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National Parks in Kazakhstan are breathtakingly beautiful. The nation regularly gets the brush off from sightseers anxious to see the much-discussed heaps of Kyrgyzstan or the wild unpleasantness of Tajikistan. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you solicit us, in wording from assorted variety, extensiveness and sheer enjoyment, no nation in Central Asia can beat Kazakhstan’s temperament stores and national parks. So, even though you might not be a wildlife enthusiast, these parks are surely a site to witness the stunning sceneries in this country!

12 Best National Parks In Kazakhstan

So here is a list of the national parks of Kazakhstan that will help you to arrange your tour accordingly. Make sure to stop by at least 4 of them for an incredible holiday experience with your friends and family.

1. Sayram-Ugam National Park

Sayram-Ugam National Park

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Substantially less visited than Aksu-Zhabagly, Sayram-Ugam offers a significantly more tranquil setting in a similar zone. A lot of untamed life here as well, for example, pig, wolves and catamounts, and additionally secured wild variations of staple nourishment, for example, apples, walnuts, plums, and grapes. The Sayram waterway coursing through the recreation center turns a delightful turquoise shading once winter is finished and dissolving icy mass water hits the stream. A group of people in the travel industry program gives homestays in the towns of Kaskasu, Dikankol, and Tonkeris, in wonderful lower region nation where prairies meet lush lower regions, and in the primary access town Lenger.

Location: Kazygurt District, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: 9AM to 7PM everyday

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2. Katon-Karagay National Park

Katon-Karagay National Park

Katon-Karagay, in the high upper east of Kazakhstan, has a standout amongst the most unbelievable settings of any national stop. Set somewhere down in the Altai Mountains, it’s a pleasure for any individual who appreciates trekking in Altai’s flawless nature. Celebrated for their delectable nourishment and mountain nectar, the straightforward towns of the region are an incredible place to make tracks in an opposite direction from everything. The zone of Katon-Karagay and the West Altai nature save are known for its hawk seekers. There are a few alternatives to rest accessible like yurts and lodges for lease. Katon-Karagay makes the best base camp to investigate the district. It is a residential community with loads of wooden houses and rock streets. Outside of town is a major the travel industry complex with lodges/jurts for lease.

Places to visit: Katon Karagay Valley, Crystal Lake Karakol, Belukha Mountain, Rachmaninov’s springs, verifiable graves at Berel
Location: Southern Altai Mountains, East Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

3. Bayanaul National Park

Bayanaul National Park

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Well known with local people from adjacent Pavlodar in summer, Bayanaul’s distinguishing strength is its 3 lakes, whose coasts emit a particular shoreline occasion vibe – generally hard to discover in Central Kazakhstan. Far from the lakes, climbing trails lead through fields and slopes of wind-etched rocks and peculiarly molded trees, all showering in the secret of people stories. There are various amazing hotels available to stay.

Things to do: watersports in the lake, visiting the cave
Location: 140000, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: 9AM to 7PM, Closed On Saturdays and Sundays

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4. Burabay National Park

Mountains View

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Burabay (Borovoye in Russian) is the play area of Astana’s bureaucratic world class and its thriving white collar class. Its notorious mountain stands tall over the lake that bears a similar name. Burabay still has heaps of natural air to be sniffed at; however, its creatures are hard to see nowadays as human weights have pursued them profound into the timberlands. Hotel Complex Insar, Hotel Nurlytau, Hotel Gloria are best hotels one can stay while visiting the park.

Things to do: Have a boat ride on the lake, Walk or cycle by the lakeshore
Location: Aqmola Region, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

5. Karkaraly National Park

Karkaraly National Park

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In the core of Kazakhstan, amidst the unwavering steppes around Karaganda, Karkaraly national stop (Karkaralinsk in Russian) is a consolation, and loaded up with beautiful, unadulterated nature. Birds are normal and inclined to take your supper, while you appreciate the stone shake arrangements that shield the recreation center from the furious steppe winds. The mountains encompass Karkaraly and numerous attractions are inside strolling separation of the town. On the off chance that you wish to rest in the lodging complex Shaktior (7 km outside of town), cabs and transports can be found. In the event that you wish to rest at the lodging Tac Bulak, you should take a taxi.

On the off chance that you wish to see the Kent Mountains, you should buy a visit bundle from the recreation center organization. They will utilize their transportation to manage you. Notification ahead of time of seven days is required for this. The Mountains around Karkaraly are exceptionally rough. Climate and time have made numerous one of kind shapes. Strolling around the mountains will be exceptionally agreeable and offer magnificent perspectives. Rocks can be extremely elusive when wet. The trails framework in the recreation center isn’t extremely exceptional. A few trails are congested or seem to scatter. Trails maps are not dependable. Be that as it may, the most mainstream trails are clearer, however not without its disarray. The extraordinary shake arrangements, the “shrouded” mountain lakes, and the pine woods offer incredible open doors for photography.

