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Latvia is a green country filled with many forests and natural landscapes. The impressive natural surroundings of Latvia attract a lot of nature lovers from around the globe. The country has one of the largest forest covered lands among other countries of the European Union. Latvia takes great care of its unbridled natural areas. The country has many National Parks and it maintains strict conservation policies to maintain its natural resources.

The national parks in Latvia are home to many native and rare bird and animal species. You can go hiking on these national parks and enjoy the untouched woods and areas of natural reserve. You can also spot wildlife and go bird watching while trekking along the national parks. You can visit the national parks during summer or during spring or early autumn too.
In this article we will discuss about the different national parks in Latvia, their location and the wildlife species found in these area etc. Read on to know more about the best national parks in Latvia.

10 Best National Parks In Latvia

Latvia is a country full of forests and naturally there are many national parks and natural parks in Latvia. These parks and huge in area and trekking along the Latvia National Parks is quite a relaxing experience, especially for the nature lovers. Here we have gathered a list of 10 must see national parks in Latvia that you should definitely visit on your Latvia trip. Take a look.

1. Kemeri National Park

 Gauja National Park2

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Kemeri National Park is one of the famous national parks in Latvia and is known for its biodiversity. The national park is home to the Kemeri bog and therapeutic muds as well as mineral waters. While in the park, you can go trekking along along the Kanieris lake, which is a great spot for bird watching. The Kemeri National Park houses numerous different species of flora and fauna including over hundred species of moss, fungi and lichen. The Kemeri Bog is one of its kind and is one of the largest wetlands in Latvia.

Location: Pavasari, Sala Parish, Latvia.

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2. Slitere National Park

Slitere National Park1

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The Slitere National Park located in the Kurzeme peninsula offers some of the most picturesque views due to the presence of the Baltic sea. The wetlands, bogs and broadleaf forests make up the Slitere National Park. There are many natural trails in the park that you can go hiking in and there are many bicycle and motor routes for public convenience too. The beautiful sandy beaches of the Baltic sea near the national park also makes for a nice walks. The best time to visit Slitere is during the annual bird season when you can spot many migratory birds.

Location: Kolka parish, Dundaga, Latvia

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3. Gauja National Park

 Gauja National Park2

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Gauja National Park in Latvia is the biggest and the oldest national park in the country. The national park has a great bio diversity and consists of natural springs, diverse landforms and sandstone outcrops offering some of the best scenic views. The park was built back in 1973 and it covers over 90,000 hectares of land. Sandstone cliffs, caves and outcrops are one of the major attractions of the Gauja National Park. These sandstone formations are about 350 millions old. Apart from this there are over 500 cultural monuments in the national park including castles, manor houses, castle mounds, churches, windmills, watermills as well as architectural and archeological monuments.

Location: Gauja Valley, Latvia

4. Razna National Park

Razna National Park

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Razna National Park is a fairly new national park in Latvia established in 2007. The park consists of many castle mounds, forests, lakes including the Razna Lake. Located in Rezneke region, the park covers an area of 59000 hectares. The park was mainly created to protect the beautiful Razna Lake and the surrounding areas.

Location: Rezneke, Latvia.

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5. Tervete Nature Park

Tervete Nature Park

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This is a beautiful family friend location in Latvia. Spread along the Tervete Valley, this nature park comprises of wooden sculptures, bridges, plankways and winding pathways. The park also consists of many characters of the fairytale characters created by Latvian writer, Anna Brigadere. Set amidst the nature this scenic area gives a fairytale kind of vibe. The park is currently managed by a state owned forest manager.

Location: Tervete Valley, Latvia

6. Ragakapa National Park

Ragakapa National Park

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Ragakapa Nature Park is a forest protected area managed by the state. The park covers an area of 150 hectares. The park was created to protect the ancient pine forest and the dunes in the area. Two natural trails are created which takes the visitors into the park. Many benches are placed all along the paths and there are stairs available in the steeper region. Throughout the second trail, you will get all the information regarding the biodiversity of the park.

Location: Tiklu Iela 1A, Latvia

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7. Pape Nature Reserve

Pape Nature Reserve

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Pape Nature Park is a very interesting location to visit in Latvia. The park comprises of the Baltic sea shores and the sand dunes in the shore, the Papes Lake, Nidas marsh and many nature paths. The beautiful Papes Lake is located in the center of the park with the sea shore nearby and the Nidas marsh lining the outer territories. Along your hike through the nature paths, you will see many horses and goats grazing in the meadows.

Location: Pape, Latvia

8. Dviete Floodplains

Dviete Floodplains

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The Dviete water meadows started in 2004 is the best place for bird watching and enjoying nature at its best. The entire park is divided in two parts, one is the restricted area and the other is the nature park. The nature park area consists of water meadows on the Daugava river and there is also a bird watching tower, where you can head with your binoculars and spot some beautiful aves.

Location: Bebrene Parish, Ilukste, Latvia

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9. Lake Engure Nature Park

Lake Engure Nature Park

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Located on the Kurzeme coast, Engure Nature Park is a paradise for bird lovers. All migratory bird species in Latvia meet at this spot and you can also spot a variety of wild animals in this nature park. If you happen to visit the park during summertime, you will be in for a treat, as during this period the gorgeous orchids are in full bloom. You can spot as many as 22 different kinds of orchids here in the engure wetlands. Strolling along the park, you can spot various breeds of horses like Highland, Hareford, Brown, Konik and Polski. Birds like Eagle Owls, Corncrakes, seahawks etc can be spotted. The waterline along the meadows makes a perfect nesting spot for these birds.

Location: Engure Parish, Engure, Latvia

10. Daugavas Loki Nature Park

Daugavas Loki Nature Park

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Daugavas loki nature park is located in the Daugavas River valley and was established as a means to protect the natural biodiversity as well as the unique landscapes and historical monuments of the valley. The Daugava River meanders through the park creating beautiful sceneries. You can go for a boat rider along the Daugava River to explore this beautiful region or enjoy a serene walk or a bicycle ride along the nature paths of the park. The Dinaburga castle ruins and the Vecpils castle mound are some of the historical monuments within the Daugavas Loki Nature park.

Location: Daugava River Valley, Latvia

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Here you go, you have a list of some of the best National Parks in Latvia. Now, you know how to make your holiday adventurous! So, plan a trip to Europe, head to Latvia and visit these parks and enjoy the serenity of nature to its fullest.

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