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New Jersey is famously known as the garden state because of its blueberries, tomatoes, and cranberries. It’s also famous for the statue of liberty which is a short ferry ride away to the Ellis Island. But it’s not a state which people think about at first when they want to visit great lakes in the US. Contrary to popular opinion, New Jersey offers a great variety of options when it comes to lakes in New Jersey which are waiting to be explored by visitors.

Top 13 Lakes In New Jersey

So here’s a list of ten lakes in New Jersey, which are worth your time if you are in the state.



  • Lake Atsion
  • Lake Carnegie
  • Farrington Lake
  • Lake Hopatcong
  • Monksville Reservoir
  • Round Valley Reservoir
  • Mercer Lake
  • Manasquan Reservoir
  • Deal Lake
  • Merrill Creek Reservoir
  • Mohawk Lake
  • Green Pond
  • Ramapo Lake


1. Lake Atsion

Lake Atsion

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Located deep within the Wharton State Forest, visitors will be able to enjoy the lake for all its sparkling, blue glory. It is part of the historic Batsto Village, which was founded in the year 1766 as a glass making and bog iron making industrial area. In the village, one will be able to easily find galleries, shops as well as an interpretive center. Visitors are permitted to swim in the lake, but only in the presence of lifeguards. Moreover, there is a cold and an amazing sandy beach to have fun on. The entire forest of Wharton offers up a variety of lakes, rivers, and ponds for exploration. People wanting to camp can do so since there are campsites all over the forest area.

Location: Atsion Rd, Shamong, NJ 08088
Best Time to Visit: Summer months

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2. Lake Carnegie

Lake Carnegie

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Situated alongside the Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey; this lake bears a rich history since it is a man-made lake which was made because of the use of the rowing team of Princeton. It was done because the team needed a safe and secure place to practice, so Andrew Carnegie, an industrialist bought the land and constructed the lake. All the surrounding dams and bridges which surround the blissful lakes were also made by him after he was able to acquire enough land. The lake is still home to the Princeton University team, but now it is also accompanied by the US Olympic Rowing Team. This may be a privately owned lake, but ice skating, fishing as well a picnicking is allowed.

Location: Mercer / Middlesex counties, New Jersey, US
Best Time to Visit: All year round for different views and activities.

3. Farrington Lake


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Contrary to other lakes, which one should visit when the skies are bright and clear, the Farrington Lakes should be paid a visit on rainy days to truly see its beauty. The lake is actually a man-made one and is the creation of a dam. So on rainy days, the excess water beautifully cascades down the dam steps which are present on one side of it. All this created a stunning and unforgettable visual for any watcher. But the lake itself is shallow and is only about 6 ft in its depth on average. Visitors who are going for boating should take note that only electric motors are permissible on boats here. Not just boaters, but people interested in fishing will find plenty of opportunities for the success in here.

Location: East Brunswick / North Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey

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4. Lake Hopatcong

Lake Hopatcong

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This is the biggest freshwater water body in New Jersey. Covering a vast area of four square miles, it is located a short 40 miles from the city of New York. It is a famous summer destination for people looking to escape the brutal city heat. Even though the lake is lined up with residential houses, but there are resorts which one can stay in while there. The major attraction here is the Lake Hopatcong, State Park. It is open the whole year round for people visiting the lake and is one of the lakes in New Jersey for boating, swimming, and fishing.

Location: Morris / Sussex counties, New Jersey.
Best Time to Visit: Summer months are the best

5. Monksville Reservoir

Monksville Reservoir

Image Source

The reservoir sits on top of the defunct township, which has the moniker as its own. It was constructed in the year 1985 and is known for its excellent fish variety which makes it kind of a hot spot for people with rods and bait. Boaters need not worry as there is a small shop located south of the reservoir which allows paddle-board and kayak rentals. A major part of the surrounding land is taken care of by the Long Pond Ironworks State Park. This is because the area is famous for its iron works in the 18th century when the country was trying to emerge as a nation. The reservoir is easily accessible by boats of all sizes from both the North and the Southside due to boat launches.

