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Vacations and holidays are one of the most important elements in one’s life. Travelers can make the best out of their vacation not just by visiting marvelous locations, but by also staying in the best hotels near the airport. There are various amazing Mauritius hotels near the airport and one can head out to wander across the regions beautifully lined- boutiques, medieval streets, lakes, rivers, fortifications and much more. This beautiful French region has some best hotels for tourists visiting the country for the first time.
Guests can enjoy a comfortable stay at these Mauritius hotels near airport that come with exquisite facilities that include free connectivity, blackout curtains, balcony settings, kitchen and much more that one has never experienced before. Taste some yummy and mouthwatering French food. It is alright even if the tourist is not a French food enthusiast, as the culinary experts are masters of all sorts of international food cuisines such as Indian, European, Chinese, and Dutch. One can taste the soul of the region that lies in its well-cooked onion pickled fish and exotic soda.

Special Experiences

At Mauritius hotels near airport, one can enjoy the special services provided exclusively for all guests residing there. Access to some special full body treatments includes Balinese massage, facial scrubs, masks, foot massage, and acupuncture as well. World-class Jacuzzi, steam rooms, bubble baths and swimming pools that come with music systems to which guests can dance to in the waters are all available at the hotels. One can enjoy water sports such as water volleyball and snorkel with friends after the tour to end the day fantastically. Best examples of the amazing hospitality of Mauritius hotels near the Airport are Shandrani Beachcomber and Holiday Inn Mauritius. These experiences are sure to enhance a holiday and make it a lot more fun.


Apart from providing the customers with connectivity to the airport, the Mauritius hotels near Airport also provides them with basic and necessary facilities. Travelers can stay connected with friends and family sharing updates through the free Wi-Fi connectivity provided throughout the hotel. The rooms are provided with facilities such as flat screen television, blackout curtains, seating arrangements, bathtubs, hot showers, radio system, cabinets, and private bar. Spa treatments, heated pool and much more are also included in the lavish stay. When considering Hotels near the airport in Mauritius couple of beautiful places the stay and enjoy the holiday along with all the facilities is Ile Des Deux Cocos villa and Nativ Lodge and Spa. These are some of the best properties near the airport that assure a fun-filled vacation to the guests.


The food services are top rated at the Mauritius hotels near airport as they are prepared by well-trained and highly qualified food experts. The dining comes in a huge variety of food preparations which includes all sorts of international cuisines. From French, Italian, Chinese, European and Indian, all variety of dishes are served by these chivalrous masters to satisfy the foodie within. Do not miss out on the exotic seafood that Mauritius is known for. One can order the well-known fish topped with pickled onion and mustard sauce along with some red wine for a perfect dinner.
There are few options for in-house bars as well at these hotels , where well-trained bartenders might just put on a spontaneous show for visitors allowing them to relax with their drink without having to set out of the hotel.


Q1. Do hotels near the airport in Mauritius serve Indian cuisines?

A. Yes, these hotels serve Indian food prepared by certified chefs.

Q2. Do these hotels offer airport shuttle service?

A. Tourists can opt for a shuttle service offered by many hotels. For Instance, Holiday Inn offers free shuttle service for all its guests arriving at the Mauritius Airport.

Q3. Do these hotels offer buffet breakfast?

A. In most cases, hotels offer buffet breakfast for its guests. Travelers should still confirm once before booking.

Q4. Do these hotels offer concierge services?

A. Yes. Many hotels offer concierge services to its guests for an extra charge. For instance, Holiday Inn arranges for concierge services for its special guests.

Q5. What is the hygiene quotient at these hotels?

A. These hotels maintain standard hygienic conditions for its guests. The staff is also highly receptive to suggestion and comments.

At the Mauritius hotels near airport enjoy the best services like never before. Travelers can choose from an array of hotels, including Holiday Inn, Le Peninsula Bay Beach Resort & Spa, Anahita Golf and Spa Resort and many others. Facilities and amenities like free internet connectivity, air conditioning system, flat screen displays, vast cabinets, and blackout curtains only add to the experience. Other amenities include coffee or tea making machines, private bar and enjoy drinks chilling in the room. The wooden floorings and bright lights are professionally designed to give the room a lavish and contemporary style. A full body relaxing treatment at the top-rated spas, acupuncture sessions, steam baths, and hot tubs are just the thing one needs after a day spent sightseeing. Guests can dance to some foot tapping music with friends and family. Water sports such as volleyball and snorkeling can be arranged by the hotels as well. Guests can choose between comfortable rooms that come in various styles such as standard, executive, superior, deluxe, and suite. Make the best of this vacation by enjoying both a lavish stay at the hotel as well as a luxurious tour around the country.

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