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Poland has is known to be consist of spectacular museums. Each of these Museums in Poland is serious and eccentric. If you are looking for a stroll through the county’s blustery, conventional visual art and classical music or science you’ll love these exceptional establishments of the country. Warsaw, the capital and largest town of Poland, has the very best concentration of registered museums. It’s is followed by Krakow with nine registered museums; Gdańsk, that is home to four registered museums; and additional by Lublin and Opole, with 3 each.

8 Top Museums In Poland

Among the museums in Poland, the registered museums attain certain privileges. We have listed down the names of a few museums to help you to go through the country’ unique history. Here’s our pick:

1. Koneser Vodka Museum

Koneser Vodka Museum

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Koneser Vodka Museum symbolizes the old tradition followed by the local people of the country of consuming vodkas. This age-old tradition is still on the way carried on by the vodka museum in Poland. The vodka gallery is a historic gallery in the country. The museum stands among the museum that purifies vodka to people in maximum numbers. The principal issue of the galleries detailed exposition is the expedition of the six hundred years ancient antiquity of the making of vodka in the country. The gallery was the coinage of the set of the PERNOD RICHARD having same galleries in different nations. The old street of Zabkowska is also next to the museum along with few of the newly constructed restaurant and spars.

Location – Szmulowizna, Praga, Warszawa, 00001, Poland
Timing – Monday to Sunday- 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Entry fee – regular tickets- 40 PLN, student tickets with valid student ID- 28 PLN,
Group tickets- – 35 PLN, Special night tickets – 120PLN, VIP- 100 PLN, Connoisseur tasting- 15 PLN

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2. Neon Museum

Neon Museum

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The museum is situated in the eastern part of the river Wilsa. It has about sixty signatures since the time of the cold war. It is said that some people have embellished the outer partition of the gallery and is perceived burning up after unlighted. This museum is really a captivating substitute to the conventional museums of the town. The museum has uniqueness in permitting to take photographs.

The lasting gatherings have 100 of shinning signatures of the Neons, some concrete antiquities, of which were made and structured by some of the prominent creators of the period. With the conservation and investigation of all the works since ages, the members of the museum have also created works to safeguard the existing signatures of the Neons with their real town atmosphere.

Location – Praga-Poludnie, Warsaw, Mazowieckie, 03-808, Poland
Timing – opening hours are limited and closed on Tuesdays,
Sunday: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Entry fee – 12/10zl.

3. Pawiak Prison Museum

Pawiak Prison Museum

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The museum was formed in the year 1965 in Poland. This is one of the best museums in Poland highlighting many historical things on it. The museum has an antiquity of the imprisonment of the pawiaks being practiced at the time of the vocation of the Germans amidst the years 1939 to 1944. The museum was architectured By Romuald Gutt And Mieczyslaw Moldawa. The gallery was constructed in the underpinning of the lasting lower-level property lines that was puffed up by the people of Germany in 1944 August.
The museum since being historic holds antiquity for teaching. The teaching procedures are passing through ages in the museum. It is an organized speech given by archivist every year.

Location – ul. Dzielna 24/26 Warsaw, Poland
Timing – Wednesday to Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm, Monday and Tuesday remain closed, Wednesday during Christmas on the 2nd-day timing varies every year.
Entry fee – 10/5zl, Thursday is free

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4. Muzeum Ii Wojny Swiatowej

Muzeum Ii Wojny Swiatowej

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Wojny Swiatowej museum is the museum of the Second World War. The museum has a very interesting and amazing message on the Second World War. This polish museum is unique in comparison to other museums because of its authenticity in using good equipment to highlight the past issues related to conflicts very distinctly to the people. The museum is so systematic that in spite of having many tourists visiting every year to spectacle the war-related issues yet there is no crowd seen in the line for tickets. The well-organized structure of the museum also gives a good imprint in the minds of the visitor than any other antiquity related museums in other places.

