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Do you want to explore Sri Lanka the right way? We are here to help you out with your itinerary, and the first place you must add to it is the Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka, established in 1921 and approximately 24 feet high. A viewpoint that promises a spectacular view of the Nine Arches Bridge is from the Asanka Cafe. Like, the name suggests, at the Nine Arch Bridge, there are nine arches. It is a popular tourist destination famous for its marvellous architecture. Enjoy the most gorgeous landscapes – the flourishing green forests and the dense tea plantations, they are a panorama to behold.

Stunning Spots Near The Nine Arch Bridge In Sri Lanka

Want to add more destinations along with the Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka? Visit these tourist attractions near the Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka and make your trip even more amazing!

1. Little Adam’s Peak

The lush green mountains at the Little Adam’s Peak

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Little Adam’s Peak is situated at 3,743 feet in the Badulla district, making it a must-visit for all hikers. The scenic beauty of Little Adam’s Peak will make the hike worth the wait. It is a short trek that would take approximately 1-2 hours to climb from Ella Town. You could start early in the morning to witness the gorgeous sunrise or later in the afternoon to see the sunset! It is not a challenging trek, and you will be able to reach Little Adam’s Peak without much difficulty. Some hotels you can stay at near Little Adam’s Peak are Noname Hostel & Cafe, The Spice Lodge, and Secret Nest Homestay.

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2. Demodara Loop

The Gorgeous Demodara Railway Loop in Sri Lanka

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The Demodara Loop came into existence during the colonial period in the year 1921. It is a beautiful marvel that makes travelling through the hills easier as hills are located at an elevation. To get the best view of the gorgeous hills, hop onto a train and go through the Demodara Loop. On the way, some beautiful sights that you will get to enjoy are the beautiful tea plantations and the lush green forests. You can start your journey to the Demodara Loop by walking from Ella Town. It is a fun and simple walk that won’t even take much time, therefore, we recommend you walk up to the Demodara Loop and enjoy the breathtaking backdrops. If you take a train back to Ella Town, you will even get to go over the stunning Nine Arch Bridge.

3. Dowa Rock Temple

The heritage site, the Dowa Rock Temple in Sri Lanka

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A Buddhist temple that is 2,000 years old and situated in the Badulla district of Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination for many. The marvelous paintings and engravings with their intricate details are definitely going to amaze you and give you insights into Buddhist teachings and cultural heritage. Another highlight of this temple is the stupa located inside the temple. A place of solitude and tranquillity for Buddhist monks is a must-visit.

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4. Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory

The tea plantations in Ella, Sri Lanka

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One of the most popular tea factories in Sri Lanka is a place all tea lovers should add to their itinerary. Learn more about tea, its history, and how it is produced and made available to the masses. One of the types of tea it is most famous for producing is Ceylon tea. The tea plantations aren’t just going to be a delight, you could even shop for some tea you could take home. Of course, all tourists can be part of a tea-tasting session where they get to try a wide variety of freshly produced tea. The hills around the Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory will add some more scenery and, of course, aroma to your tea experience.

5. Ella Spice Garden

The Stunning Forests at Ella Rock

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Do you feel like you are lacking some spice in your life? Visit the Ella Spice Garden in Sri Lanka, situated in the Badulla district, and learn and explore the wide array of spices and herbs that are vital to authentic and scrumptious Sri Lankan cuisine. You won’t just learn the names of the umpteen spices that exist by taking a tour of the picturesque plantations, but also where and how these spices are used. A tour is a must-add to your itinerary! Relish the strong aroma and taste of the spices and learn about the traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, as the tour even includes cooking various dishes. Showcase the chef in you and take home an experience that you can relive by cooking and using those spices time and again.

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Restaurants Near Nine Arch Bridge In Sri Lanka

Authentic Sri Lankan Rice and Curry Buffet

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Are you looking for the perfect restaurant near the nine arch bridge in sri lanka for some of the most mouth-watering food? Some authentic places to enjoy Sri Lankan cuisine are Cafe Eden, Adam’s Breeze, Rocky Ella, and Nine Arch Cafe. The local flavours are definitely delicious, so make sure you have the most scrumptious meal and you leave the restaurant with a stomach so full and a heart so happy! Some of the dishes in the Sri Lankan cuisine that you must try out once are Gotu Kola Mallum Sambola, Polos, Kottu, Kukul Mas Curry, Kiribath, and so many more dishes that will leave you wanting more.

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These places are near the Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka, which are great spots to explore and look at on your next trip to Sri Lanka. The natural beauty is going to leave you awestruck. There is something for everyone, from people interested in the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka to foodies who want to try out the authentic, traditional cuisine of Sri Lanka. So take some days off, pack your bags, book your flights, and book a stay as soon as possible. Book a stay so you can lay or sway, up to your will, all day!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nine Arch Bridge In Sri Lanka

Are there any charges to visit the Nine Arch Bridge?

There is no charge for going to the Nine Arch Bridge.

When should I plan my trip to visit Sri Lanka?

Anytime from December to April would be a pleasant time to plan a vacation to Sri Lanka.

What are some tourist attractions near Nine Arch Bridge?

Some of the tourist attractions near the Nine Arch Bridge are Ella Spice Garden, Demodara Loop and Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory

Can you plan a trip to Sri Lanka on a budget at reasonable rates?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a comparatively cheaper vacation spot than other places, and you will surely have a fantastic time in Sri Lanka.

Are there any places to stay for the tourists at near the Nine Arch Bridge?

Yes, there are many hotels where tourists can stay. These hotels include Barn Hills Nine Arch Ella, Nine Arch Lodge, Avenra Cottage, Nine Arch Gap, and Green Lantern.

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