Malta is an island country situated at the center of the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by Italy from the south, Tunisia in the east, and Libya in the north. The traditional Maltese cuisine is something for which people even the Mediterranean sea just to taste the cuisine of historical importance. The festivals of Malta, holy feasts, new year eve street parties, cultural carnivals are the major attractions in Malta in December. Before we head towards the list of these amazing places, let’s first see how the weather in Malta is like during this time of the year.

Weather In Malta In December

Weather In Malta In December

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The temperature in Malta during December drops the minimum till 11°C on an average during the night and the maximum temperature rises up to 18°C. You will not feel much cold around the sea, however, it is advisable to keep some winter collection with you always.

The weather during this time of the year is just great if you are someone who loves trekking. The yellow-red evening skies are breathtaking besides the beach. Moreover, if you love an outdoor lunch, then your Christmas lunch has to be booked in advance by the beach on the day of Christmas.

5 Places To Visit In Malta In December

Malta has a rich cultural heritage as well as its literature, arts, architectural base, music everything is worth experiencing. So, here are 5 places in Malta where you should visit in order to be a part of this amazing historical heritage of Malta.

1. Mdina


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Mdina is a city of medieval times. Being the former capital of Malta, it holds the history of more than 4,000 years. The city walls, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Cathedral Museum are the places of interest in Malta. Visiting Malta during December would require you to look for a coffee place. Garden where you can find a number of nice places to grab a cup of coffee that you can enjoy with someone special or all by yourself. You are going to be in for a delightful experience if you’re visiting Mdina on your trip to Europe. The month of December welcomes the tourists from all across the globe who end up here seeking fun and a thrill for historical artwork. The rich and varied culture of this city is what makes it stand out from the rest of the locations here.

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2. Saluting Battery

Saluting Battery

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Located in Valletta, the oldest saluting battery in the world. It has protected the Grand harbor for around 500 years now. During the occasion of states, feast or religious anniversary, the salutes were fired from these batteries. Visiting Saluting Battery should be in your bucket list of the things to do in Malta in December if you want to be in for a wonderful time on this island during this time of the year. For the tourists visiting this island, Saluting Battery turns out to be the best pick to experience Malta weather in December. You shouldn’t miss out the amazing views that this place has to offer during the month of December.

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3. Ta’ Qali craft village

Ta’ Qali craft village

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Traditional arts and crafts are the historic heritage of Malta. This Ta’ Qali village is based on Nissan village and they make different types of Maltese gifts like filigree-making, homemade preserves, and pottery. They even give you local gemstones that you can bring as beautiful souvenirs for your beloved ones.

This being said, visiting Ta’ Qali craft village should be in your bucket list if Malta is going to be your tourist destination anytime soon. This village is going to let you witness a number of artworks that are known to take the breaths of their visitors away. A number of galleries are surely going to catch your attention if you happen to be in this part of the world during the month of December.

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4. Sliema


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Fond of alcohols, food with shopping? Well, Sliema is a must visit for you. Sliema is a city having both modern and old side of its own. A place full of restaurants with different cuisines and bars. Sliema is famous for the biggest coastline resort of Malta which is visited by a number of tourists during December. If you’re wondering “Is Malta hot in December?”, this is exactly where you need to come. You can have a fine dinner along with keeping it light on your pocket as the restaurants at this place have quite reasonable rates. You just can’t afford to miss Sliema if you’re visiting Malta during the end of the year. Plan your trip beforehand and do not leave this place unchecked on your bucket list.

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5. Culto


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At the back streets of Valletta, this Italian cafe Culto, being the best cafeteria and panineria will serve you amazing Italian coffee. You can ask for anything you desire like cakes, brownies according to your appetite and Culto will not disappoint you ever. Fresh Italian panini filled with delicious dairy and meat products is a must try if you visit Malta in December. This cafe should not be missed if you want to experience the best side of Malta temperature in December. You get to savor a delicious cup of coffee while being at this cafe, thus making your trip to Malta something to look back to. Culto cafe is one of the major tourist attractions of Malta and brings in a number of tourists throughout the year. December shows a hike in the number of visitors to Malta and Culto cafe tends to grab a major chunk out of them.

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Malta has a lot to offer if you choose to visit this place during the month of December. The year ends with a bang in this part of the world and this is exactly why you should visit Malta in December. You get to witness beautiful architecture along with delicious dishes if you’re visiting Malta during the end of the year. Do not forget to visit the places mentioned in this article if you truly want to have the best time on your vacation to Malta.

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