Location – Wladyslawa Baroszewskiego 1, Gdansk 80-862, Poland
Timing – Tuesday to Sunday- 10 am to 7 pm
Entry fee – Permanent Exhibition- regular ticket: 23zl, reduced ticket: 16zl, family ticket (two adults max and children till 18 years): 44zl, regular group ticket (10 people or more): 23zl, reduced group ticket (10 people or more)- 16zl, audio guide- 5 zl

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5. Krakow Pinball Museum

Krakow Pinball Museum

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The museum is one of the popular museums in Krakow, Poland. The gallery provides with more than sixty Pinball appliances and twenty-five gallery contests. One of the best thing for the visitor is they can use this Pinball and play without any payment. The museum also provided a relax zone with counter providing both carbonated and hard drinks. This place with many amazing resources is an eye-catching site for visitors to visit. Visitors find it quite interesting to play with the Pinball along with the drinks provided by them. The place is also perfect for children and teenagers to have fun on.

Location – Stradomska 15, Krakow 31-068, Poland
Timing – Sunday to Thursday- 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Friday to Saturday- 12:00 pm to 11 pm
Duration – 2 to 3 hours
Entry fee – 40/20zl, family ticket 100zl, kids free below 7 years with adult.

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6. Gasworks Museum

Gasworks Museum

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The museum is situated in Warsaw, Poland. It was inaugurated in the year 1977. The museum holds numerous equipment that is engaged in manufacturing and calculating vapor along with a hurricane lamp in the centenary of 19th and 20th. This museum is also a museum of antiquity preserving a bunch of momentous papers of the WARSAW GAS agency. People usually take 5 to 5.5 hours in this place to have a look at all the preservations in the museum. The museum, in fact, has amazingly kept all the works on gas since decades to let people know about the gas plant of Wola.

Location – Kasprzaka 25, 01-224 Warszawa, Poland
Timing – Saturday and Sunday closed, Monday to Friday- 9 am to 2 pm, on Christmas Eve (Monday and Tuesday) – time might change, 2nd day of Christmas (Wednesday)- time might change.
Entry fee – free

7. Muzeum Plakatu/ Poster Museum

Muzeum Plakatu

Image Source

It is known to be amid the list of world oldest museums. It was established in the year 1968. It is the part of national museums in the city. The museum was formed through a displayin g of 1000 of posters that belongs to the museum of the nation, constructed by the administrator of the gallery Stanislav Lorentz. The poster museum was inaugurated in the year 1968 at the month of June. The museum holds a gathering of thirteen thousand effects along with five hundred posters kept from the second World War period. The gatherings are increasing frequently by the presents from the people of Poland and inside contributors. It is one of the biggest galleries of play cards in the world.

Location – 10/16 St Kostki, Potockiego Street, 02-958, Warsaw Poland
Timing – On( Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday)- 10 am to 4 pm; Saturday and Wednesday: 10 am to 6 pm, on Christmas Eve (Monday)- hours differ, on Christmas day (Tuesday)- 10 am to 4 pm,
Entry fee – 11plm

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8. Warsaw Rising Museum

Warsaw Rising Museum

Image Source

The Warsaw Rising museum was opened on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of fighting in Warszawa. The gallery is a tribute of Warsaw’s residents to people who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital. The WARSAW RISING MUSEUM commemorates the 1944 Warszawa revolt where over one hundred fifty thousand civilians were killed. The museums encompass a multi-level interactive exhibition featuring from pictures, recordings, and videos revealing daily life before, throughout and after the revolt, to a replica of the liberator B-24J bomber utilized by the Allies for relief flights. You’ll watch a 3D motion picture of Warszawa destroyed by the revolt, and will be visiting an observation tower at the highest of the building with bird’s-eye views of the town.

Location – 79 Grzybowska, Wola Warszawa, mazowieckie, 00-844, Poland
Timing – Saturday to Sunday- 10.A.M -6 P.M
Monday to Friday- 8 A.M–6 P.M
Entry fee – 25 Plm

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Museums are everywhere found in the world and are historical. but these museums in Poland have some unique qualities that attract people from all over the world. Visiting these historical places will pride your education as well as entertainment. Whenever you visit International do not forget to go through these museums of the country.

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