Best Museums in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city where people come to try their luck. But this city also has some awesome museums to take you to the time of history of the world. So you will be relieved in between the busy monotonous life by the artworks in those museums. So it is a perfect place for the travelers for not only the casinos here but also the other places which are worth a visit. So this city also owns some of the museums. Here are some awesome museums in Las Vegas.

10 Amazing Museums In Las Vegas

We expect casinos and clubs from Las Vegas, but museums? The museums listed here are a bit offbeat and people will find an array of things here. After having the Vegas fun, you can head here:

1. The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum view

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This is a museum in the Las Vegas in which the neon road signs of this city are preserved. Also, they have the original logos of the renowned brands like Golden Nugget, Stardust, Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino etc. The neon boards kept here will take you to the past when these brands started their journey for the first time. It is mainly located in Old Vegas. So many people go there to witness the old times of the famous companies. So this place deserves a visit if you are in the city for recreation.

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2. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Gallery of Fine Art

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Some people are really fond of fine arts and search for it wherever they go. This museum offers you exactly that. The museum is made in the rich Bellagio Hotel. It is one of the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas. This is one of the best Las Vegas art museum. The museum has a nice café named Café Bellagio if you feel you need to refresh yourself before browsing more artworks by famous artists in the museums. So this art museum will fulfill your hunger of art in Las Vegas.

3. Pinball Hall of Fame

view of Pinball Hall of Fame

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The arcade art is almost lost throughout the world because of the revolution of digital technology. This museum has a lot of pinballs in its collection which are of old times actually. There is a 10000 sq. ft. space where you will be able to see the large collection of pinballs in the archive. People especially children feel really delighted to come here and see the big collection of arcade game pinballs. It is the collection of World’s largest pinball collection. So it is one of the best museums in Las Vegas for sure and travelers will be refreshed after visiting this.

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4. Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve

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If you want a space to touch the heart of nature in the city like Las Vegas, then you have come to this museum. It is just a few minutes’ drive from the Strip’s Hustle and the vast area of nature preserve will be in front of you. The garden is kept clean and so beautiful that you will feel lost in your own area of happiness in the middle of the garden. Here the natural property is preserved carefully and people are bound to enjoy the serenity of nature in the middle of a swarming city.

5. Titanic Artifact Museum

Titanic Artifact Museum

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If you want to touch the iceberg of past again, then this is the perfect destination for you. The artifacts of the Titanic accident are kept here with utmost care and professionalism. The formation of the museum is also like a ship and you need to cross the deck like corridor and the grand staircase of Titanic to come to the hall where other artifacts are there. So a visit to this museum will leave you dumbstruck by the collection from the far past. People from all over the USA come here to get a glimpse of the ship that became the set up of the fictional story of Jack and Rose.

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6. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

nly wax museum in Las Vegas

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It is the one and an only wax museum in Las Vegas. People are really fond of the celebrity status and that is the source of the idea of making the wax statues and making a wax museum. Las Vegas also has one of them in the world. It has so many wax sculptures of renowned celebrity. And a lot of people every day come and imagine themselves as the celebrity and take photographs by giving the exact poses like them. So at least a single visit to this wax museum is like a lifetime experience for travelers.

7. Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art

Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art

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This is one of the most famous museums in Las Vegas. It was a natural history museum previously. But now it is a fine gallery as well as a gathering space for different communities. This museum is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel. And so the buzzing of the rich hotel can be felt inside it. People can go there and sit to have a chitchat with loved ones and can pose for some awesome picturesque moments too. The rotating art and tapestry exhibitions also take place here and it is a worth watching for the tourists.

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8. Zak Bagans Museum

Toy in museum

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This is the museum which is famous for being haunted. The ambiance of this museum is really weird itself. It is located in 1938 Tudor Mansion. It is believed to be one and only haunted museum in Las Vegas. It also has the Dybbuk Box which is a wine cabinet and it is considered as the most haunted object in the world. The experience of the people is really scary after coming here and they become awestruck by the screams of other people too. So it is a worth visit museum in Las Vegas.

9. Mob Museum

Mob Museum in Las Vegas

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This is the place which will give you the feeling of being a gangster. This is very much famous for its ambiance throughout Las Vegas. The museum keeps the artifacts of the criminal history of this place and people will get to know more about this place by going there. The underground basement floor is more and more suspicious in terms of the underground practices of Las Vegas. So it is a museum where people will get the real flavor of Las Vegas for sure and will be smitten by the atmosphere of this.

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10. Centerpiece Gallery

Centerpiece Gallery in Las Vegas

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It is a museum with the set up of a normal drawing hall of a house and the simple arts hanging on the wall are so beautiful that you will definitely forget everything around you. The museum is a set up of a nice home and it will give you a homely feeling in the city like Las Vegas. The people who will visit this place will keep this place in tier heart for once and forever. This place is so beautiful that anyone will fall in love with this city a lot.

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This was a small list of the museums in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the city of excitement and it is called as the casino capital of the world. So people generally don’t expect to have these places here. But besides the awesome casinos, they also have this kind of artistic places and it is really impressive from the point of view of a traveler who loves to explore the offbeat nature of a city. Make the best out of Las Vegas on your trip to the USA.

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