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    Fazl Mosque

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    The East African nation of Tanzania is a popular tourist destination given its diverse wilderness. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean on one end and the beautiful Kilimanjaro on the other, Tanzania makes for the perfect tourist destination in more ways than one. From the beautiful national parks to the conserved areas like the ruins of Kilwa, Tanzania is surely a bucket list place for so many reasons. The country also has a rich and old history, from the early Muslim influence in Zanzibar to the colonialism of the eighteenth century, this beautiful place has so much to offer to explore. There are many beautiful churches and mosques in Tanzania as the multicultural country has one-third population of the Christian and one-third of the Muslim faith.

    10 Mosques In Tanzania To Visit On Your Trip

    Read on to know more about the mosques in Tanzania where you can witness the beauty and history of the local culture.

    1. Kizimkazi Mosque


    Image Source

    Probably the oldest mosque in entire East Africa, this beautiful building is located on the coast itself. It is located on the tip of Zanzibar and is said to have been constructed way back in the 1100s by people from Shiraz. This small and peaceful place has seen a lot of things in the last thousand years. You might find some inscriptions and coral carved elements from way back when it was first built, however, quite a lot of it was reconstructed in the eighteenth century.

    Additional Info: Though this place is named Kizimkazi Mosque, it is however located in Dimbani, a village around 5 kilometres away from Kizimkazi.
    Location: Zanzibar City, Tanzania

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    2. Great Mosque of Kilwa

    Great Mosque of Kilwa

    Image Source

    The ruins of Kilwa are a great tourist attraction, which is why the place has comparably more visitors. Surrounded by the royal palace(built in the 13th century) and other buildings, this beautiful mosque stands majestically amidst the ruins even today. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the construction for this mosque is said to have started in the tenth century. It was built over stages in eleventh as well as the twelfth century. Nothing can be said for sure about the time period of this mosque, however, it is surely one of the oldest surviving structures of that period in East Africa. You would have to take a ferry to the island to visit this beautiful place, which houses one of the most famous mosques in Tanzania.

    Location: Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania

    3. Maamur Mosque


    Image Source

    This functional mosque is a huge prayer place for locals and tourists alike. The structure is quite modern and posh. You will find many followers visiting the mosque to offer their prayers throughout the day. The mosque is big and has separate prayer halls for males and females. Located in the city center, the mosque is conveniently situated, surrounded by modern marketplaces and is open till late at night, which means you can visit anytime during the day. The dome structure and the brick color of the mosque are quite soothing.

    Location: Upanga West, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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    4. Moshi Masjid

    Moshi Masjid

    Image Source

    The city of Moshi is visited by a number of tourists every year due to its proximity to Kilimanjaro, however, the city itself is not that old. It was in fact established in the late 1800s as a German camp. Today, the city has a sizeable Muslim population, which is why finding mosques and suitable restaurants is not a hassle here. The Moshi Tanzania Mosque is right in the middle of the town. Its white architecture with the looming towers puts the mind at peace and offers the kind of solace you need while offering daily prayers. A must-visit while on a trip to Moshi!

    Location: Moshi, Tanzania

    5. Gaddafi Mosque

    Gaddafi Mosque

    Image Source

    One of the most famous mosques in Tanzania, this is the largest mosque in the country. It is also the second largest in the whole continent. The mosque is named after the famous Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi as he provided the money to build this structure. The architecture and the grandeur of this mosque are quite noteworthy, which is why tourists from all over the world plan to travel Tanzania. This beautiful mosque is centrally located in the town of Dodoma and can seat about three thousand people easily, which gives a rough idea of its huge size.

    Location: Dodoma, Tanzania

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    6. Malindi Mosque

    Malindi Mosque

    Image Source

    One of the oldest entries on this list of mosques in Tanzania, Malindi Mosque is popular for its architecture. It is one of the only mosques in the world to not have the dome-like structure. Here, the architect chose for a conically shaped structure on the top of a cubical platform, which gives the peculiar vibe to this mosque. Dating back to the fifteenth century, this beautiful place is built by and for Sunni Muslims and is one of the oldest structures of its kind in Zanzibar.

    Location: Stone Town, Zanzibar City, Tanzania

    7. Ismaili Mosque

    Ismaili Mosque

    Image Source

    This popular mosque Iringa Tanzania is actually a symbol of the colonial history of the country. Built by the Germans, this mosque is a small wonder given its unique history and construction. A visual delight, the mosque stands tall in the center of the Iringa town of past, especially of the colonial time. European influence is quite visible on the architecture of this mosque, with a clock tower, grand halls, and arcades. Truthfully, it seems like a government building of an old-timey town in Europe, but it actually is a mosque, which makes it quite different from the usual Islamic structures in this part of Africa.

    Location: Jamat Street, Iringa, Tanzania

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    8. Fazl Mosque

    Fazl Mosque

    Image Source

    The last sixty years have seen the expansion of the Ahmadiyya faith in the African continent. One of the earliest Ahmadiyya structures in the country, this beautiful mosque was built in the 1940s after much difficulty. Also called the Taj Mahal of East Africa for its beauty, the mosque is quite popular among the followers of the Ahmadiyya sect. After the Fazl Mosque, many other mosques propped up in the region, like the Salaam Mosque in Dar es Salaam, but nothing beats the beauty and peace that Fazl Mosque bestows upon the devotees.

    Location: Tabora, Tanzania

    9. Ijumma Mosque

    Ijumma Mosque

    Image Source

    Named thus after Jumma(the holy day of Friday), this beautiful mosque was completely renovated only twenty years back. After its rebuilding in 1994, the mosque was done in Arabian style, with the Arab influence on architecture shining through the pillars of this beautiful mosque. It is one of the biggest places of prayer in the town, which makes it a favorite amongst the locals, especially on Fridays, as people from far and above come here to offer their prayers, which is why you will find the mosque over crowded on Fridays.

    Location: Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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    10. Masjid Qiblatain

    masjid qiblatain

    Image Source

    Located in the modern day, the beautiful city of Dar es Salaam, this beautiful mosque is in the heart of the city, which makes it well situated for exploring the nearby markets and other points. More of an Islamic center in the city, the mosque is named after its famous namesake in the holy city of Medina. The mosque is quite crowded during the Friday prayers, so it is best to visit on some other day of the week. The architecture and work on the walls of this beautiful mosque have a distinct central Asian influence.

    Location: Aggrey Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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    Apart from all these wonderful and historic mosques in Tanzania, there is the famous wildlife, and the beautiful town of Zanzibar, and more to explore here. Plan your trip to East Africa today with our portal and avail the best offers.

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