Location: 1081 Greenwood Lake Tpke Ringwood, NJ

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6. Round Valley Reservoir

Round Valley Reservoir

Image Source

This takes the top rank in the list of the biggest reservoirs in New Jersey. This is one of the best lakes in New Jersey for fishing with varieties of fish on offers- like an eel, pickerel, bass, catfish, and perch. There are two varieties of trout as well since it is the lake where lake trout reproduce naturally. The lake is clear and a beautiful shade of blue, which sparked in the sunlight. It’s a beauty to witness.

Location: Clinton Township, New Jersey
Best Time to Visit: During summer months

7. Mercer Lake

Mercer Lake

Image Source

Created in 1975, as a result of dam construction and to prevent flooding downstream, this lake is a great fishing and relaxing spot. It is an advantage which is taken up by many annually. It claims to be one of the cleanest lakes in New Jersey map. While that claim is debatable, but it is true that the place is home to a huge variety of annual rowing events since the lakes meet the criteria for international standards concerning crew racing. So it has housed various Olympic trails for a lot of years.

Location: Mercer Lake, West Windsor Township, NJ 08550
Best Time to Visit: Middle of May to the beginning of July.

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8. Manasquan Reservoir

Manasquan Reservoir

Image Source

One of the best places to take your family and kids go because of it is a recreational area which offers a lot on the plate-like fishing; boating; miles of walking, biking, running and 5 various kinds of hiking trails which can also be traversed by horses. Moreover, it is one of the best lakes in New Jersey for swimming. Basically, any outdoor person will be entertained here the entire day. Clocking over a million tourists per year, this is counted amongst one of the state’s busiest lakes. Also on display is the amazing fauna and flora of the area, which visitors can learn more about the environmental center.

Location: 311 Windeler Rd, Howell, NJ 07731-8783
Best Time to Visit: All year round. The park opens 6 am during the summer months and from 7 am during the winter ones.

9. Deal Lake

Deal Lake

Image Source

This was originally made because an inlet which was connected right to the Atlantic Ocean was intentionally blocked up to make a handful of ponds and lakes in the area. This has resulted in the area around it to develop as a suburb of NYC. But since the middle of the 20th century, people have been engaged in cleaning it up and making it more habitable for marine life.

Location: Location: Monmouth County, New Jersey
Best Time to Visit: All year round

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10. Merrill Creek Reservoir

Merrill Creek Reservoir

Image Source

This is a man-made, 650 acres lake surrounded by 290 acres of protected land which is prohibited from being developed. This, coupled with the fact that it is the deepest man-made make made in the state, makes it a thriving ground for lake trout all year round. The lake here is famous for its variety of fauna, which includes bald eagles, turkey, and deer. Fishing is a very popular past time here since it had a healthy variety to be discovered and caught

Location: Harmony Township, Warren County, New Jersey 07882-3712
Best Time to Visit: All year round, though one can see wild geese in the winters.

11. Mohawk Lake

Mohawk lake

Image Source

This lake is one of the most famous places for recreation and summer vacation. Apart from offering beautiful views and a breathtaking sunset, it is also a good place for boating, fishing and more. You can have a great experience of fishing here.

Location: NJ 07871, USA
Best Time to visit: Mid June to Mid September

12. Green Pond

Green pond in new jersey

Image Source

Though the name says Pond, this is a lake offering crystal clear water. However, if you want to visit the lake you will have to take permission as it is protected by the government. It also offers activities like fishing and more.

Location: Rockaway Township, NJ
Best Time to visit: Throughout the year

13. Ramapo Lake

Ramapo lake in nj

Image Source

Situated inside Ramapo mountain state forest, Ramapo lake is one of the best lakes in the city. It offers a great number of activities to indulge in like camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing and more. You must not miss out on this one.

Location: New Jersey
Best Time to visit: Any time of the year

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This list of lakes in new jersey are by no means the end of the variety, which New Jersey has to offer, but it does state the best ones where one can have recreational fun with family and friends while also enjoying the pristine surroundings. So, plan a trip to US and visit these lakes for a peaceful sojourn that you will remember for lifetime.

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