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    A restaurant in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

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    Kurunegala is considered as one of the major global tourist destinations to explore the island nation of Sri Lanka, after Colombo. It had been ancient royal capital of the island nation for approximately half a century from 13th century to the early decades of 14th century. Apart from its historic importance which keeps the travellers completely engaged, this region is equally famous for many world class exclusive restaurants and bars. Kurunegala has equally emerged into hub of variety of cuisines represented by Sri Lankan, Indian, Asian and several other culinary choices. Best restaurants in Kurunegala often make it difficult for you to select the recipes especially while the choice is unlimited.

    10 Best Restaurants In Kurunegala

    Kurunegala cannot be absent from your list of places to visit on your Sri Lankan vacation. Here is enlisted top ten best Restaurants in Kurunegala which you must visit during your tour to Sri Lanka. Eating there would bring for you once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    • Saruketha
    • The Hangout
    • The Salute Hotel Cum Restaurant
    • Dine Hut Indian Restaurant
    • Ransilu Restaurant
    • Kurunegala Ranthaliya Rest House
    • Singhe Bakers And Restaurant
    • Rose Field Hotel And Restaurant
    • New Melbourne Chinese Restaurant
    • Aradhana Food Corner

    1. Saruketha

    Saruketha restaurant

    Image Source

    Saruketha is one of the best restaurants in Kurunegala town. An important factor that differentiates Saruketha restaurant in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka is that guests are provided with best of traditional dining environment here. This restaurant closely monitors the preparation of each and every recipe. Its chefs ascertain use of finest ingredients while preparing the delicious recipes to ensure that guests love and like them. That is why this restaurant seeks you to visit with sufficient leisure time so that you feel the ascent of nature here by the time your ordered recipes are prepared and readied and served. You can enjoy great food in affordable cost here.

    Must Try: Ginger Chicken, Black Pork Curry, Vegan Delicacies, Buffet, Wines
    Location: Dambulla Road, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka
    Cuisine: Sri Lankan, International, European, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly
    Cost for Two: 700 – 1450
    Google Rating: 4.1/5

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    2. The Hangout

    Hangout place

    Image Source

    Hangout by Ransara Restaurant and Hotel is a popular landmark in Kurunegala where visitors come explore many things. They taste awesome food served at this restaurant. Besides regular meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, it also offers brunch and various types of soft drinks apart from wine, coffee and tea. Courteous and friendly staffs make you feel comfortable while you dine there.

    This restaurant has additional facilitates such as parking, wheelchair accessible stairs and lifts and its comfortable and cosy seating arrangement. It is also best option for the large group of travellers and families with children. This restaurant accepts all major Mastercard and Visa cards. It facilitates takeout service too.

    Must Try: Special Sri Lankan Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Brunch Buffet, Wines
    Location: 136B Colombo Road, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka, +94 37 4 941941
    Cuisine: Cafe, Asian, Fusion, Sri Lankan, Vegetarian Friendly
    Cost for Two: 1400 – 2200
    Google Rating: 4/5

    3. The Salute Hotel Cum Restaurant

    The Salute Hotel cum Restaurant

    Image Source

    The Salute Restaurant usually attracts the Western guests and the international travellers looking for intercontinental food. Its cool and serene appeal to the visitors to come here and spend good times and taste different types of yummy foods. It remains the centre of attraction for the visitors and locals seeking food varieties from the authentic cuisines.

    Must Try: European Meals, Special Sri Lankan Meals, Buffet, Wines
    Location: 5 Le Dinh Tham, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
    Cuisine: European, Intercontinental
    Cost for Two: 600 – 1300
    Google Rating: 4.1/5

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    4. Dine Hut Indian Restaurant

    Dine Hut Indian Restaurant

    Image Source

    Considered one of the most visited places for the Indian recipes, Dine Hut Indian Restaurant is not only visited by Indian travellers but also those from the other countries willing to taste food varieties from the Indian cuisines. The location of this restaurant is also worth enjoying. As the recipes are reasonably low priced, it remains a sought after restaurant in Kurunegala where both locals and tourists keep coming to taste great Indian food. As this restaurant has good food variety, and its staffs are friendly and courteous to all, it is always rushed.

    Must Try: Naan, Masala Curry, Butter Chicken, Biryani et al
    Location: No.103, 1st Floor, Dambulla Road, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka, Phone: +94 372 227 733
    Cuisine: Indian Cuisine, Sri Lankan Meals
    Cost for Two: 780 – 1450
    Google Rating: 3.8/5

    5. Ransilu Restaurant


    Image Source

    Popular amongst the Sri Lankan restaurants in Kurunegala, it prepares variety of tasty food from the Sri Lankan as well as Chinese cuisines. Neat, clean and well maintained location makes it popular place for visit by both locals and travellers. This restaurant also deals into bakery items. Proper seating arrangement makes it comfortable for the guests to enjoy great time enjoying fine dining. Strategic location of this restaurant in the middle of the Kurunegala town further makes it popular. Besides Sri Lankan food, it also serves variety of Chinese recipes.