Things to do: Stone bouncing, Climbing, Photography
Location: Karkaraly, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

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6. Buiratau National Park

Buiratau National Park

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Built up just in 2011, Buyratau national stop is new and has little in the method for vacationer offices. The recreation center has been set up to ensure steppe lands and its uncommon vegetation. Other than level steppe, timberland and rough edges make for a various biological community that underpins in excess of 200 feathered creature species, 450 plant species and a pack of wild sheep. Summer is the best time to visit the national park. No such hotels are available near the park and eventually one has to travel from the town to visit the park.

Location: Akmola Region, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

7. Kokshetau National Park

Kokshetau National Park

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A commonly Siberian scene anticipates you once you leave Kokshetau: moving steppe pads secured with pine woods, blended with clear lakes. Commonplace types of creatures of the taiga like elk, lynx, marten, white rabbit, and ermine exist together here with the occupants of the southern steppes like gopher, polecat and steppe marmot.
Kokshetau national stop isn’t as staggering as a portion of the other national stops in Kazakhstan, yet it is exceptionally available and an inconceivably solid place, originating from Astana. Park Hotel Kokshetau is the best place to stay. Other than that there are campsites available.

Things to do: 14 remarkable hiking trails, explore the water route to go to the park which is a nice adventure as well.
Location: Aqmola Region, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

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8. Charyn National Park

Charyn National Park

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Charyn ravine is a notable picture of southeast Kazakhstan and a regular objective for guests of Almaty. Notwithstanding the trail, there are visitor houses and a ‘nation house’ with seating for 100 individuals at Charyn Ash Grove. The Valley of the Castles takes its name from the states of the stone developments in a little side gully off the primary Charyn River course, with perspectives out to the principle gulch. The sedimentary layers incorporate orange-dark mud, marl, grit stone, and sandstone. The methodology is by a 10 km soil street, with three parking garages at the site. There is sustenance accessible at two recreational gazebos, and five rest yurts.

Things to do: Graveyards and Burial Mounds: Found 12 km off the Chundzha-Almaty roadway is a zone of scattered archeological locales
Location: Charyn National Park, Charyn River, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

9. Altyn-Emel National Park


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Altyn Emel is a huge national stop north of Almaty with a great deal to offer. The way that you should be guided by one of Altyn-Emel’s drivers is maybe a mishap for autonomous personalities, yet it makes that you have an expansive opportunity to see a portion of the uncommon hoofed creatures like kulan. Different sights inside the recreation center are the singing sand rise and the Aktau and Katutau slopes. You will have good hotels in the nearby villages.

Things to do: One must visit Singing dunes situated 300 km away from the park.
Location: Ili River Valley, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

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10. Ili-Alatau National Park

Mountains View

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On the strides of Kazakhstan’s biggest city, Ili-Alatau is a wonderful national stop that never feels overwhelmed by vacationers. It extends a long ways past the city and consolidates sites like Turgeon pig out, Big Almaty Lake, Kumbel pinnacle and Aksai pig out. With everything taken into account, this is a magnificent place to make tracks in an opposite direction from the bustling city and free camp for an end of the week.

Shymbulak Resort Hotel, Tay House Hotel, Optima Almaty etc. are various nice hotels available near the park area.
Things to do: The lake and the nearby nature reserve Almaty is a must visit.

Location: Abay Ave 64, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

11. Kolsay Lakes National Park

Kolsay Lakes National Park

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Surrounded by 3 mountain lakes, the view of the park is incredibly excellent. It is a lengthy drive from Almaty, and the water never gets sufficiently warm to go for a long swim, keeping the Kolsay lakes moderately without travelers for the time being.

There are visitor houses and campgrounds in the adjacent town of Saty. There is a 25 km climbing course that starts at the lower lake, advances by the Kolsay lakes, and moves over the Sary-Bulak pass (3,278 km). Climbing trails to Kolsay Lakes are generally available for apprentices. April to late September is standard periods for outdoors in the territory.

Things to do: Well-known exercises in the territory incorporate picnics, horse riding, and mountain biking.
Location: Almaty Region, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

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12. Zhongar-Alatau National Park

Dzhungarian Alatau National Park

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A place that is known for drain and nectar would be an adept portrayal of the Dzhungar Mountains. The Dzhungar Mountains are settled by a couple of towns that live in a provincial Idylle encompassed by snow-capped prairies and woodlands wealthy in berries and mushrooms. In spite of an engaging ecotourism venture, very few individuals take their excursion here, despite the fact that they can, due to the essential extraordinary allow. Samal resorts and spa, Dobry Dom Almaty etc. are the available hotels where one can stay during the visits. Summer is the best time to go here as it is very cold in winter.

Things to do: Forest tour is a must while visiting the park.
Location: Almaty Region, Kazakhstan
Opening Hours: NA

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If you ever plan to visit Kazakhstan, you should make a visit to these national parks in Kazakhstan to explore the raw and rare flora and fauna. Apart from Kazakhstan, explore other beautiful international destinations for your next foreign vacation.

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