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    A beautiful picture showcasing the architectural magnificence of Pattadakal

    The regal city of Nizam is choc-o-bloc with activities and places, enough for you to be spoilt for choices. But if you need to relax under a natural waterfall or be mesmerized by ancient architecture, there are enough destinations around the city for a weekend holiday. Check out some of these offbeat places near Hyderabad to plan your holiday.

    1. Warangal

    Ruins at Warangal fort in Andhra Pradesh

    Image Source

    The city of Warangal will immediately transport you back in time as you enter the premises. With the ancient and beautiful Warangal fort, historical Bhadrakali Temple and the massive Ramappa Lake, there is much to fall in love with in the charming city.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 145 kms
    Time required to reach: 3 hours

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    2. Mahbubnagar

    Mallela Theertham Waterfalls in Mahbubnagar

    Image Source

    A beautiful 700 year old banyan tree covering 3 acres, ancient temples in Umamaheshwaram, Alampur, Jataprolu and Srirangapur and the breathtaking Mallela theertham waterfall, a trip here is ideal for a relaxing weekend.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 134 kms
    Time required to reach: 2 hours

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    3. Kurnool

    The scenic views of the Kurnool Landscape

    Image Source

    Ancient relics, beautiful temples and a Car festival every winter, Kurnool is a paradise for a weekend away from the city. If you are a history buff, this is you home away from home.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 212 kms
    Time required to reach: 3.5 hours

    4. Belum Caves

    Underground tunnel of Belum Caves in Andhra Pradesh

    Image Source

    With a 3 km long tunnel of underground caves you wouldn’t know what to expect. In Belum caves, you would be welcomed by the phenomenal stalactite and stalagmite formations, fresh water galleries and imaginative colour illuminations. Prepare to be amazed!
    Distance from Hyderabad: 364 kms
    Time required to reach: 5.5 hours

    5. Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary

    Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary

    Image Source

    A majestic body of water over a 260 sq km area and a habitat to over 50,000 resident and migratory birds is an inspiring sight. Visit the bird sanctuary for a sight of birds like Painted Storks, Glossy Ibises, Teals and Red Crested Pochards.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 344 kms
    Time required to reach: 6 hours

    6. Hampi Town

    A bright morning in Hampi

    Image Source

    A beautiful city that boasts of the Vijayanagara ruins, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Complemented with boulder-strewn landscape and clear blue sky, the attractions here make a trip to Hampi unforgettable.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 373 kms
    Time required to reach: 7 hours

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    7. Pattadakal

    A beautiful picture showcasing the architectural magnificence of Pattadakal

    Image Source

    A World Heritage site, Pattadakal is famed for the Chalukya monuments and temples which display amazing craftsmanship. Intricately made sculptures and different architectural styles, makes this a sight to behold.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 398 km
    Time required to reach: 7 hours

    8. Papi Hills

    Cruise ships in Papi Hills

    Image Source

    Not only are Papi Hills among the most beautiful places in the State with spectacular valleys and waterfalls, but they also involves traveling by boat and sleeping in riverside bamboo huts. Get ready for adventure!
    Distance from Hyderabad: 400 kms
    Time required to reach: 6 hours

    9. Badami

    Panoramic View of Bhuthanatha Temple in Badami

    Image Source

    Visit Badami for the Rock-cut Cave Temples, gorgeous Buddhist Caves and the beautiful Badami Fort. You are in for an amazing experience that you will never forget.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 418 kms
    Time required to reach: 8 hours

    10. Horsley Hills


    Image Source

    Hemmed with lush green lace of mountains, Horsley Hills are beyond a doubt gorgeous and a must see destination from the city of Hyderabad.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 527 kms
    Time required to reach: 8 hours

    Choose any of these spots to take a break from the hustle-bustle of the city, get close to nature and dive into the history and architecture of the region. A weekend trip awaits you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Offbeat Places Near Hyderabad


    Q. What is the best time to visit Horsley Hills?

    A. Horsley Hills is a beautiful hill station. The best time to visit the Horsley Hills is during the winter season i.e.between November and March when the weather is comfortable and you can enjoy the beautiful nature and navigate its landscape.

    Q. How long does it take to see Belum Caves?

    A. If you wish to explore the deepest ends of the Belum cave, one of the many spectacular caves in India,  it will easily take you up to 4 hrs.

    Q. What can you do in Hyderabad this weekend?

    A. You can do a lot of stuff in Hyderabad during weekends such as pub hopping, street shopping, trying out some famous street food, enjoy the Light and Sound show at Golconda Fort and so much more.

    Q. Is Hyderabad too hot?

    A. Hyderabad is usually hot all throughout the year and records the maximum temperature up to 42-degree celsius during the summers.

    Q. Which city is near to Hyderabad?

    A. Nizamabad, which happens to be the third most populous city of Telangana is the nearest to Hyderabad and is just 178 km away.

    Q. When should I visit Hyderabad?

    A. Since Hyderabad has very hot weather, the winter seasons such as the time between October to March is the best time to visit this city of pearls.

    Q. Which fort is situated in Hyderabad?

    A. The Golconda Fort, which was the capital of the medieval ruler Qutub Sahi is located just 11km from the main city of Hyderabad.

    Q. What is special about Warangal?

    A. The city of Warangal that we know today is famous for its legendary palaces, forts, and lakes which are the remains of the Kakatiya dynasty which was established in the year 1163.

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