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    Glass Igloos have frost-preventive walls so as to provide unhindered view of the striking sky

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    Most of us dream of a romantic night under the stars. But only a few are able to live it; and fewer live it in style. Glass igloos in Finland are straight out of your most romantic dream. They offer crystal clear view of the blue sky, glittering with numerous stars, unmarred by any pollution, while you are under a cozy blanket inside a glass igloo. And let’s not forget the surrounding snow that makes the whole experience more ethereal.

    The Village hotel boasts of 20 thermally insulated Glass Igloos

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    Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland

    The Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is the place where you can live your dream of sleeping in the wilderness and enjoying the stunning views. The Village hotel boasts of 20 glass igloos, which are thermally charged to optimize the outside temperature, which is as low as -30 degree Celsius. These igloos are specially built to prevent frosting on the glass so as to provide an enchanting panoramic view of twinkling stars. And Northern Lights in the months of August to April, if you are very lucky!

    Glass Igloos have frost-preventive walls so as to provide unhindered view of the striking sky

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    The igloos are fitted with thermally insulated walls and ceilings to keep the pad warm and comfortable, even when it’s frosting cold outside. They can fit two people at a time and are spacious enough to not be crowded.

    Glass-Igloo-in-Finland_24th oct

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    The view of striking Northern Lights from the Glass Igloos in Finland

    Image Source

    Even though there is no guarantee of Northern Lights, the hotel keeps a track of the weather and chimes a central bell to give the tourists a heads up of the natural wonder, if there is any chance of its occurrence.

    Although the hotel operates all year around, the best time to see the marvel of glass igloos is during the winter months, from October to May. This is the time when the weather is good for most activities. Also the chances are higher for the occurrence of Northern Lights.

    Before we get to details, here’s a video to make you swoon! The clip shows a couple’s extraordinary winter holiday at the Igloo hotel.

    Snow Igloos and Log Cabin Accommodations

    Besides the Igloo Village, other accommodations at the Kakslauttanen Resort are no less captivating. There are Snow Igloos, Log Cabins, Kelo-Glass Igloos, Queen Suites, Gold Digger’s Cabins, Santa’s Home, Traditional House Cabins, and Sivakka – the family cabins.

    The beauty of Kelo-Glass Igloos at Kakslauttanen Igloo Resort is no less

    Kelo-Glass Igloo at Kakslauttanen

    Image Source

    The comfortable interiors of log cabins at Kakslauttanen Igloo Hotel in Finland

    Log Cabins at Kakslauttanen Hotel

    Image Source

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    Activities at the Kakslauttanen Resort

    Husky Safari at Kakslauttanen Village is one of the recreational activities you can indulge in

    Image Source

    Snowmobile Safari – Enjoy the best sceneries on these fastest, and most-adrenaline-filled rides. It includes a coffee break and a lunch prepared in open-fire. Also, for the nocturnal lovers, an overnight safari is also an option.

    Snowmobile Safari in Finland is one of the fun activities arranged by the Village Hotel

    Image Source

    Icebreaker Sampo – The icebreaker cruise ship is one of the most popular travel attractions in Finland. The day-long trip will take you through the city and give you an opportunity to take a dip in the icy Bay of Bothnia, while dressed in a dry suit.

    Icebreaker Samro Cruise Ship is one of the popular tourist attractions at Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland

    Image Source

    Skiing and snowboarding – Two of the best ski fells of Finland are just 15 minutes’ drive from the resort.

    Ice Fishing – You can enjoy the novelty of ice-fishing in Finland. Search for fishing spots and empty the winter nets with the aid of your local guide.

    Aurora Hunting – A nocturnal adventure in the wilderness, wherein you can chase the phenomenal Aurora, or Northern Lights as they are popularly known.

    Horse-riding and Sleigh-riding – Try your hand at winter horseback riding. It’s a must try if you have never experienced the thrill before. Also, no snow vacation is complete without a sleigh ride! Hop on and glide through the pearly ice while musing ‘Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…Oh what fun it is to ride on a one-horse open sleigh’.

    Husky Safari and Reindeer Safari – Get a feel of steering huskies through the white expanses of snow. Indulge in the reindeer safari and live life, king size; just like the old kings used to!

    Reindeer Safari is one of the most enthralling fun activities at Igloo Resort in Finland

    Image Source

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    How to reach Igloo Village Hotel Kakslauttanen

    The Igloo Village is in Finland, about 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. The nearest international airport is Ivalo International Airport, which is hardly a 30-minute ride from the place.

    Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is quite reachable in Finland

    Image Source

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    A Glass Igloo in Finland will cost you just INR 40,750 per night; that isn’t too much for an experience of a lifetime, is it?

    And while we compiled details of this wondrous, extremely romantic destination, we came across Bruised Passports, an amazing blog by a couple who documented the most amazing trip of their life. Check out their amazing pictures and the exciting experiences they had at the Igloo Village, <here.

    The Glass Igloo Village is the best Arctic experience you can have! Add it to your 2022 bucket list right away, and for any queries, visit their official website. You could also read actual reviews at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort’s TripAdvisor Page.

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