    Must Try: Sri Lankan Lunch and Dinner, Chinese Fast Food
    Location: No 08, Parakumba Street, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
    Cuisine: Sri Lankan, Chinese
    Cost for Two: 700 – 1500
    Google Rating: 4.3/5

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    6. Kurunegala Ranthaliya Rest House

    people eating and resting

    Image Source

    Serving as family rest house, hotel resort cum restaurant, Kurunegala Ranthaliya Rest House is great place for the foodies to enjoy the Sri Lankan recipes. As this restaurant offers reasonably priced food that is less spicy, they remain perfect for families with children willing to dine at a peaceful location. It is rushed by the tourists from different countries thus one witnesses the presence of people from various countries. It is known for cleanliness, best service and also for offering good variety of authentic Sri Lankan food.

    Must Try: Sri Lankan Rice and Curry Recipe, Fried Fish and Prawns
    Location: B247, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
    Phone: +94 372 229 371
    Cuisine: Sri Lankan
    Cost for Two: 1100 – 2000
    Google Rating: 3.4/5

    7. Singhe Bakers And Restaurant

    Singhe Bakers & Restaurant

    Image Source

    Singhe Bakers And Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Known for offering delicious foods from Sri Lankan as well as multi-cuisines, this restaurant is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Courteous and friendly staff makes your time meaningful while you enjoy the recipes in the best of comforts. Interestingly, recipes are reasonably priced thus easily affordable too.

    Must Try: Casual Sri Lankan Meals, Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast Varieties from Sri Lankan Cuisine
    Location: No 11, South Lake Road, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
    Cuisine: Sri Lankan
    Cost for Two: 250 – 1300
    Google Rating: 3.4/5

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    8. Rose Field Hotel And Restaurant

    Rose Field Hotel & Restaurant

    Image Source

    An integral part of the Rose Field Hotel, this restaurant caters to the fine dine needs of the guests and tourists. Its multi-cuisine offers various delicacies from different cuisines. Prepared yummiest, they remain mouth-watering ones to taste great food in the serene environment of the hotel. Restaurant staffs are extremely courteous and friendly thus make your time truly pleasant.

    Must Try: Sri Lankan Meals for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast, Intercontinental Main Course Food Varieties
    Location: Puttlam Road Rathkarawwa, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
    Cuisine: Sri Lankan, Multi-Cuisine
    Cost for Two: 400 – 1800

    9. New Melbourne Chinese Restaurant

    Chinese food

    Image Source

    As the name suggests, this Kurunegala, Sri Lanka based restaurant mainly deals into variety of fast foods from the Australian and Chinese cuisines. It also offers sufficient amount of Sri Lankan recipes to the locals and tourist visitors. Perfect place with royal treat, this restaurant is worth visiting during a Sri Lanka tour. New Melbourne Chinese Restaurant is one of the finest Chinese restaurants at Kurunegala.

    Must Try: Pan Rolls, Steamed Basmati Rice, Saffron Rice, Authentic Sri Lankan Onion and Tomato Salad
    Location: 38, Kandy Road, Katugastota-Kurunegala-Puttalam Highway, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
    Cuisine: Chinese, Sri Lankan
    Cost for Two: 1280 – 1780
    Google Rating: 3.9/5

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    10. Aradhana Food Corner

    Juice in glass

    Image Source

    Not a big restaurant to be preferred for the main meal courses but Aradhana Food Corner is surely a must try for multiple other reasons. It is ultimate place to have some short eats alongside fresh juices. Varieties of quick breakfasts do make it sought after in Kurunegala that welcomes locals and visitors every day. Affordable and comparatively of cheaper rate, this restaurant is famous for its uniquely prepared Ice Coffee in the egg pastry combination.

    Must Try: Quick Breakfasts, Fresh Juices, Ice Coffee, Egg Pastry
    Location: A6, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
    Cuisine: Caf-, Sri Lankan
    Cost for Two: 180 – 600
    Google Rating: 4.6/5

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    A small city with its extremely historic tourist value, Kurunegala welcomes international tourists every day. Best restaurants here cater to the fine dine needs of tourists as well as locals with great hospitality. A simple yet culturally rich place like Kurunegala makes planning a trip to Sri Lanka worth the effort.

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