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    A couple enjoys a kiss at the Mendenhall Ice Cave

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    Behold the magnificence of the Mendenhall Glacier – a 21 km long sheet of ice formed about 3000 years ago. We all know that the ice on this planet is melting fast; like really fast. But not all of its effects are so bad.

    The blue waters of the river flowing inside the cave

    Image Source

    These caves exist only because the glacier is melting. But only till the glacier doesn’t recede entirely onto the land. Sadly enough, it will recede on to the land eventually. And so, we have very little time.

    To begin with, it is a beautiful landscape under the blue ceiling of a partially hollow glacier, where water runs over rocks.

    A trekker tries to capture the beauty of the ice caves in his camera

    Image Source

    Another view of the inside of the ice caves

    Image Source

    A frozen waterfall inside the ice caves

    Image Source

    So, without further ado, let us quickly go through this Go-Pro video of the blissful icy haven

    If you think it is all about the beauty of the caves, Think Again!

    A view of the large glacier

    Image Source

    It is a strenuous 13-km hike before you reach the ice glacier.

    Hikers going through a tiring and difficult trek to the ice caves

    Image Source

    A bing map view of the strenuous trek to the ice glacier

    Image Source

    “Over rough, steep, uneven, unmarked, and slippery terrain” – U.S Forest Service

    Trekkers rappelling a slippery mountain before reaching the ice cave

    Image Source

    You will need Micro Spike Crampons to walk on the Ice Glacier

    Crampsons help to have a firm grip while you walk on ice sheet

    Image Source

    And many more equipments to complete the trek.

    Trekkers use trekking pole

    Image Source

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    If you thought the trek to glacier was tough, try finding the Mendenhall ice caves yourself.

    Finding an ice cave involves a long search for the same

    Image Source

    This video describes the hike to the caves by Joanne Lee, an adventurer who took a weekend trek with four friends.

    How To Reach Mendenhall Valley?

    Flights To Juneau

    The flight from India to Juneau in Alaska

    The flights to Juneau are easily available from cities across the globe. So, worry not!

    From Airport to Skaters Cabin Road

    The route from airport to the beginning point of the ice trek

    The trek begins from the Skaters Cabin Road, located about 10 km from the airport. Cabs can take you to the base-camp in 15 minutes.

    How is the Weather like?

    Weather charts showing the average temperature during the 12 months of a year

    Image Source

    The temperatures are sub-zero throughout the day during December – Mid February. This makes these months the best time to explore the glacier.

    Other Things To Know Before Taking The Mendenhall Ice Cave Trek

    • The ice on the lake is never safe to walk on. The ice thickness may vary due to the flowing water.
    • Icebergs can roll over without warning. And yes, it is possible even when the lake is frozen. This may lead to cracking of the ice sheet.
    • The glacier is constantly splitting into smaller fragments. Ice near the face of the glacier is weaker due to the same reason and result in people falling through the ice.
    • Hurry, before they melt. Yes, the caves are melting and much faster than you could imagine. So, if you are really into visiting this natural wonder, plan it soon.

    Fellas! You have little time before the Mendenhall Glacier recedes away from the lake, entirely onto the land. So if you wish to visit these caves, and we suggest you do, plan a trip to Juneau soon.

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