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    Psychedelic imagery of the Reed Flute Cave in China

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    The Earth never ceases to amaze us. The intricate geographies, diverse climatic conditions, and the natural peculiarities of the corners of the world make us wonder and seek an explanation. From hell to the heavens across the globe, the mysterious places that follow are just as surprising. So sit back and be astounded by these 11 mysterious places around the world.

    1. Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

    A woman stands at the edge of the door to hell in Turkmenistan

    Image Source
    It is natural gas field that collapsed in 1971. To contain the spread of the Methane gas, geologists set it on fire and it has been continuously burning ever since.

    2. Fly Geyser, Nevada

    Hot water ejects out of the flying geyser in Nevada

    Image Source
    The geyser, only 5 feet tall, was created by well digging in 1964 to explore sources of geothermal energy.

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    3. Richat Structure, Mauritania

    A bird eye view of the Richat Structure in Maurutania

    Image Source
    Initially thought as a meteorite impact structure, it is now thought to be merely an uplift laid bare due to erosion. Though, no conclusive studies exist.

    4. Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York

    Natural methane emerges from fissures in the ground where it can be lit

    Image Source
    The small cave at the base of the waterfall emits natural gas that can be lit to produce a small flame and extinguished easily. Once lit, the flame can go on up to one year, unless extinguished by force.

    5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

    An SUV and its reflection at the Salar De Uyuni nature fields

    Image Source
    The world’s largest salt flat was formed when a prehistoric lake went dry. A thin film of water gathers on the salt surface and gives the mirror-like reflecting surface.

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    6. Reed Flute Cave, Guangxi, China

    Psychedelic imagery of the Reed Flute Cave in China

    Image Source
    It is a natural limestone cave with multi-colored lighting. But the reason behind the colred lighting is still a mystery.

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    7. Upper Kanarra Falls, Kanarraville, Utah

    Mystical view of the Upper Kanarra Falls in Utah

    Image Source
    It is a perfectly multi-hued, twisting-and-turning-slot canyon. It was formed due to the flowing water bodies and subaerial processes.

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    8. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

    Tourists click photographs while walking through the reddish yellow Antelope Canyon

    The slot canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo sandstone due to flash flooding and subaerial processes.

    9. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

    The heavenly appearance of the Fingal’s Cave in Scotland

    The cave, famous for its natural acoustics, was formed due to contraction and fracturing due to differential heating and cooling on the surfaces of solidified lava.

    10. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

    A view of the colored mountains at Zhagye Danxia

    Image Source
    The colored mountains were formed due to the natural weathering and erosion of the red sandstone and conglomerate laid down by sedimentation from lakes and streams in the region.

    11. Skaftafell, Iceland

    A photographer at the entrance of the icy heaven at Skaftafell in Iceland

    Image Source
    The ice caves at Skaftafell are only found in winters when the glacier river retracts and the water freezes.

    So, did these places leave you surprised by their mystical appearances? Let us know the place that was, according to you, totally out of this world.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Mysterious Places


    Q. What is the Door to Hell?

    A. The Door to Hell is a large crater of natural gas field that has been burning for a very long time. It is believed that a Soviet oil rig fell into the crater in 1971 and geologists put the rig into fire.

    Q. How much does it cost to go to Antelope Canyon?

    A. A trip to the Antelope Canyon will cost around $25 and the Navajo Parks fee of around $8. Travelers can take a tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon which will take around an hour. A night photography tour is also available which costs somewhere around $208.

    Q. Can travelers visit the Fly Geyser?

    A. Yes, travelers can now visit the Fly Geyser as the attraction is now included in the ticketed nature walks. Travelers can click pictures and see the rocks form at a distance while on these walks.

    Q. Where is the eternal flame?

    A. The Eternal Flame Falls features a small natural gas flame that can be found behind the waterfall. The flame is located in the Chestnut Ridge Park in Western New York, United States.

    Q. How long of a hike is Kanarraville Falls?

    A. The total distance travelers need to hike for approximately 4.5 miles. The hike will take around 4-5 hours.

    Q. How can travelers get to skaftafell?

    A. Travelers can get to skaftafell by car and it will take around 4 hours to reach the destination.

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