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The Northernmost region of Finland, Lapland is famed for its surreal subarctic wilderness. People across the globe come over to not just enjoy husky sledding and making ice sculptures, but to also witness jaw-dropping phenomena like the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.

This Lapland guide is here to tell you everything about the places to visit, activities, weather, accommodation, food and more! So, just scroll through and find some inspiration and information!

Things to do in Lapland

1. Watch the Northern Lights

People watching the Northern Lights in Lapland

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2. Enjoy the husky safaris

Husky safari in Lapland

3. Behold the midnight sun

Midnight sun in Lapland

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4. Take the enthralling reindeer ride

Reindeer ride in Lapland

5. Swift across the alpine slopes while skiing in Lapland

Skiing in Lapland

Where to go

1. Santa Claus Village

Santa village lapland

When we talk about the best places to visit in Lapland, Santa Claus Village is something that cannot be missed. This is the only official home of Santa Claus and there are a myriad of attractions, such as meeting Santa, amazing ice sculptures, and souvenir shop.

2. Levin Lapinkyla

Reindeer ride in Lapland

This is a traditional farm where one can get himself acquainted with Finnish culture, while also enjoying reindeer rides, Lapp delicacies and smoke saunas.

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3. Arktikum


Regarded as 4th best travel attraction of Finland Arktikum is a beloved museum showcasing the history and culture of the Arctic Region, more specifically Finland.

4. Yllas Ski Resort

 Yllas Ski Resort

Known to have the longest runs in Finland, Yllas Ski Resort is a paradise for someone looking for incredible experience in snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling treks, husky safaris, and loads of fun in the snow. The resort is spread across two villages, and have plentiful restaurants and accommodation.

Other than the mentioned attractions, SIIDA Museum, Santa Park, and Lainio Snow Village are some of the best places to visit in Lapland which you must check out!

How to reach

Lapland sunset

Being a famous tourist destination of Finland, Lapland is an easy-access place where you can reach via air, road and rail.

  • By air: Lapland is easily connected by air through airports in cities like Kemi, Enontekio, Rovaniemi, Kittila, and Ivalo.
  • By rail: A good network of railway connects Lapland with different other parts of Finland such as Helsinki. Kemijarvi, Kemi, Rovaniemi, and Kolari are some places in Finland with well-connected railway station.
  • By road: Lapland is an easy to reach destination, even through the roadways. Buses to Lapland can be boarded from almost any area in Finland. However, if you decide to hire your own car and are coming from Helsinki, then the route takes you through Lahti, Jyvaskyla and Oulu, further ending in Rovaniemi.

Places to stay

 Lapland glass igloo

Lapland puts almost all the stays in the world to shame with its glass igloo stay – Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort East Village. The cozy glass igloos happen to be a dreamy place with comfy bed and modern abilities. You can behold the Northern lights right from the comfort of your bed. People travel from different parts of the country just for a night or two stay in this experiential property.

Other than this, some of the best places to stay in Lapland are – Guesthouse Husky, Torassieppi Reindeer Farm and Cottages, Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara, and Hotelli Inarin Kultahovi Oy.

What to eat

 sweet potato casserole

When in Lapland, savoring Lapp delicacies will elevate the beautiful experience of being in this Finnish lands. Salmiakki Koskenkorva, cinnamon rice pudding, Karelian tartlet, Herring, and Sweet Potato Casserole are some of the things that you must try here.

If you’re looking for the best places to eat, then – Kaamasen Kievari, Levin Panimo & Pub, Xiang Long, and Ravintola Aanaar, and Restaurant Pirkon Pirtti.

The best time to visit Lapland

Lapland scenic

Lapland has subarctic to continental climate conditions. This means the Summer here is very mild, and Winter is full of snow. Blessed with Northern Lights in Winter and Midnight Sun during Summer make Lapland, or rather Finland, a year-round destination. For a detailed overview for each of the seasons in Lapland, keep reading!

  • Winter (December- March): Being a winter-wonderland bejeweled with Northern Lights during this time of the year, this is a peak tourist season. In this season, the ice and snow hotels are reopened and the husky & snowmobile tours get operated on daily basis as well. Hence, this is a lovely time to visit Lapland.
  • Summer (June- July): Summer in Lapland is about the Midnight Sun views – a phenomenon in which the sun never sets below the horizon. Also, since the temperature is comparatively higher (10- 15 degrees celsius), this is perfect time to indulge in various activities such as hiking, and river cruising.

We’re sure that right now you’re fighting the urge to book your trip to Europe.

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