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    Thailand is a destination for lovers. Whether it be nature lovers, adventure lovers, or just couples looking for some intimate time, Thailand has much to offer each kind of tourist. Known for the exotic culture, the rejuvenating massages, the sparkling waters, the scenic views, and of course the beautiful people, Thailand is a site that will always grow in popularity.

    The beauty of Thailand is in its unassuming customs. Not trying to match up the other destinations, and staying true to its core, it has prospered over the years and embraced its different sides.

    Adventure, an important facet of Thailand allures tourists into its waters, jungles, mountains, and in this case, the wind! Paragliding in Thailand is a must, and no adventure seeker will rest until this has been experienced.

    Right from Krabi to Phuket, there are a number of brilliant paragliding locations that offer everything from mountains to waters! From the highest point overlooking the ridges, to the soft glide across the sea, this sport here is much less of an adventure, and more of meditation. Take a look at some of the best sites for paragliding in Thailand before you plan a trip. You can choose one that suits you best, or even better, try out a couple of different kinds of sites!

    Spots for Paragliding in Thailand

    1. Chumpon, Khoa Pang: The land and the sea

    best paragliding sites in Thailand

    With the highest point being 270 meters, overlooking the lush fields and the majestic mountains, it is no wonder that Chumpon – Khoa Pang is one of the best paragliding sites in Thailand. This site enjoys quite a consistent direction of wind, thanks to its proximity to the sea which also adds to its scenic beauty.

    Best time to visit: October to May

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    2. Sik Hiu, Khao Sadao: A paradise field

    Famous for spectacular sights

    Famous for the spectacular sights that it offers especially in April, Sik Hiu – Khao Sadao is a leading spot for paragliding in Thailand. It boasts of a huge take off area, a 5-kilometre bowl shaped mountain ridge, and a take-off height of 200 metres, which together makes this site most favourable for a long soaring experience.

    Charges: Daily flying charge 100 baht
    Best time to visit: March to September

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    3. Petchaburi, Khoa Dan: The beauty of the countryside

    newest member to this list

    The newest member to this list is the Petchaburi – Khoa Dan site. The take-off spot is atop a privately-owned hill, and so, some extra charges may apply. But in spite of shelling out a little bit more, the experience is unparalleled, with the lush countryside flatlands on one side, and the growing boulders on another. The elevation is 290 meters.

    Charges: Daily flying charges 100 baht
    Best time to visit: October to December

    4. Loey Phu Rua: A high glide

    treat for all the senses

    The best spot to enjoy the north winter winds, Loey Phu Rua is a treat for all the senses. Most of the terrain is quite hilly, and covered in a lush blanket during the gliding season. With a take-off height of 800 meters, you can make the most of this soaring experience!

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    5. Phom Matep Cape, Phuket: With a splash, into the waters!

    unique paragliding site in Thailand

    A unique paragliding site in Thailand, Phom Matep Cape is a coastal area that gives you the pleasure and the excitement of gliding over water! The best part is that there is no landing ground at all. The water is where you can land with a splash.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    6. Khao Son: The hidden gem

    wind directions here are quite unpredictable

    With an altitude of 219 metres, Khao Son is one of the lesser known paragliding spots in Thailand. It is best to come here with a local or a professional, as the wind directions here are quite unpredictable.

    Best time to visit: May to October

    Some other sights for paragliding in Thailand include Phu Lungka top, Moo Dud, Arphakorn, Phu Thap Boek, Khao Prig etc. Packed with sites that are strewn from north to south, Thailand is one of the best places to go paragliding. On your next trip to Thailand, soar like a hawk over the mountains and the sea, while enjoying the view of the white sandy beaches below, and the mystical horizon ahead.

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