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When it comes to the trekking expeditions around India, you would be surprised by the number of trails that are available all across. It isn’t just limited to a few but has an abundance of options that you can look into. The Paithalmala trek is one such amazing spot and trail that one can visit and explore for the best experience. Located in Kannur, this is a trekking trip that you just can’t match with anything else. For the best experience, it is best suggested that you do have everything planned out accordingly for the best trip.

To help you plan things better, we are going to share some of the insights regarding the Paithalmala trek and everything that you need to know about it.

About The Trek

About Paithalmala Trek

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For those who aren’t aware, Paithalmala is a popular trekking destination which is located near the Pottenplave village in Kannur, Kerala. This small hill station attracts thousands of tourists every year because of the breathtaking views and the unmatched lush greenery around. With so many available options for things to do around, trekking in Paithalmala is possibly one of the best memories that an adventurer can gather around. The hill station is located around 65 km away from Kannur and is one of the most popular sites that you can witness and explore.

Owing to the beauty of the place, Paithamala is regarded as one of the best spots to visit for the photographers and adventurers who want to trek through the dense and lush blanket of greenery around. When it comes to the seasons to visit, the majority of the ex-pats suggest that one should visit during the end of the monsoon or the summer season when the weather is the best and ideal for one to explore places around. The climate during the monsoon is breathtaking with the amazing range of misty weather along with the cold climate that doesn’t make you shiver but is tranquil enough for you to have a soothing vacation.

What Is Special About The Trek

Paithalmala Trek

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When it comes to explaining what is so special about the Paithalmala trek, it is believed that it is just the experience and the panoramic view of the surroundings around that make it such a good catch. If you wish to have an unmatched experience like nothing else, it goes without saying that you do need to experience visiting this place at least once in your life.

The trek isn’t that tough and can be opted for by anyone which is another amazing factor about this trek. It is very important to ensure that you do keep an eye out on the available options and make all the bookings beforehand to avoid surge prices and rushed bookings.

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Location - Paithalmala

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the Paithamala is a hill station which is located near the Pottenplave village in Kannur, Kerala. It is located 65 km away from Kannur and around 40 km away from Taliparamba.

The place is located in a secluded spot which further makes it an amazing option for the ones who have been on the lookout for. It is nestled near the popular Kodagu forest on the border of Kerala.

Owing to the thick blanket of lush greenery and trekking options, this has become a very popular site for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers to visit and explore the place without any kind of complaints whatsoever.

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How To Reach

How to reach - Kannur

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Reaching the Paithalmala trek isn’t going to cause you any issues because the road is quite easy and the routes are quite to the point if you ask us. It has been cleared that the place can be reached via road, railways and even flights, depending on what kind of factors you think will suit your interest the best.

Via road

If you are traveling via road, you can either take your car and make a whole road trip out of it or even take a bus to the trekking point. There are government buses that run from Taliparamba to Pottenplave village from where you need to take a private rental vehicle to take you to the spot of the trek.

Via railways

If you are taking a train, the nearest station is the Kannur railway station from where you can hire a car to take you to the spot of the trek.

Via flights

Lastly, if you are visiting via flight, the nearest airport is the Kannur International Airport from where you can visit the trekking spot via a car or even take buses if they are available outside of the airport.

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General Itinerary Of The Trek

General Itinerary

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When it comes to the itinerary, the same isn’t fixed for every traveller. Since the trekking trail isn’t that confusing and doesn’t impose major life risks, it is often travelled along by people on their own. This is the reason why everyone does have an itinerary of their own.

But, still, to give you a basic rundown, we are going to be sharing two days itinerary that we think will come in handy for you.

Day 1

Most people first come and visit the Pottenplave village from where they set on to the base camp of the treks. If that is something that you are looking around for, you need to hire a car to take you from the village to the base camp of the trek. Make sure that you are careful about the roads because the weather there is very unpredictable. It can start raining at any time without any warning.

Once you start your journey from the homestay in the village to Paithamala, you must have everything sorted out first. The first 2 km in the trek is uphill, so you are going to get tired. This walk takes you to the forest check post. The views that surround you are nothing short of breathtaking and too good to be true.

Once you reach the check post, the bags are checked thoroughly to see whether you have anything plastic because littering is a big no inside the trail. Once the checking is done, that is where the jungle trek starts.

Following the check post, one needs to trek uphill for another 2 km to finally reach the top of the Paithamala hill. The view of the lush greenery from atop the hill is something words can’t explain. In addition to that, the mist and the fog covered areas around are going to leave you shivering, so make sure that you are dressed properly in warm clothes. Once you reach the top, you need to walk till you reach the viewpoint which is guarded by metal railings for safety purposes.

The trek isn’t that long, so you can head back down in the same route the same day and just have lunch and relax.

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Day 2

The majority of the people who indulge in the Paithamala trek also engage in exploring the beauty of Palakkayam Thattu. In between the lush greenery and the jungle, you will find the heavy rush of water flowing down the waterfall, providing you with an adventure experience by being there.

There are streams of water flowing around which make up for quite an experience like no other. You are going to love being there if you are visiting with a group, so make sure that you have planned accordingly.

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Dos and don’ts

When it comes to the dos and don’ts, it is pretty standard and nothing out of the box at all. Make sure of the pointers that we are about to mention.

  • Carry all the essentials for the trek, from dry snacks to the warm clothes
  • Wear warm clothes as you reach to the top because the weather is quite cold then
  • Carry water so you don’t end up dehydrating yourself along the way
  • Don’t rush through the trek if the weather is muddy and it’s raining
  • Be careful when playing in the stream in Palakkayam Thattu
  • Avoid using plastics or littering there

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Because there are so many available trekking spots available, it isn’t surprising that people are often confused about what to do and where to visit. That has been sorted out for you because the Paithamala trek is possibly one of the best ones that you can experience there. It is perfect for anybody and provides with a recluse from the constant hackles of life and helps rejuvenate your mind and body. Now when you want to travel to Kerala, make sure to add this trekking expedition in your list.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paithalmala Trek

What time of the year is best to explore Paithamala?

The monsoon season and the summer months are often considered the best experience that you can have around. It is important to ensure that you plan your trip check the climate.

Is it safe to visit Paithalmala trek?

Paithalmala trek is completely safe to visit and explore without further thoughts. Since the trek isn’t that tough to handle, it is easy for anyone and everyone to visit.

Are homestays a good option to opt for during the trek?

There are several homestays available around in the Pottenplave village and the Paithalmala hills that you can check out for yourself.

Is the Paithamala trek expensive?

The Paithamala trek isn’t going to be expensive as you think it would be. If you want to have a lavish experience, it is best suggested that you look into things ahead and make the bookings ahead of time.

Is it important to carry the monsoon essentials?

Given that there is no fixed timing for the rainfall, you must look out for the weather and if it is about to rain, carry the essentials for the safe side.

What is banned in the jungle trek?

Plastics and littering the jungle isn’t allowed in the Paithamala trek, so if you do have things that could cause a litter, don’t carry them because they will be seized at the forest camp entry.

Is the Paithamala trek a day trip?

Given that the trek itself isn’t lengthy, you can easily complete it within a day and be done with it. Just make sure that you do have everything planned out beforehand.

Is it better to stay a night at the Pottenplave village?

The village itself is quite breathtaking with the views around, so make sure that you do keep an eye out on the places and trying out the local delicacies as well.

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