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Vacations are something that we all are completely fond of. What if the place for your vacation be New Jersey? New Jersey can be the perfect place for you to spend your vacation with friends or family. New Jersey is well known among tourists for its wonderful beaches and winds. Well, here we are going to discuss some of the best places as that you can follow as a New Jersey travel guide if you are traveling to New Jersey for the first time. Tourists should always consider knowing a few things before actually visiting the place and here we are to help you with that.

Best Time To Visit New Jersey


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The weather of New Jersey is completely lucrative. Anyone would immediately fall in love with its weather. The months of spring and summer are quite windy which attracts a huge base of tourists from all over the world. The weather of the coast keeps varying due to the oceanic waves. During the months of autumn and winter, the coast is relatively warmer than the land due to the ocean being warm. However, in spring, the ocean breeze keeps the temperature from moderate to cool which is why the weather at the coast is quite cool. Now, you can plan your holidays accordingly. If you are planning to escape the freezy snow then you can definitely visit the coastline. The summertime or the spring is more preferable for paying a visit to the

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Ideal Duration Of Stay In New Jersey

Ideal Duration Of Stay

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While there are shores to check out, we suggest coast. you stay at least for 15 to 20 days to enjoy your most out of your visit in this pleasant land of New Jersey. From adventure sports to city tours and scenic sights there is a lot to enjoy. The place is absolutely beautiful and there is no doubt you will be completely mesmerized by its beauty. Hence, you should stay for 2 weeks or so to have a complete feel and taste of the place.

3 Best Places To Visit In New Jersey

Take a look at the best places to visit in New Jersey for your next holiday!

1. Cape May

Cape May

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Cape May is situated at the southern tip of New Jersey. The town is a perfect place to relax. The peaceful and calm environment is the perfect reason to visit the place. In fact, it is also known for its culture and historical diversity. This place has been a very popular site since historical days mostly for being such a great location as a seaside resort. A number of artistic cottages and villas had been developed during this time. Cape May can give you a small town feeling that would make you fall in love with the place. There are a number of markets, shops, restaurants, and other activities to enjoy.

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2. Atlantic City

Atlantic City

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Atlantic city is quite famous for its boardwalk. It is well known for gambling and hotels as well. The luxury of the place is completely eye-catching. Though there was a downfall for a while now it has become an excellent gateway. This city has a number of beaches, shopping malls, restaurants and is often compared to the gambling activities as in Las Vegas. The nightlife is something to enjoy and experience. Just while Cape May is a place of peace and calm, Atlantic city is completely opposite and is the perfect place to spend some time and live up an energetic life.

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3. Ocean City

Ocean City

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Ocean city of New Jersey falls in between Atlantic city and Cape May. This place has both the nightlife and the quiet and calm ocean shores to enjoy life. Some of the common things to try out in the city include water parks, amusement rides, arcades, mini golf, and other similar attractions. However, do not forget to enjoy the special food while walking past the boardwalk. You can either take a walk to some of the places in the town or can just rent a boat for the entire family.These three towns are great places in New Jersey to visit and enjoy. Whether it is the nightlife, the peaceful roamings or exploring the places New Jersey is completely filled with fun and frolic.

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Best Places To Stay In New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the best rental places to stay during the summer. These are completely loaded with amenities and a perfect choice for a luxurious stay!

1. Golden Inn Hotel & Resort Avalon

Golden Inn Hotel

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Located in Dune Dr, Avalon. Offers the best accommodation starting from ₹ 10, 000 to ₹ 17,000 you need for your vacation. Stroll has a plunge on the pristine beach just in front of the hotel. The hotel includes more than 154 guest rooms that feature an excellent view of the ocean. All the rooms are provided with TVs, temperature controls, and other amenities.

2. The Breakers On The Ocean

The Breakers On The Ocean

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The breakers on the ocean welcome their guests with warmth. With all the modern facilities they make sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The European themed lobby finely crafted with granite and designed craft fully is bound to attract anyone. Each and every room has a fireplace and a lounge to rest. The accommodation price ranges from 7000 INR to about 30.,000 INR.

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3. Shore Rentals At New Jersey

Shore Rentals At New Jersey

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The shore rentals at new jersey are quite expensive compared to those at Florida and California coast. Though these are high tourist spots yet they are well known for the huge expense and the huge crowd. The coastline has some of the most peaceful and relaxing resort that allows you to enjoy all the luxury while not being too hard on the pocket.

New Jersey currency

New Jersey currency

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The currency officially used is sterling, However, the islands have its own currency called the Jersey pound.

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It is essential to show a valid visa on your Passport on arrival to NJ. All EU and EEA must show a valid passport and if you are an EU and EEA national then Visa is not required. For other countries, you must apply for a visa in prior to get the approval

What to pack

What to pack

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Take a look at this list of things to pack on your next family trip to Washington DC so that you don’t miss out on anything!

  • Beach bags
  • Water shoes and flip flops
  • Tank tops, bathing suits, and other clothing essentials
  • Sunscreen

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So, now you know how to have a perfect holiday in New Jersey with the help of this travel guide. Don’t think too much and plan your next holiday in US, visit New Jersey and explore the beauty of the city in the best way!

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