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It will not be superficial to say that Norway is the land of lakes. There are almost half a million lakes in Norway which are identified. The total estimated area covered by lakes is estimated as 17,100 km square. It is said that the most of the lakes are evolved due to glacier erosion. There are freshwater lakes and there are few deepest lakes in the country named Hornindalsvantnet (514m) and Salsvatnet (464 m).

Top 9 Lakes In Norway

It would not be possible to cover all the lakes in a single frame but we tried to feature some of the major lakes in Norway in this blog:

1. Rossvatnet

Reflection of mountain and lake

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Spread in the area of around 219 square kilometres, this is the second largest lake of Norway after Mjosa. Rossvatnet is a beautiful lake existed from the long time ago, serves as a lake as well as a reservoir. The lake is 240 metres deep with the volume of about 15 cubic kilometres. You can witness a picturesque view of the amazing Northern Lights from here.

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2. Mosvatnet

ship on the lake

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Scattered in the area of about 78 square kilometres, this is the tenth largest lake in Norway. The lake lies in the watershed of the Skein river and drained into the Mana river. The lake also make its contribution in hydroelectric production as it is one of the few lake where one can found Norway’s highest mountain farms.

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3. Randsfjorden


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With an estimated area of about 138 square kilometres and depth of 120 metres, this lake is also considered as one of the largest lakes in Norway. The lake is 135 metres above sea level. Derived its name from fjord which means a saltwater inlet, this is one of the prominent freshwater lake located in the country of Oppland in the districts of Land and Hadeland. This is a narrow shaped lake on a north-south axis.

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4. Tyrifjorden

boat on the lake

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The Lake is located 40 kilometres northwest of Oslo with area of 137 square kilometres. Being the 295 meters deep this is the fifth largest lake of Norway. The name of this lake is derived from the word ‘tyri’ which means old or dead wood and records says that the lake was known as Tyri in beginning. The primary source of the lake is Begna River, which discharge into Tyrifjorden at Honefoss. Vikersund is the primary outlet of the lake near to the southwest corner of the lake, where Tyrifjorden drained into the Drammenselva River.

5. Snasavatnet

Snasavatnet lake

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This Lake is located in the municipalities of Steinkjer and Snasa in Trondelag County. Being the sixth largest lake of Norway, it is spread in the area of 120 square kilometres. The beautiful lake is covered with villages of Folling and Sunnan at South-western end and village of Snasa at North-eastern end. The lake is 24 metres above the sea level and a railway line called Nordlandsbanen runs along the southern shore. This is one of the few lakes which are evolved due to glacier erosion.

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6. Tunnsjoen

lake surrounded by large trees

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This beautiful lake lies in the south of a large lake known as Limingen and spread in the area of 100.18 square kilometres. The lake lies in the municipalities of Royrvik and Lierne in Trondelag County. This lake is 358 metres above the sea level and lies in just west of the border with Sweden. Tourists can enjoy a lot of heroic and daredevil activities like hiking, cycling, water-rafting, skiing and snowmobiling around here.

7. Limingen


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Being the 8th largest lake of Norway in Europe, it lies 418 metres above the sea level with an area of around 93 square kilometres. The lake is located in the municipalities of Royrvik and Lierne in Trondelag County just north of the other lake,Tunnsjoen. This is one of the few lake which is regulated by dams. There are various museums in the surrounding areas.

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8. Oyeren

Dry lake

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With a surface area of around 85 square kilometres, this is the ninth largest lake of the Norway. The lake is located in the municipalities of Enebakk, Skedsmo Fet and Raelingen in Akershus County and Spydeberg and Trogstad municipalities in Ostfold County. The name of this lake is derived from an island. We suggest you to arrive early at the lake.

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9. Femunden

Silent lake

Image Credit: Rundgren by flickr

This is one of the largest natural lakes in Norway and not to forget the third largest lake. The lake lies in the serene area which has the border of Femundsmarka National Park in the north-east part of the lake which also located in the municipality of Engerdal and some other parts in municipality of Os and Roros. The lake is spread around in the area of 204 square kilometres with a depth of 130 metres.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lakes In Norway

Which is the largest lake in Norway?

Randsfjorden is one of the largest lakes in Norway covering the area of 138 square kilometers and it is 120 meters deep. This is the most prominent freshwater lake in Norway located in Oppland.

Which lake in Norway has got its name from an island?

Oyeren Lake got its name from an island and it is the 9th largest lake in Norway. This lake is situated in Ostfold county and Akershus County of Norway. It is recommended to visit this lake before sunset to get the best views.

Which is the deepest lake in Norway?

Rossvatnet Lake is the second-largest lake with the coverage of 219 square kilometers and deepest lake with a depth of 240 meters. It is a beautiful lake that offers a perfect view of the Northern lights.

Which lake of Norway contributes to hydro-electric production?

Mosvatnet Lake also gives a contribution to the production of hydroelectricity as this is the only lake in Norway, where mountain farms are found. It is the tenth largest lake in Norway which is spread over 78 square kilometers.

Which lake in Norway got developed from glacier erosion?

Snasavatnet lake got gradually developed due to the erosion of glaciers. It covers the area of 120 squares kilometers, being the sixth largest lake in Norway. The popular railway line Nordlandsbanen runs along the lake and it is 24 meters above sea level.

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