Coconut Beach is one of the most beautiful and least crowded beaches situated in Kampot, Cambodia. This place attracts both tourists and the resident population. It has beautiful views of the territory and a calm atmosphere. It is about 10 km from town and you can access it by motorbike or tuk-tuk. It is a 10 to 15-minute walk and costs about USD 5-10. Boats can also be hired from the town to the beach and this usually takes half an hour and costs between USD10 and USD15.
Location: Koh Rong Island, Sihanoukville Province (18000)
Price: Free Entry

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6. Kep Beach

Kep Beach is the best Kampot beach for water activities.

Image Credit: PsamatheM for Wikimedia Commons

Kep Beach is a lovely attraction located in the Kep Province of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Featuring clean white sand and calm blue water, this beach is the perfect spot to relax and escape from the city’s noise. Tourists can savour tropical seafood, sunbathe under the coconut trees, or go visit the Kep National Park. A laid-back tropical beach with a colonial background enhances the idea of a silent vacation attracting travellers.

Location: Kep Town, Kep Province (07503)
Price: Free Entry

7. Sabay Beach In Kampot

Sabay Beach is a perfect relaxing retreat in Kampot Cambodia

Image Credit: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas for Wikimedia Commons
Sabay Beach, a riverside relaxation site in Kampot, Cambodia, is perfect for those seeking to get out of the busy world. This is a perfect location to watch out for outstanding sunset scenes over the Bokor National Park. The property has 9 Smartly built and decorated rooms that consist of 2 Riverside rooms and 7 rooms organically bunched around an enormous mango tree. If one seeks air-conditioned rooms or a rustic wooden house with fans only, Sabay Beach offers various options to receive guests and help them have a good and relaxing time.
Location: Along the Kampot River, Kampot Province (07000)
Price: Free Entry

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Hotels Near Kampot Beach

Kampot is a beautiful town in south Cambodia that also houses several beach hotels. Here are some of the top-rated beach hotels in Kampot:

1. Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort

A beautiful interior picture of hotels

Image Credit: J o for Wikimedia Commons
Is set in the beautiful Coral Bay and provides its customers with an opportunity to experience the true atmosphere of a beach holiday. This island has large and well-decorated rooms, many with ocean views that prepare the guests to relax comfortably. One can find a beautiful pool right in the middle of green surroundings which is excellent for sunbathing or for a swim. Food lovers can indulge themselves in the delicious meals that are prepared in the restaurant using fresh produce from the region accompanied by mouth-watering tropical drinks. Tourists can dive right into the crystal heavenly waters and try the water activities and fishing or enjoy watching or snorkelling in the area’s coral-reef-lined Coral Bay. Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort is conceived to provide outstanding tropical inspiration for clients, or customers, and it achieves this by bearing optimal luxury in mind in its setting.
Price: INR 5000 Onwards
Distance From Kampot Beach: Approximately 3 Kms

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2. Phka Kravan Boutique

A picture of Phka Kravan’s bedroom

Image Credit: Phka Kravan Kampot for facebook

Blends modernity and upscale elegance to welcome those weary tourists who are in desperate need of relaxation next to the coast. Typically, this boutique hotel conveys the impression of an advanced and luxurious hotel environment. The sophisticated and relaxing interior design of rooms, as well as selected furniture and accessories, reflect the traditions of modern ideas of interior design and traditions of the country. The guests can swim in the crystal-clear pool accompanied by the beautiful environment and cool natural breeze blowing all around the compound. Catering is an on-site restaurant that is a place for the finest local produce turned into delicious food that one’s taste buds would want to taste.
Price: INR 4000 Onwards
Distance From Kampot Beach: Approximately 2 Kms

3. Amber Kampot

Summing pool of a hotel

Image Credit: Amber Kampot for facebook
The beachfront luxury invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of comfort and hospitality in modern rooms. Luxurious rooms provide an opportunity to have a comfortable and elegant stay. The swimming pool provides an opportunity to relax in the exotic natural tropics. The locally sourced food at the restaurant pumps up and caters for the culinary services at the location. Those, who are fond of active tourism, can have fantastic water sports or go on a fishing trip, and, for those, who like snorkelling, there is wonderful clean water near the resort. Amber Kampot guarantees a safe and memorable seafront vacation that one will get with comfort and style in mind.
Price: INR 30,000 Onwards
Distance From Kampot Beach: Approximately 3 Kms

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Sightseeing is one of the most important things any traveller should never lack, so visiting Kampot Beach in Cambodia is a must-do. Whether you want to rest on the calm waters of the coconut beach or take a luxury ride to Sabay Beach and Amber Kampot, Kampot Beach will surely create a pleasant impression on you. Take a challenge to discover the culturally vibrant area, taste delicious food, and have a wonderful time on your next trip to Cambodia.

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Cover Image Credit: Anilakeo for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Kampot Beach

When is the best time to visit Kampot beach?

It is best to visit between November and May, during the dry season when the climate is perfect for sunbathing and other outdoor functions.

Is there any culture that one should experience when in Kampot?

Yes, this is possible and you can go for a tour to the amazing Kampot Pepper Plantation, take part in the local fishing and catch some fish, attend the festivals and other celebrations.

Besides beaching, what are some common things to do in Kampot?

There are many interesting tourisms to be made around the Bokor National Park; one can go for a kayaking trip down the Kampot River, or opt for a trip to the Phnom Chhnork Cave.

Is it possible for families to have a good time at Kampot Beach?

Absolutely! Most of the time the water is relatively still, there are only mild waves, the overall setting is quite relaxing, which is why Pisan Parish is preferred by families with children.

Can you recommend any day tours or some sort of trip in and out of Kampot beach?

There are words about the quiet lovely town of Kep, French colonial ruins at Bokor Hill Station, or about the resort where travellers can get by boat through the mangroves

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