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    Hotels play a crucial role in any kind of trip or vacation. Since the destination in question, Pattaya, sees a great influx of tourists throughout the year, there are a number of hotels in Pattaya that are available for visitors. Ranging from five-stars to one-star, hotels in Pattaya will never disappoint its guests. For travelers on a budget, there are some great one star hotel Pattaya has to offer. These are some of the best hotels that are sure to give travelers a bang for their buck.
    The exotic Southeast Asian country, Thailand is a land of pleasurable surprises. It has fantastic locations, Buddhist monks, forests, and much more. It is also famed as the “Land of Temples” as it contains more than 40,000 temples. It is one of the most respected countries with diverse culture and traditions. It is also known as the “Land of Smiles” as people here are very warm and welcoming in nature. Rice is the main dish of this country. The country is also known for its relaxing Thai massage which is offered in almost all the hotels here. The city has popular beaches, cuisines, and is host to a monkey festival as well. Pattaya is the most-visited city in Thailand as it is the hub for tourist destination thanks to its culture as well as the hotels. It has enormous fishing villages and 24-hour pubs. The city features a wide range of golf courses, massage centers, salons, and bustling nightlife offered by different hotels and resorts. The hotels apart from providing marvelous facilities are also economical and reliable. Guests and residents often enjoy a large range of amenities at hotels. Even the one star hotel Pattaya has, are worthy of a mention. They provide all the amenities that a traveler on the go might need.

    Special Experiences

    The one star hotel Pattaya has, provide a good range of special experiences to the guests. There are heated swimming pools, gyms, and spa areas. There are also vast sprawling gardens located at most of these hotels. The massage centers provide customers with facial treatments and various kinds of therapies. Many of the hotels are located near areas of great proximity to several locations in Pattaya as well. Most of them are so well-connected, they are also known for providing the customer with spectacular ease of transport as well. The proximity to the beach is another feature of these hotels as they are located at a short walk from the famous Central Festival Pattaya Beach.


    The hotels also have decent facilities for the guests. The one star hotel Pattaya such as Sandman Hotel & Sports Bar is provided with internet connectivity so that the tourists are virtually and socially connected throughout their entire stay. They are also provided with television and radio systems within their rooms. One star hotel Pattaya offers other services such as laundry, dry cleaning, and housekeeping too. Gyms are well equipped and there are safety and health care centers open all day. Essential bathroom amenities such as shampoos, soaps, robes, and slippers are also provided. Blankets, pillow covers, and other room essentials are changed on time on a daily basis. The hotels also have a small kids area where the young ones can enjoy.


    It is true that one cannot continue their day well without having proper food. And the hotels in Pattaya do not fall short in this aspect. The one star hotel Pattaya like the Walee’s Place provides the customer with hygiene and good quality food. They offer authentic Thai Cuisine and well-flavored delicacies. Several other cuisines such as German, Dutch, Italian, and Australian are also offered. Customers can also post requests to the chefs regarding alterations in their meals as well. A good range of drinks is also severed too.


    Q1. Do one star hotels in Pattaya provide airport pick and drop services?
    A. No, these hotels do not provide such services, however, one can always as them to book a taxi to and from the airport for them.

    Q2. Where are most of the one star hotels in Pattaya located?
    A. Most of the one star hotels in Pattaya are located in the city center, little away from the beaches.

    Q3. Are there swimming pools in one star hotels here?
    A. Hotels like the Sutus Court, and the southern star resort do host a swimming pool for the enjoyment of their guests.

    Q4. What languages can be used to communicate with the staff?
    A. Since Pattaya is one of the most visited tourist spots in Thailand, most of the staff here understand English as well as few other languages like French and German.

    Q5. Which are the free services in these hotels in Pattaya?
    A. Wifi, access to the gym, room service, access to recreational facilities, television, and other such services are offered free of cost in the hotels in Pattaya.

    The one star hotel Pattaya has is not just economical but they are also completely reliable in terms of service. They come with good amenities such as television, radio systems, bathroom essentials, and personal care products. The housekeeping and room services are also excellent. The staff is well-known to respond to any kind of discomfort to make sure ones enjoys a good stay. The food is served by their humble masters who take care of a guests’ likes and dislikes as well. There are special experiences such as facial and massages too. One can spend a memorable vacation in Pattaya even on a tight budget by choosing to accommodate in these hotels.

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