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Mapungubwe National Park in South Africa is the ideal destination for those who are in search of beauty and serenity. Here in the park, you can get the chance to experience and live the extraordinary history of the area. The beautiful view of the sunset at the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers, the stunning sight of the eagles soaring over the Botswana and Zimbabwe skies, the echoing sound of the elephant trumpets and the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings, all of these elements together make the reserve nothing less than a paradise-on-earth.

The place has a charm of its own which never fails to amaze its visitors. The beauty of the place is such that every year it draws thousands of visitors from all over the world. The park is rich in scenic beauty, biodiversity, and archaeological treasures. Not only that, but the place is also treated as a sanctuary for some of the most threatened animal lives on the planet which includes the wild dog, cheetahs, the black rhinoceros, elephants and brown hyenas.

The Mapungubwe National Park animals are some of the most threatened lives on the planet. The reserve is also the last protected areas of the Limpopo riverine forests. The Mapungubwe National Park is truly a magical place which provides shelter to numerous lives and nourishes them to grow. If you wish to witness the true beauty of nature then this could be an ideal spot for you. If you are planning a visit to the park you should go through this guide once in order to know the important details.

About Mapungubwe National Park

About Mapungubwe National Park

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The Mapungubwe National Park is a park located in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Nestled along the Kolope River, the park is home to numerous animals. The park is located by the south of the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers and stretches about 15 km to the northeast of the Venetia Diamond Mine. The park is known to border the mapesu private game reserve to the south.

The park abuts on the border with Zimbabwe and Botswana and also forms a part of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area. You can also refer to the Mapungubwe National Park map for help. Established in the year 1995, the park covers an area of 28,000 hectares. The park is also known to protect the Mapungubwe Hill, which are a historical site and the capital of the Mapungubwe Kingdom. The park is home to vast wildlife and the riverine forests along the Limpopo River.

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Best Time To Visit

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The Mapungubwe National Park is worth experiencing and the best time to do that is during the months of March and May. During this time the air is free of dust and also less hot than the summers. The area has a scarcity of rainfall throughout the year, however, during the summer months, you can still expect rain clouds to visit the area. Therefore, animals are hard to spot around this time. But during the winter time, you can easily predict their whereabouts as they stay close to the water sources. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of the park to the fullest then visiting it in the months of March and May will be the best idea for you. However, you can still visit the park at other times of the year as well.

Things To Do At Mapungubwe National Park

The park has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is guaranteed that you won’t have a single dull moment from the time you enter the park. There are so many interesting things to do in Mapungubwe National Park.

1. Take The Treetop Walk

Tree Top Walk

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The Treetop walk allows the visitors to take a leisure stroll at canopy level. You can enjoy the abundant birdlife in the trees around you along with the little antelopes and the rich vegetation below you. The Treetop walk can give you long lasting memories and a great experience that you will cherish for your entire life.

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2. Mabudashango Hiking Trail

Mabudashango Hiking Trail

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This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Limpopo. The trail will take you around 4 days to complete. This 53 km long trail is filled with the indigenous forest that contains the burial grounds for the Venda Chiefs. It is in fact, one of the most sacred sites to visit.

3. Zoutpansberg Skirmishes Route


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The beautiful Zoutpansberg Skirmishes Route is the ideal thing for all the history buffs. If you are interested to learn how the set of mountains was involved in the Anglo Boer War then you can surely travel down this route.

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4. Visit Madi A Thavha Design

Madi A Thavha

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Here you can get to check a wide variety of fashion and home products that are designed by rural women. The main collection includes the Venda and Shangaan collection. You can buy whatever art and craft please your mind.
So these are some of the interesting things to do in Mapungubwe National Park


Beautiful bird flying in the Sky

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The park remains open for the whole year but you can enter the park only at specific times in a day. The timings are provided below.

  • September to March: From 6 am to 6:30 pm
  • April to August: From 6:30 am to 6 pm

Now that you know the timing, you can plan your visit accordingly. however, it is suggested that you should visit the park as early as possible in the morning so that you get a full day to explore the beauty and the wildlife of the park.

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Entry Fees

To enjoy the beauty of the Mapungubwe National Park, you are required to pay an entry fee, the details to which are provided below.
1. For South African citizens with ID card, the entry fee is R55 per head and for children, it is R28 per child.
2. For SADC Nationals with passports, the entry fee is R109 per head and for children, the fee is R55 per child.
3. Foreign visitors are required to pay an entry fee of R218 per head and for children, the fee is R109 per child.
Make sure that you carry your ID cards and passports while visiting the park.

How To Reach Mapungubwe National Park ?


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In order to reach the Mapungubwe National Park, you can take a car ride from Johannesburg on the N1 towards Polokwane. Polokwane International Airport is the nearest airport from the reserve. The distance from the airport is only 200 kilometers. There is also a daily coach service available to reach the reserve. The coach travels from Gauteng to Musina from where you can avail an Avis Car Hire Office. Traveling by the road to reach the park is considered to be a most convenient option. However, it is completely up to your choice and comfort, what you are likely to choose. Also, you can take help from the Mapungubwe National Park map.

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Tips To Remember

Tips for travelling

1. The Mapungubwe National Park in South Africa is malaria infested area and therefore, it is advised that you take anti-malaria before visiting the park. This is to ensure safety for yourself.
2. You should also carry some mosquito repellent with you for extra precaution.

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The Mapungubwe National Park is one of the best places that you can visit in South Africa. The reserve is filled with history and wildlife which is worth experiencing. Mapungubwe National Park animals are worth a site as you can witness some of the threatened species out there. Now that you know the details of the park you will be able to plan your trip to South Africa accordingly.

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