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When it comes to talking about the deserts and the rough & harsh weather climates, many people don’t often think that the same would be blessed with shorelines. The same kind of misconceptions revolves around the capital city of Arizona, Phoenix. You will be surprised to know that the city of Phoenix has more shorelines than that of the entirety of the west coast. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? With the wide abundance of the shorelines, it is not surprising that the Phoenix beaches are definitely among the best in the lot.

These beaches in Phoenix are not just meant for your common purposes of visiting and building sand castles because you can do more than that. From boating to swimming and river rafting to relaxing, the options and choices are actually quite vast. So, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t check out this list of the top beaches in the Phoenix area that not many people are even aware of.

10 Best Beaches In Phoenix And Around

These 10 beaches are in Phoenix are gorgeous, blissful, and everything that is synonymous to magic. If you’re planning to visit USA, you have to stop by in the city and visit these beaches. Wondering why? Well, scroll below and read on.

1. Windsor Beach


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The Lake Havasu which covers and withholds over 11,000 acres of land around is by far one of the largest contributors to the shoreline in the western part of Arizona. It is what provides Arizona, especially Phoenix with its primary beachfront. The Windsor Beach is predominantly the largest stretch around. It is simply a long stretch of white sand which has a 47-site camping ground along with a beautiful and interactive picnic area. Apart from these basic activities, you can also indulge in boating and jet skiing which is up for rentals around the beach itself.

Location: Lake Havasu, Phoenix

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2. Buckskin Mountain State Park Beach


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Next in the list of the popular beach fronts in Phoenix is the Buckskin Mountain State Park. It is believed to be an amazing combination of not just stony mountains, but sparkling water as well. It straddles the picturesque section of the river and is home to an amazing stretch of beach where you can swim to your heart’s complete desire. If swimming and tanning yourself is not your cup of tea, indulge in some camping. They have a shady campground along with 20+ cabana sites, hiking trails, and even volleyball courts.

Location: 5476 AZ-95, Parker, AZ 85344, USA

3. Cattail Cove State Park Beach


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On the southern part of the Lake Havasu is the Cattle Cove State Park, which restores and protects a long stretch of shoreline. You can swim to your heart’s desire and the entire shoreline is divided into small stretches of beaches near Phoenix. All you need to do is indulge in a small hike down to reach these secluded beaches to have some quality time with your family. The south of the boat ramp is home to a dog beach as well. There are over 61 campsites that provide you with ample options to pass your time with. From the common grounds of fishing, boating to simply just relaxing on the beach nearby, the options are practically endless.

Location: AZ-95, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406, USA

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4. Tempe Beach Park

Tempe Beach Park

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The town of Tempe is not a completely new place in people’s dictionary. The town is located in the northern side of the greater Phoenix area. The site of attraction around is possibly the beach and shoreline around the Tempe Town Lake. The Tempe Lake might be an artificial lake that has been developed by building over two dams, but the beauty surrounding it is just as mesmerizing. The Tempe Beach Park is located in the corner of Mill Avenue. From a series of activities like walking, biking or even jogging, the possibilities are endless.

Location: 80 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA

5. Rotary Beach

Rotary Beach in Phoenix

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As mentioned before, the Lake Havasu City is one of those cities around Phoenix, Arizona that is known for its wide range free public beaches. The Rotary Beach is one of those few beaches around the area that attracts not just locals but tourists as well. The entire beach is spread around an area of over 40 acres and has amazing options for everyone to not just enjoy but indulge in various activities too. It has bocce courts, skate park and even volleyball courts for you to indulge and play around with your kids.

Location: Lake Havasu City, Phoenix

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6. Patagonia Lake State Park Beach

amazing view

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Yet another one of the amazing options that one can indulge in when it comes to the beaches in Phoenix is the Patagonia Lake State Park. Shied away from the direct view amid the rolling hills, this is a pit stop amidst the scalding heat of the sun. The shoreline and the beach is one of the best around and sure does make up for one of the best options that you can indulge in. Owing to the amazing popularity of the beach, it even attracts visitors from the northern states of Mexico. Swimming is prohibited in the boat launch areas, but you can swim around the Boulder Beach which is located in close proximity. You can even explore the options of water adventure sports.

Location: 400 Patagonia Lake Rd, Nogales, AZ 85621, USA

7. London Bridge Beach

London Bridge Beach

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Next on the list of the best Phoenix beach is the London Bridge Beach. Even this is located near the Lake Havasu City and is one of the grandest beaches around. It is categorized as one of the common ocean like the beach because of the surrounding palm trees and greenery around. It is located along the lines of the Bridgewater Channel and is believed to be a great sightseeing spot as well. The sound of the gulping waves and the seagulls give off the ocean vibes without being an actual ocean altogether.

Location: Sir Peter Studd St, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, USA

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8. Wahweap Beach

grandeur of shoreline

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If you have heard of Lake Powell in Arizona, you wouldn’t really be surprised by the grandeur of shoreline it is popularly known around for. It is spread around a shoreline of around 1900 miles and is loaded with a wide range of beaches. The Wahweap Beach is one of those beaches that the majority of the people tend to mostly visit around. It is the first bay of the Lake Powell and is situated just south of the Stateline launch ramp. You can even get Boat rentals for a tour of the Wahweap Marina.

Location: Lake Powell, Phoenix, AZ

9. River Island State Park Beach

intimate beach

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Amidst the stark mountains of in Parker, Phoenix, Arizona lays the River Island, State Park. It is one of those intimate beaches around the corner which sits next to a boat ramp and a camping ground with a grassy lawn. The shoreline and the quaint beaches are not heavily populated which definitely makes it an amazing option to visit if you are looking for something more quiet and serene for the time being.

Location: 5200 AZ-95, Parker, AZ 85344, USA

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10. Centennial Beach

centennial beach yuma

Image Credit: Randy Hoeft For Yuma Sun
It was the Colorado River, which put the city of Yuma on the map of the world. The Centennial Beach is one of the latest additions to the city of Yuma’s waterfront. It is installed in the West Wetlands just down the river of the Gateway. Above the beach, you will also find small lakes, restrooms and even picnic spots.

Location: West Wetlands Park, Yuma, AZ

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The beaches in Phoenix are one of a kind that not just lets you enjoy the shoreline but offers you activities too. From swimming to heavy water adventure sports, you can actually enjoy a number of things around. so, make sure you keep enough time for yourself to discover these beaches on your next trip to USA with TravelTriangle. We are sure you’d have a great time there!

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