Montenegro is a Balkan country of natural and cultural variety. The country is blessed with rugged mountains that take up a good part of the country, medieval villages with a very picturesque view, and also a narrow strip of beaches along the Adriatic coast of the country. The Bay of Kotor resembles a fjord and it is dotted with small churches here and there. Paragliding in Montenegro will definitely serve an unforgettable experience for any tourist. One will find a complex mix of what is new and the traditional aspects of the country. The country enjoys four seasons and during most of the year, the skies are clear of any clouds which make it a magnet for the Adventure Sports lovers. As a result, paragliding has become a favorite tourist sport here.

Best Time For Paragliding In Montenegro

The best time for paragliding here would be February, March, April, October, and November. During these months of the year, the winds blow in favor of the adventure sport. Thus the spring and the autumn season are best for paragliding here in Montenegro. The skies are also very clear during this time, so the blue of the sky adds to the experience

Best Spots For Paragliding In Montenegro

Here are some of the favorite paragliding spots of the country from where you would just want to jump from the cliff and fly:

1. Budva

Budva in Montenegro

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Budva paragliding in Montenegro is one of the most sought-after paragliding spots of the country. Tourists from all over the world come here to experience the bird’s-eye view of the beautiful city. Budva has beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue waters. This is a historical town that boasts of an ancient seaside citadel and the Church of Santa Maria. Paragliding over the city gives you a beautiful view of the city. The flight pilots are very experienced and will help you get an amazing experience. In case you are worried that you have no experience in paragliding then there are instructors who will walk you through the entire process.

Location: Budva, Montenegro

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2. Budva Old Town

Budva Old Town

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Paragliding over the Budva Old town gives you a bird’s-eye view of the entire old town and the Budva Rivera as well. You are sure to have an unforgettable experience. The flight takes off to a height of 1200 m. You get a stunning view of the ground below. You are sure to feel like a bird. The duration of the flight will last between 20 to 30 minutes. The landing destination is generally Budva city. You see a beautiful view of the beautiful monuments, the beaches, and the markets. You will wish that the trip would not stop. Facilities are provided to take the video of the entire trip. There are instruction camps at all take off points to help you with your nerves.

Location: Budva, Montenegro

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3. Budva Rivera

River view

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The Budva Rivera trip route extends from Brajichi over Sveti Stefan up to Bechichi. The trip takes you over the majestic mountains and the boundless seas. You will get a beautiful bird’s-eye view of the lovely landscapes. The duration of the flight is generally 25 minutes and the flight will take you at a height of 1500 m. You get to see the entire Budva Rivera at a glance. The paragliding trip allows you to take pictures and also video the entire trip. This is an experience that you must not pass up. In case you are worried about your lack of knowledge in parasailing, there are short classes held that will help you get over your fear of inexperience.

Location: Budva, Montenegro

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4. Sopot


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This is another beautiful spot in Bulgaria where some of the best Montenegro parasailing and paragliding activities are available. The common route is east towards Stara Planina or one can also opt for a more adventurous route towards the Kazanlak city. You will get a stunning bird’s-eye view of the city and the surrounding natural beauty. The flight will take you to a height of 1400 m and the duration is generally of 25 minutes. You will be able to video the entire trip and look back upon it in our spare time. While going for paragliding, if you are inexperienced you can try out the numerous groups here who will give an elementary walkthrough of the matter.

Location: near town of Herceg Novi, Montenegro

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5. Durmitor National Park

National Park

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The park consists of numerous peaks that are covered with lush green forests. For a moment you are sure to feel like the golden eagle that flies over the entire landscape. The most amazing feeling is when you are flying along the river in the Tara Canyon. It is a surreal feeling that you are never to forget. An important aspect of paragliding the Durmitor National Park is the insane Base Jump Off the Durdevica Bridge over the Tara Canyon. It is best to paraglide here in the early spring. At this time of the year, you get to see the rugged picturesque area at its best. The jump-off is perhaps the most insane as well as the most attractive part of the paragliding tour. The entire flight will take place for around 25 minutes to 30 minutes. You will be able to video the entire tour to watch it later. You can also take pictures while on the flight.

Location: Žabljak, Montenegro

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6. Montenegrin Coast

Montenegrin Coast

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This one is along the Adriatic coastline of the country where you get a view of the beach and the tiny villages that reminds you of the Victorian era. On your paragliding tour over the coast, you will first get a stunning view of the Sveti Stefan which is a posh resort island. You will then be flying over the UNESCO site of the Kotor town where you get an aerial view of the St. John Fortress, the bay of Kotor and the city of Tivat. The entire flight is about 25 minutes and you fly at an elevation of around 1500 m. You will be able to video the entire tour to watch it later. You can also take pictures while on the flight.

Location: Montenegro

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Paragliding over a region is perhaps the best way to see the region as a whole. It gives you the best experience of the place. There are a number of organizations for paragliding in Montenegro who make these trips all over the country. Take a good idea of the best ones. The locals will help you in this matter. The pilots are experienced and will help you in having a smooth ride. So, just plan a trip to Europe and head straight to this beautiful country along the Adriatic Coast.

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