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    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

    The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country in Southeast Asia. Popular for its sunny beaches and beautiful bays in the Indian Ocean, the country has a compelling ethno-Catholic culture and an interesting cuisine. However, off the mainland, there are nearly 7100 Philippines islands that make up the Philippines archipelago. Therefore, island hopping is something that you must do on your Philippines holiday!

    The Most Beautiful & Exciting Philippines Islands

    Here is a list of the most spectacular islands in Philippines that should check out:

    1. Palaui Island

    Palaui Island

    Image Source
    The Palaui Island is the perfect version of the Philippines islands paradise. When you come here, you will feel you are the first person to set foot here. The golden deserted beaches, the crystal blue waters, ancient caves and waterfalls, and the lush green fields on top of steep cliffs at Palaui are the perfect way to get away from the stress of the manmade world. Adventure enthusiasts are recommended to hike through the huge swathes of paddy fields and tropical island jungles, while peace-seekers can hop across the beaches here!

    Location: Near Luzon Island

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    2. Siargao


    Image Source

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    This island is known for a lot of things, but the shallow waters and the perfect sand white beaches are what compel surfers from all over the world to make a beeline for the place. There are a few places to stay here on the island, but General Luna Beach is perhaps the best one because of its excellent pubs and restaurants and proximity to the surfers’ beaches.

    Location: 800 kilometres south of Manila

    3. Cebu Island

    Cebu in Philippines is a perfect honeymoon spot in the world, especially Asia

    Cebu has so much it is almost unfair. The island has an international airport, so it is easier to get to than some of the other Philippines islands. The place gets a flood of tourists every day, so the main town has all the great places to stay along with restaurants and nightlife hotspots, making Cebu the capital of Philippines party islands. However, the best part here are the wild Whale Sharks that you can spot off the Oslob Beach.

    Location: Central Visayas

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    4. Malapascua


    Image Source

    Malapascua is not really known for its nightlife or resorts, but being so remote, it has its own perks. For one, the ocean waters and the island itself offer a spectacular getaway for people looking to relax away from the world. Malapascua, though, is amongst the best islands in Philippines for divers who wish to experience the amazing marine life. Thresher sharks are found in large groups near some of the spots in Malapascua, and swimming with these scary yet graceful creatures is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    Location: Visayan Sea near the Cebu Island

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    5. Palawan


    Image Source
    This large has been offering a definitive Philippine Islands experience to tourists for a long time. It is best known for El Nido which was named the best beach and island spot in the entire Filipino archipelago by Conde Nast Traveler. Also, its capital Puerto Princesa is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lagoon water, cliffs, and the waterfalls that emerge from within make the place magical!

    Location: Palawan province, Western Philippines

    6. Bohol


    Image Source

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    There are way too many hidden gems on Bohol, one of the best Philippines islands to visit. You can hike through light forests, find rivers that are only used by local fishermen, chance upon little known waterfalls and suddenly find yourself in secret piers where local people sell handicrafts and the most unique seafood. However, the best thing to do here is the motorcycle tours, and you will be surprised to find how quickly you are friends with the locals operating them.

    Location: Central Visayas

    7. Dumaguete


    Image Source
    Dumaguete has the best resorts and hotels in Philippines. What you really want to do is to take a quick trip to Manguete, which is basically a large sand island with a few huts in it, standing alone in the middle of the vast blue green ocean. The most popular activity for Dumaguete tourists is, however, the trip to Ape Island which is one of the few Philippines Islands that still has sea turtles.

    Location: Negros Island, southern Philippines

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    8. Moalboal


    Image Source

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    This tropical island is amongst the best islands in the Philippines. Why? The Badian Canyon here is an unforgettably beautiful place where you will find impossibly deep canyons, secret waterfalls, and rock formations that boggle the mind. Hiking here is a dream-come-true for anyone who likes nature and it brings you to the gorgeous Kawasan Falls!

    Location: Cebu province

    9. Bantayan

    Bantayan philippines

    Bantayan is filled with resorts, nightclubs, and fun-loving people. However, for the nature lover, this is probably the last untouched Philippines islands. The volcanic island is most popular with tourists for cliff jumping and thrill-seekers must definitely visit. There are also some gorgeous mountain trails here that go right through the tropical forests.

    Location: Northern Cebu province

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    10. Coron

    Colorful landscape of Coron Island in Philippines SS01062017

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    Coron Island is a palette on which nature seems to have carelessly sprayed all the gorgeous colors, giving it an almost unreal vibe. Coron is one of the hardest islands to visit in Philippines – you can either take the ferry from the town of El Nido which will take five hours, or you can take the more expensive puddle jumper flight from the capital Manila. The paddy fields, rolling hills, golden dry and lush green vegetation, white sand beaches, and blue green waters make Coron one of the best Philippines Islands for honeymoon.

    Location: Calamian group, north Palawan

    11. Cambari


    Image Source
    The island is a geographical miracle. If you are a cave diver, you may want to live here forever. The cave formations here are best for diving, and you can find all kinds of marine life and coral formations inside. Manta rays and lobsters are the most common things to see here. When you are done, Cambari beaches treat you to the most romantic sunset of all Philippine islands.

    Location: Near Araceli, Palawan

    12. Luzon

    Luzon philippines

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    Luzon is where the capital Manila is situated. An unfortunate side-effect of that is that tourists skip the island completely, thinking of Manila as another crowded Asian capital. However, some of the country’s most beautiful hiking trails are here. If you take the bus to Pico de Loro, you can camp out and climb the Mt Palay, which is 664 metres above the sea level. Manila visitors also have the Mt Batulao (811 metres) accessible from the capital itself.

    Location: North Philippines

    13. Guimaras Island

    Guimaras Island

    Image Source
    On the Philippines islands map, the island of Guimaras often gets skipped by international tourists. The pristine beaches of Namarao, Inampulugan, and Nauway are deserted but for the occasional locals. If you want to avoid the throng of tourists who come to the country, Guimaras may is the go-to destination. Also, you will find Catholic churches, mango plantations, and lighthouses here that will make you think the place was animated out of a Disney movie.

    Location: Panay Gulf

    14. Calaguas Islands

    Calaguas Islands

    Image Source

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    If it is beaches you are looking for, these group of virgin islands have the most extensive white beaches in all of Philippines. There are many resorts on the islands, but to get a true taste of the Calaguas, you should consider camping out on the beaches. The small fee you have to pay the park goes a long way with the cool sea breeze, the sounds of the sea, and the thousands of stars that come out at night.

    Location: Camarines Norte

    15. Batan Island

    Batan Island

    Image Source
    Batan will offer a different perspective to your Filipino experience. Away from the beaches, the volcanic island is filled with farms, rice fields, and tropical forests that are separated with cute fences. The Honesty Coffee Shop is the novelty here, and a must visit. The place has no attendants at all, and you can pick up coffee and snacks and leave whatever remuneration you see fit.

    Location: Batanes group

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    There are so many Philippines islands that it’s impossible to explore them all in one lifetime. The ones we have singled out here will surely offer the most interesting experiences, and you should not miss a chance to visit them! Explore the best of Asia tour packages for a hassle-free holiday experience through TravelTriangle!

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