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    Cultural music performance in Lakshman Sagar

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    A 19th century hunting lodge, belonging to the then Thakur of Raipur, Lakshman Sagar Resort is a little-known property that’s perfect for a slow traveler who wants to spend the time in best of experiential resorts. Here, you get to witness the essence of rural Rajasthan through cultural performances and decor, and still get to experience the best of luxury with your private plunge pool right outside your thatched-roof cottages.

    This is not the place you check-in merely to dump your luggage, go sightseeing and spend the night away. This property is a destination in itself, where you come for unforgettable experiences.

    This post will get you in acquaintance with its exclusive features, and other tourist information like tariff, location etc. So, let’s get it started.

    What’s special about Lakshman Sagar?

    1. The colorfully decorated mud cottages reflect the beauty of rural Rajasthan

    Room in Lakshman Sagar

    Image Source

    Sitting area in Lakshman Sagar

    Image Source

    Colorful sitting area in Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    Sitting area in Lakshman Resort painted in blue

    Image Source

    Inspired by ecotourism the property features 12 mud & stone cottages covering 900 sq ft Each of the cottages are decorated with colorful elements like cushions, rugs, lamps and curtains. The colors have been wit-fully adapted, balancing with classy and rural look.

    2. Each cottage comes with a private plunge pool

    Private pool with cottage in Lakshman Sagar

    Image Source

    View of private pool with cottage in Lakshman Resort

    Image Source

    Lakshman Sagar and private pool

    Image Source

    These mud and stone cottages aren’t about colors alone, each of them come with a plunge pool. You also have cots right beside the pool for sunbathing.

    3. Rock cut pool where evenings are made beautiful with folk music

    Lakshman Sagar Resort lit up in evening

    Image Source

    Cultural music performance in Lakshman Sagar

    Image Source

    View of Lakshman Sagar Resort in evening

    Image Source

    A woman sitting beside the rock-cut pool of Lakshman Resort

    Image Source

    Beside the private plunge pool, you also have a crater-like rock-cut pool overlooking the impressive edifice of the property. The cultural music performance by the pool is another reason to spend more time by or in the pool.

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    4. Sundowners at the Zanana terrace will satiate your wanderlust

    Terrace in Lakshman Sagar Resor

    Image Source

    Sitting area of Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    Colorful terrace of Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    When the sun is about to set, order a glass or wine and we’re pretty sure you’ll be living the best time of your life.

    5. You get to get high with local liquor tasting

    Wine glasses and bottle in Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    Staff holding tray for local liquor tasting

    Image Source

    Beautiful dining setting in Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    It’s always a better plan to go Desi. When in Lakshman Sagar Resort, sip in the finest of local liquor and get high on the spirit of Rajasthan.

    6. Organic vegetation sprinkle the homely and healthy touch to the culinary experience

    Local working on organic vegetation in Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    Local woman in Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan

    Image Source

    The ‘no-menu’ concept of Lakshman Sagar, allows the guest to enjoy the local flavors as per their preferences. The food is prepared with ingredients grown in-house, or sourced locally.

    7. You begin your mornings with fields breakfast and conclude the day with bonfire

    Open field breakfast in Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    Bonfire in Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    Your mornings begin the rural way, with breakfast amidst the fields on a cot. The nights are beautified with bonfire, right by the lake.

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    Other special features

    An evening in Lakshman Sagar Resort

    Image Source

    Lakshman Sagar Resort goes miles ahead when it comes to offering experiences during the stay. Here, the guests unwind with Yoga & meditation sessions. To get an insight to local culture, they are village tours. Fishing, jeep safaris, Raipur Fort visit, and a trek to Fatehgarh Fort further add on to the memories.

    Essential tourist information

    Lakshman Sagar Resort with lamps

    Image Source

    Now that you’re all set for a staycation in the Lakshman Sagar, don’t skip these important pieces of information:

    Best time visit

    Just like many other places to visit in Rajasthan, Pali District too is best visited in the winter season. Monsoon season is good to visit to, and it’s usually less crowded during this time. However, humidity might be an issue for you. Summer can be harsh, but the evenings are usually pleasant.


    Per night tariff in Lakshman Sagar Resort may vary due to different aspects, such as number of days, season and other factors. If you’re booking in the winter season, which is the best time for a trip to Rajasthan, the the starting tariff per night is INR 15,675 for two adults. This price may again vary if you look up for deals online, or connect with resort’s authorities through mail or phone call regarding the same.

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    We’d love to hear about your stay in Lakshman Sagar! Share your reviews in the comment section.

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