Looking for a stunning island getaway that is not located on the typical tourist map of Phi Phi, Thailand? Explore the isolated and almost untouched Yung Island also known as Mosquito Island, which is located just 3 km north of Phi Phi Don. With its long, slender, and ‘nail-like’ shape, snow-white sandy coastlines, rich marine ecosystem, and corals, Yung Island offers an idyllic setting for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. Moreover, it’s an ideal haven for honeymooners seeking tranquillity away from the crowds.

About Yung Island Phi Phi

Learn more about Yung Island in Phi Phi

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Yung Island more commonly called Mosquito Island is a small and isolated island which is a limestone cliff about 3 km off the northern coast of the Phi Phi Don Island. Having a size of approximately 900 metres in length and 150 metres in width, the curved nail is its common name because of its discerning shape. Many tourists climb Phi Phi Don to visit it as a day trip locale.

Although the coral found on the North of Phi Phi is not as abundant. It is here that two sites, Ko Yung Pinnacle, and Ko Yung South, present a remarkable dive if the water is clear enough. Access to the island can be in boats from Krabi town or Phuket Province in ferries, speedboats, or long-tail boats, and it offers the visitors a serene destination with opportunities for swimming and snorkelling in the sandy beach in unspoiled scenery.

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Things To Do On Yung Island

This serene island offers a range of activities, from snorkelling to kayaking and hiking, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Indulging in these activities will surely provide unforgettable experiences and lasting memories. Here are some of the best things to do in Yung Island Phi Phi:

1. Sunbathing And Relaxing On The Beaches

Beaches near Yung Island Phi Phi are best for swimming and unwinding.

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For those who want to avoid the company of other tourists, Yung Island offers beautiful, clean stretches of sand where visitors can sunbathe and do nothing else. When relaxing on the white sand beach with clear waters, you can bask in the sun’s heat, enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and feel the sound of the water touching the shore.

2. Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking around crystal-clear waters surrounding Yung Island is a must for adventure seekers.

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For those who like tackling the waters on their own, rent a sea kayak and head off along the coastline of Yung Island. Enjoy gliding over the clear blue waters and explore narrow gorges, fairy-tale-like grottos, and a host of gorgeous bays off-limits to walking lovers. Make sure you look at the limestone cliffs in search of avian species.

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3. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing on Yung Island is a thrilling experience.

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Test your skills on the towering limestone structures of Yung Island’s cliff faces, where beginners and professional climbers are welcome to try different trails. For climbers, it’s an opportunity to climb vertical cliffs on the island, whereas those who have not been on a climbing trip before can learn how to climb them with the help of experienced climbing instructors.

4. Hiking

Hiking trails on Yung Island are best for exploring lush landscapes.

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Put on your best hiking shoes and take a nature walk around the coastal boundary of Yung Island. The short trek up the island enables you to view the entire panorama of the Andaman Sea, its islands, and the peculiar shape of Yung Island from all angles. Look out for interesting plants and animals in the area.

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5. Snorkelling and Diving

Snorkelling is a must while you are at Yung Island.

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At Mosquito Island’s southernmost extremity, a coral reef with various fish and other sea creatures awaits divers. Discover the beauty of various themes full of soft and hard corals and meet a vast quantity of underwater inhabitants. It is one of the most popular snorkelling and diving sites, perfect for nature lovers and adventurous people.

Activities To Do

Yung Island or Mosquito Island, is a small island that lies 3 Km north of the northernmost of Phi Phi Don. It is a limestone cliff measuring about 900 metres by 150 metres, approximately triangular, and turned in a bent nail manner. It is surrounded by the sea. Here are some of the attractions you can enjoy on this island:

1. Three-Headed Limestone Pinnacle

Three-Headed Limestone Pinnacle

Image Credit: By Michael_Spencer for Wikimedia Commons

In the southeastern portion of Saba lies the most unforgettable sight, a triple-headed limestone formation standing proud of the water, surrounded by beautiful gardens of soft and stony corals. This bizarre phenomenon is a marvellous place for snorkelling and scuba diving, where you can observe with your eyes the beauty of the ocean and the life forms inhabiting this wonder of nature.

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2. Coral Reef

Vibrant coral reef at Phi Phi.

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It has a beautiful coral reef, making it a perfect island for snorkelling and diving. Go deep and experience the miraculous living palace that the ocean is along with the enticing and vivifying coral gardens where numerous creatures find their homes. Visit this underwater wonder and be amazed at the colourful beauty of the coral reef to the fullest.

3. Marine Life

Vibrant marine life at the

Image Credit: By joakant on Pixabay

Visit numerous underwater sites on the island because the sea around Yung Island is clear and full of marvellous creatures. Meet numerous shoals of extraordinary reef fishes swirling in the districts coloured with sweet corals; witness the graceful Black Tip Reef Sharks swimming past by, proving the uniqueness of the given marine environment.

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How To Reach

Know how to reach Yung Island

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To get to Yung Phi Phi Island, there are boat services from Phuket and Krabi. There is no airport on the island; hence, the two principal airports that connect you to the island are Phuket International Airport (HKT) and Krabi International Airport (KBV). You can take a ferry or a speed boat using the airports.

Ferry: The ferry is cheaper and takes approximately 2-3 hours to reach Phuket or Krabi. Tickets can be purchased online or at the pier where the trips will take place.

Speedboat: As for transportation, the speedboat is faster, taking about 1-2 hours from Phuket or Krabi. This option is slightly costly as compared to the ferry but is more of an adventurous way.

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Yung Island, also known as Mosquito Island, should be considered if you are looking for a lesser-known island destination. This long and thin limestone rock, with the nail shape, provides a serene atmosphere to tourists and visitors. This provided them a great opportunity to discover several caves and peculiar rocks formations on this island. Ideal after a trip to Phuket, a stop at this little-known hidden gem allows you to experience the island’s unexplored side and get its secrets.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yung Island

When is the best time to travel to Yung Island for the right weather conditions?

The pleasant months to plan a visit to Yung Island are from November to April, as there will be clear sunshine and also the seas here are comparatively calm.

Are there any trails on this island that cover the interiors?

Yes, there is a short half-hour circular hike on the perimeter of the island that has some great viewpoints.

Are there any restrictions for snorkelling in the waters that surround the island?

Yung Island offers snorkelling where tourists are allowed and encouraged to snorkel in the crystal clear water populated with many water creatures.

What could I do to get directly to the island since I do not have a personal boat?

To get to Yung Island, one may take a day tour or take a boat from Phuket, Krabi or the Phi Phi islands.

Is there any condition regarding the accessibility of certain parts of the island?

Most of the island is accessible to visitors, but some territory that is home to the nesting seabirds may be closed at times for conservation reasons.

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